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U.S. Forecast – August 1, 2018


United States Astrological Forecast ~2018 to 2022 v7  PDF READ EASY VERSION

United States Astrological Forecast ~2018 to 2022

Imagine the world isn’t what you think it is…What if there was an ongoing battle of good and evil and imagine if a modern version of wizards and warlocks actually existed?  Souls of light and souls of darkness are the primary players in all power structures – Battles of good and evil, the Sons of God and the Anunaki – What if they were all out in the open and it was crystal clear who was on what side …which ones are of the light and who were of the dark.  Imagine, everywhere you went, the shows you watched, the political dramas played out, the manipulation behind the scenes, were populated with dark or light souls, possessing powers of various levels to influence, bind, manipulate, or shield, protect and liberate. What if this was truly what was behind the entire mish mash of events occurring on the planet and had been in play forever. The goal of the dark guys was to manipulate and use the light in every possible way while good guys job was to stop them and protect the innocent, but their powers were not as strong, until now. It takes work to match this magic with good, and many times the magic is media magic. And, with media manipulation, ferreting out the truth behind each story takes special detective talents. It takes a lot of time and hard work to dig for the truth.

 With Saturn moving through the U.S. fourth house, one is forced to make time, become mindful and pay attention to the disinformation. This is the cycle where it can’t be ignored…the disintegration of our domestic and security. Think about everything that you need to run a family and household, including nurturing your career or business. Now mirror that in a country. That is exactly what has become highlighted these past two years from 2016 on in the U.S. Astrology. Coming to terms with the good, and the dysfunction, and changing it. If there was ever a time when foundational domestic problems were going to be brought out in the light, it is at this time.

The Saturn crossing through the country’s natal 4th house 2016- December 3 2018, forces our domestic sicknesses out into the open, so a new healthier foundation can be laid. A new way of life is then built over the next 29 years upon stronger better ideals. We go through this cycle every 29 years. Aberrations will be exposed during this period, similar to our own family issues, when someone is in need of special care and can no longer be neglected, that is usually the time when Saturn moves through your own 4th house of your natal chart. Well, the same thing is happening with our country now. Sick family members are having to be dealt with. One thing that is also emerging, are the rogue relatives of the “family”. They need to either go somewhere else, or you handle the dysfunction so a more promising future can occur for the household. This Saturn cycle has been the key theme for two and a half years so far, and will be completed on December 3 2018.

What is going on with America for the next Four Years?

I.    Pluto return in the U.S.Conceptional 1776  Chart – The return of the 1776 Declaration of Independence from all forms of corrupt activities, internet and communications control, economic, publications, media, ideas, beliefs which compromise the potential of the nation and the world.

II.   Uranus Conjoin U.S. Venus and Sun in the 9th house  “If you look at all the covert operations, the underground bases, Area 51, to what may be going on in the sky, now there’s a logic for why the Department of Defense has disappeared so much money..we know they have absolutely refused to obey the financial management laws something is deeply different from what is being appropriated by Congress. If you understand all of these operations, It starts to make a lot more sense .  I really believe what they saw on Voyager, scared them to death and that’s when the financial fraud just went nuts.” Catherine Austin Fitts

Expanding our awareness of what is really going the key to Uranus in the 9th. Culture wars. Awakening to the “who’s who” in the public eye, an escalation of exposure of public figures’ involvement in shocking lifestyles and what they’re connected to, yet still in power, Urgent solutions demanded regarding moral issues, financial coups, what is really behind the foreign immigration issues, nationalism versus globalism, humanitarian oneness, tech and space advancements, religion and churches making major shifts.

III.   Mars Retrograde in square to U.S. Venus and Sun in Taurus – Constitutional Crisis – a volatile time of extreme polarizing, within government, special groups, public figures, attacking people’s rights, or attacking their characters… Eclipses Lunar and Solar, and Mercury Retrograde July 2018 at 22* Leo, and November 17 at 13* Sagittarius in the U.S. 4th house.

IV.   Saturn moves through the 5th house of creative powers and courageous leaders. For a small, yet powerful group of independent professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs, bold confidence, courage, innovation and creative actions are upgrading the quality of our country.

V.    Pluto square the U.S. Neptune, Economic Mysterious Disappearance of trillions, the painfully purging of all illusion, ages old dangerous secrets and denial, lies and organized crime controlling the country and the world. and Pluto square U.S. Mercury, shut down free internet usage.
VI.   Pluto oppose the U.S. Jupiter, separating and breaking off relations with the old unilateral financial support of everything and everyone without any expectations or enforcement of the other end of the deals.

VII.  Uranus square U.S. Uranus, a huge change in friendships, relations, allies between our country and leaders.

VIII. Saturn trine U.S. Venus, small but significant gains made within economy and employment by end of year

IX.   Neptune conjoin U.S. natal Black Moon in PIsces magnifying idealism, excellence in all infrastructures, technology advancements, relations and partnering, collaboration, and much more.

The charts I’ll be using for the United States are

1.  July 4 1776, the Conceptional chart, calculated by El Morya at 5:13 pm, Philadelphia.
2.  The Natal chart, April 30 1789, in New York, calculated for the moment George Washington was inaugurated, at 1:30 pm.

The Ascended Master El Morya has stated, the 4th of July is not the birth date of the United States, but the date of her Conception. The nations actual birth date was the occasion of the inauguration of George Washington, as our first president on April 30, 1789.
The United States was not born at the signing of the Declaration, but conceived.  The states did not intend to form a new nation concurrent with the adoption of the Declaration and intended to retain sovereignty and for a union, later.
Upon declaring their independence the 13 states considered themselves to be and were, separate countries that looked forward to a time when they would be united in a confederation.  So the 1776 date is the conception of a powerful ideal.


The Birth Natal Chart versus the Conceptional Chart, is the point of the precipitation in the physical of the government, with the President as its head.   ( excerpts taken from “The Astrology of the Four Horsemen” by ECP )


In the past, I’ve written and lectured about the powerful return of the Pluto in Capricorn in the U.S. July 4th Conceptional chart transiting back to its natal Pluto position, once in 243 some years..this is called a Pluto return.  It is technically transiting Pluto at 27* conjoin the U.S. Conceptional 1776 Pluto at 27* Capricorn in the 2nd house.

It’s a similar theme of the 1776 desire for independence from dark manipulation on every level especially economically, as it is in the 2nd house of banking commerce and finance. Pluto releases a deep and undeniable energy to motivate people to have 2nd house ( Taurus house ) ownership of their land, products, money and the laws that will protect it….and in the sign of Capricorn, it emphasizes A FORCE TO crystalize a government blueprint, and crysatlize a particular consciousness of a country as having the right to own certain rights within that country.

As this Pluto swings around and returns to its original position from 1776, what that NEW consciousness will be, depends upon powerful minds’ intention influencing a river of ideals. Who’s river/narrative will be the most powerful?

Pluto/Power in Capricorn/structure is a power struggle over who’s going to control the world…or in other words, what will be the matrix or blueprint set. Concepts, visions and ideals precede change. If the higher souls on this planet have strong morals,  but a weak river the more powerfully ambitious people will win over. It was evident to me, this time around, it’s not about an American revolution of weaponry and battle, shown in this particular astrology cycle come again, but a global revolution of beliefs, within the lightbearers challenging the deep corruption of the power elite’s total belief their culture is superior.

This evolution of beings, are not only unwilling to relinquish it’s power, but determined to increase it at this time and completely dominate and another “evolution of souls” desire change towards owning their own souls again. Similar to 1776?

Literally, THE DAM IS BREAKING and people are sensing the pressure to want more love, independence, quality of life, and ownership of their own life and privacy. They want to feel safe and not invaded.
A struggle of who’s matrix is going be the predominate consciousness of the country and possibly the earth, is what this Pluto return is about. It truly is in the process of cementing a new Blueprint.
An obvious and unprecedented crescendo of ideals should be seen by 2022 and 2023. We can all see the increase of the demand for intense humanitarian change. The most obvious form has been seen in the information and media wars, fake versus real. Unlike 1776, this battle for freedom could remain in the mental plane and trickle down into new socially organized plans and laws. It could be fought primarily on the internet, communications media,( News ) economic and social reform and the legal system,without ever firing a weapon. This information revolution is nasty as hidden technologies and misinformation, acting and sets, powerful narratives coming from such authoritative individuals, who in the past one would never ever question, are being called out as unreliable, with no sources or verification, and more. One example of exposing misleading journalism is found at Project Veritas. 

Another activity is technological bullying or thought manipulations.   I’ve written about the wizardry of mind control, high technology energy weapons and gang stalking upon targeted individuals and regions in previous articles, titled “Global Trends” Media/Narrative Wars has become the new force of power. Especially since 2016. For a unique perspective on what might have actually been a dispensation given to planet earth for an increase of intelligence, an opportunity of Expanded Higher Mind,  read “Timeline I”.

“Information is the currency of the 21st century.” – Lionel, 2010 CE

For instance, could the unusual abundance of fires in California for the past few years been triggered by energy weapons? Michio Kaku comments on energy weather lasers. This revolution is one of the mind, manipulation and media. It is one of energy weapons, unnatural national disasters, state of emergencies, false flags, mental projections, illusions, truly projected by modern day Black Magicians, as if we really were in Alice in Wonderland, or a Battle of the Wizards.

Howard David Johnson

(Friends, just as I was uploading this article, Dr.Farrells’ new book was just released on mind control, what a coincidence. Here is the link to Macrocosm and Medium. )

And as for the Media World, gone are the days where we trust our mainstream news, we now must dig to get the truth. In the past, these power elites did not expect anyone to question their authority with their reporting. Part of the Pluto return, ( and other Epic Astrology Cycles ) will be not only the exposure of how all media stations are linked together under one central control, but also to build a new standard of information media systems. Surveillance, invasive spying on people, targeting individuals, also come under the penetrating eye of the people, in order to remove an abuse of power system.

The Pluto return is not just about freedom, it’s about being in a race to implement at every level, the highest ethical blueprints for civilization into place, so that all can evolve to their highest ability. It’s all about putting an end to massive abuses of power resulting in the dumbing down of everyone in every way possible, We want to change that dominant theme into the power of accountability, order and divine blueprints for America and the earth. We want to grasp the opportunity of this Pluto in Capricorn to bring about a higher matrix.

See it as a time of inspiration to implement a blueprint of a functional and do-able matrix, that embraces a higher vision, as all true Capricorn blueprints should.

Think of the dark forces’ misuse of this PLUTO IN CAPRICORN power in their attempt to lock down their final blueprint for complete control of the planet. It is as if everyone at a soul level, knows this is the end game. Observe it playing out within your communities.

If the lightbearers capture the waves of this Pluto in Capricorn power for ethical matrices, for God Government, Social and Civilization integrity and protection, the sacred freedoms, heart acceleration, restoring human integrity and value, economic prosperity, and truth, this cycle we have entered, has the ability to set a solid foundation for another 200 years for Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood, but it’s going to demand much from us. There are tricky oppressive transits ahead, and plans to counteract this wave of freedom, so this isn’t just going to be handed to us, but, we can win. It’s all about the power required to free America and the Earth. I’m telling you, I know we can win. So that is the Pluto conjoin U.S. Pluto cycle.


Mars has gone retrograde in Aquarius which governs our sacred Freedoms, and where is that more evident than in the U.S. Constitution. Aquarius also represents all social cultural trends, radical positioning, and group mindsets and Mars is digging in, stirring up these issues everywhere.  May 15-September 2018.

Mars in Aquarius retrograde incites brazen rogue-ness within communities. It could bring about an increase of extreme hatred, violence, revolutionary idealism, along with physical confrontations. It can trigger individuals who have mental imbalances to commit acts of violence. This Mars is in a square to Transiting Uranus and the U.S. Sun and Venus. It has the theme of confrontation, insanity, no holding back, posturing against people taking stands, and people hiding agendas, all convinced in just cause. It is an expose cycle of calling out individuals in prominent public positions for things no one could believe they’ve done. Remember, this is the beginning of the reveal of magic and their masks torn off. Since it is transiting through the 5th house of the U.S. Chart, some entertainers and their extreme addictions have been severely exposed throughout this Mars through the 5th, beginning with H.W. in April/May 2018 when this cycle began. Do you know how many more have followed the trend of outing people? Yet again, the world if illusion, is every one of these telling the truth? Children are a 5th house theme. What about the exposure of children trauma? Don’t bother watching horror movies, just tune into your internet news source for the latest trafficking corruption and who’s been involved.

Mars in Aquarius also has motivation towards making necessary improvement upon ourselves and the country. It is activating from May through September 2018, the U.S. 5th house of confident action taken to change and confront, the cemented bureaucracy, and many strong individuals, taking bold and unconventional leadership action to make those changes. Entitled power personalities attack during this period.


The third cycle are the two Solar Eclipses coming up, and one Lunar Eclipse in 2018. ( More eclipses throughout 2019 will be in future articles). The Lunar eclipse is at 4* Aquarius/Leo conjoin Mars at 3-4* Aquarius on July 27. This cycle should be marked on your calendars, from July 24-30 as a potentially tricky period. Many times absolutely nothing unusual happens, but I’ve seen enough strangeness occur during these Lunar Eclipses, I don’t take unnecessary risks during this week. Getting involved in new business or financial commitments during this time, is not a good idea, nor relationships, or anything that involves a risk of some sort. Try to not react negatively to unexpected bad news, bad situations, and upsetting people.
The next Lunar Eclipse is on January 21 2019 at 0* Leo. Lay low, and try not to initiate anything of importance during this period at all! January 10-23.

The Solar Eclipses are deep and subtle points of concentration that appear in your life. You could suddenly become aware of something you need to take action on. It is a motivation to move in a certain direction that should be taken, as if all other activities and concerns in your life are being eclipsed except this one thing, that is now in front of you. IT IS AS IF YOU ARE BEING GUIDED TO TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

We have two Solar Eclipses this summer, one on July 12/13th at 20* Cancer, and the second one Is on August 11 at 18* Leo in 2018.

So if you know where your Cancer and Leo rests within your own birth chart, these houses which have those two signs in them will be activated this summer.

The July 12th Eclipse is in Cancer, and falls on the U.S. Conceptional July 4 chart’s Mercury at 24* Cancer in the 8th house of economic financial collaborations, negotiations between the U. S. and other countries. It also conjoins the U.S. Natal Jupiter and Moon at 16 and 22* Cancer in the 11th house emphasizing some sort of a trend increasing for changing systems based on truth, rather than manipulation, the theme of economic and national security, the welfare of the people no matter what others’ agendas might be. It is like a new trend of thought is taking hold regarding the right to be who you are and think the way you want to think, and disavow acts of violence and aggression. This eclipse could also create a tremendous motivation to solve certain humanitarian crisis. The concentration will be centered upon the care and nurturing in unique ways of the people of the world, not just this country.

The August Solar Eclipse will be at 18* Leo in an opposition to the Natal Pluto in Aquarius. This is more like the opposition to the previous eclipse’s movement towards love and protection for the people. The people in the previous July eclipse are somehow loud and getting other’s attention. It would be impossible to not hear what they are saying.

So from about August 1-20, peaking on the 11th, an extreme polarizing between two sides within government could come to a head. I don’t see this eclipse magnifying the people actually polarizing, but certain control factions within powerful agencies, government bodies, and media polarizing. That is at the root of the extreme conflict. Some form of authority decides to make a bold move, and make a hard decision regarding something that has been stewing for too long.

The fourth event is the new Mercury retrograde occurring on July 25 – August 18 2018. This is a mental mind inspiration cycle. It will inspire your thoughts with love, courage, confidence and taking charge of your life.

It will turn retrograde at 23* Leo. So from now leading up to the 25th , something could guiding you along a new track of thinking, something that you could be excited to begin, to read, study, incorporate into your life. It is the initiating of a new way, and it is to bring progress. Sometimes it’s just a little thing, but it could make the difference for you.

On November 17, 2018, the next Mercury retrograde will be in Sagittarius at 13*, in the U.S. fourth house, of domestic security, housing market and financial stability. It is in a trine to U.S. Mars in the 8th house of finances. It shows an expansive optimistic adjustment is in the process of changing our base of security, currency, or ability to move into a new kind of money, because the old way is broken. It is only the discussion and plan laid out regarding the process of how this change will take place, without disrupting our finances.

Uranus transiting through the U.S. 9th House
June /July 2018 through 2027

The Uranus conjunction is an awakening cycle triggering drastic economic/financial changes, ethical moral issues within our culture, and big change with our foreign policies. This cycle will initiate increased transparency and a rebuilding with honest and creative solutions, our legal system. It will bring 8 years approximately of higher more functional and moral law. It could cut off financial arrangements with religious activities/churches who may have powerfully been undermining the economic/social and humanitarian wellbeing of our country, abusing their power, and blackmailing certain groups, agencies or individuals, manipulating behind the scenes. Uranus will be exposing corruption and changing the relationship with these structures. Uranus’ agenda is to expose the deep and horrible corruption within the churches.

Expansion is inevitable and exploding in the arena of Space. Space economy will become a common discussion and how to profit from the expansion in space.

Uranus is the planet of acceleration, revealing truth, change and transparency. Weapons, technology and equipment will be brought out into the light of the day. Great technological advancements can take place during this cycle, as Uranus is associated with invention, and Taurus, the engineer and builder desires to expand the technology in regions far off our own planet. Uranus has entered the U.S. Natal 9th house. The 9th house rules foreign territory,  expansive ideas, adventures and travel, and ethic issues behind it. The 9th house rules higher consciousness and learning and excepting foreign human types, and the new laws arranged for fair commerce and negotiations with these types. Uranus in Taurus in the 9th also impacts governing space commerce, ownership of planets, asteroids, moons etc and financially winning or benefiting from who gets what first….Taurus is about “I own”. Uranus is technology and innovative and the bizarre. 9th house is about expansive, no limits. Uranus will activate all activities which the 9th house represents in a very practical physical manner, with strong philosophical meanings behind them especially expanding and developing commerce in space.

Uranus transiting through this house brings high focus upon foreign immigration issues, nationalism versus globalism, humanitarian oneness and solutions to foreigners. It will also inspire people to learn to respect each culture rather than be forced to adopt another cultures’ way. Uranus changes the way we look at religions.

The period of Uranus transiting through the 9th house, is an opportunity to accelerate the country in these areas, and to expose lies, hypocrisy and dysfunction, especially in the area of our core values.( a sun in Taurus quality). However, Uranus tends to stir things up and bring shocking disclosure, so differences of opinions are also going to escalate.The power of Uranus in Taurus moving through the 9th house from 2018 – 2027, and Mars Retrograde in Aquarius May 2018-September 2018, the Pluto return which has been building from 2000’s up to 2022, are all a force of transparency, exposure and severe outrage, documented undeniable proofs of events weaving wealth, blackmail, corruption and unbelievable immorality within the key individuals and groups which have had power for so long. Epic legal battles within agencies, agents, employees, and against certain individuals during this cycle. The 9th house rules law, and Uranus = disruptions. This cycle is parallel in importance to the Pluto return occurring in the July 4th chart.

It is beginning to conjoin the U.S. Natal Venus and Sun in Taurus which brings very challenging exposures to certain individuals and organizations which should have been the moral and legal guidance and standard for the country. This would occur approximately once in 83 years. Ethical arguments regarding AI brain enmeshment, interactive eye and neurological enmeshment with phone, internet, social media, surveillance and where to draw the line. It all gets back to the epic urge within the majority of the people, to desire ownership of their own minds, brains, money, space, and souls. This is the trend for the next 8 years and exposing the motive behind those who desire the opposite programs to be implemented.

Again, it’s important to combine the Uranunian qualities of innovation, transparency,discovery change and alchemy in the Earth Sign Taurus of all things engineering, software, expedient means of saving time, money, material operating through the 9th house of ethics, right and wrong. The power of any natal chart is found in the Sun, and the U.S. Natal Sun is in Taurus in the 9th house trine the Virgo Rising, and sextile the Moon in Cancer. This configuration provides a stable practical government, and so much more. To be a great builder of your life is the core purpose of Taurus.

For America to have this Sign as its power is perfect, as the Great Builders of golden ages and civilizations, have been Taurus like, such as the templars, the true masonic orders of the world,( not the infiltrated Masons) creating magnificent infrastructures of cities, towns, cathedrals, pyramids and monuments and statues, and what’s really key, is that they had the geometry, an underlying philosophy, spirituality and science which was brought into the physical building process.They saw man as a temple in itself. These are all Taurus energies, and the visions behind the building. Uranus in Taurus beginning now, is launching a cycle of bringing the I Am power into the material creation. How space, government, and black budget finance is all connected, watch beginning at the 24:24 point of Catherine”s new interview. TOPICS: * Black Budget * Mind Control * Financial Coup * Control Files * Covert Surveillance * Media Manipulation * Underground Bases * UFO Technology ~

Naturally the financial opportunity in this country has been great, since the Sun in Taurus ( money ) rests in the 9th house of Sagittarius in the U.S. Chart, which is magnification of products, production, food, wealth. Another theme of the 9th house is philosophical beliefs. 

We are entering the most exciting period. Did you ever hear of an existence of beings in higher planes creating thought forms for activities on earth? Sometimes they are for people, and others are for nations. Their reasons for such blueprints are of a higher order. You are not alone, something deep, dark and old is being worked out of the earth. Our job is to not be afraid or cower. The most amazing trend of Uranus in the 9th house of spirituality, will be the revealing a higher order of realized masters working above all human religions, operating on another plane of existence, which are pure divine selfless. These realized Masters have immense power to guide the ultimate blessings for humanity to offer hope, higher consciousness and entering higher dimensions in order to expand one’s perspective of existence. In some schools, the 9th house of Sagittarius, is the house of  Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ initiating disciples into the higher laws of love and transcendence, governing beautiful mystery schools. It is ruled by Sagittarius and Lord Maitreya holds a power to initiate mystery schools for the Great White Brotherhood.  Could the transit of Uranus activating the U.S. Sun in the 9th house of Sagittarius, June 2018 on for 8 years, open up a more public interest in these subjects, of Mystery School Concepts?  Could there actually be some sensation stirring within the people, of the desire to re-discover this concept and walk this high path to true Soul Liberation? Again, the transit of Uranus activates these original values offered to the people within this country, and for the world. This all could have taken off as soon as Mars in Aquarius and Uranus moved into Taurus began, May 2018, or a few months earlier.

“My sense is the Sons and Daughters of God will not tolerate insanity anymore operating in their countries.” …It is truly a Saint Germain wave, as the Master Saint Germain, is the one who governs over the sign of Aquarius and Uranus, causing the Uranus in the 9th, and its conjunctions extremely powerful revelations, motivations and transcendent impulses among the people.

From 2018 on, transiting Saturn in Capricorn helps anchor all these trends we have touched on, in a powerful trine the Taurus. Saturn tends to contain and stabilize the activities of other planets.

The Uranus is also in square to the Mars retrograde now, through September, creating an urgency to launch these new cycles now. Because Mars retrograde has locked onto the U.S. Natal 6th house of civil services and the military as of June, military and government changes are happening. It’s no surprise Trump has announced a 6th branch of our military introducing the space force during Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus moving into the builder engineering sign of Taurus. This all began May 15 2018.

The capacity to revisit, appreciate and bring down the highest blueprint for all on this planet began as the 1776 Declaration of Independence, the inspirations in the Federalist Papers, and the Constitution. is possible within these cycles.

We are the divine keepers of the kingdom, we need to get use to this concept. The transit of Uranus will intensify the speed with which these developments occur. We should all be feeling the acceleration now, and a new soul growth occurring. Have you been restless lately? Growing out of your old situation? It is also very possible to be accelerating but be heavy under attack energetically, and not even be able to get out of bed.

The gift of Uranus in Taurus in the U.S. 9th could be more people accepting the concept of a higher ideal to believe in, other than what the fallen ones have presented to them. for the past 100’s of years.Your experiences which led you to this path, are like lanterns illuminating new ways for others to follow. Your calls poured into these world situations, change the outcome. When we command something under the direction and will of our I Am Presence and the Great White Brotherhood, the condition comes under God’s Command. Wouldn’t this be the highest gift Uranus releases throughout the conjunction to the U.S. Natal Venus and Sun in these next 8 years, which is to bring about a spiritual revolution in higher consciousness and watch the people accept and embrace a higher path of love and personal mastery?

Saturn transiting the U.S. 5th house ( December 3, 2018-2020 )
The dynamic expression of joy through each individuals’ capacity to create something they envisioned, is the power of the 5th house of every person’s astrology chart. When Saturn transits through this house, every 29 1/2 years, it activates this power. From this December 2018- through 2020 the U.S. will begin expanding. The arts, beauty, music, the reform of our entertainment industry, and a deep analysis of the “gods” that have been worshiped in Hollywood for so long, will be replaced with uncompromising professionals in the industry.
Saturn will flush out links between all pleasure, addictions, self-gratification activities at the expense of humans, especially children, as the 5th house also rules over all children. Saturn is the power of the disciplinarian along with assisting a re-building and reminder of the moral standards which frame this country. Saturn re-builds in the aftermath of a purge.

Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn support smooth change

Even though Uranus is stimulating economic change from the summer of 2018 for several years, currency/gold backing and backup cryptocurrency are some of the changes happening.  Saturn through the 5th house of the stock market, should be releasing solid stabilizing opportunities and optimistically investing in businesses. So even though Uranus is triggering unprecedented financial shifts and major adjustments to the higher laws and structures of value of the dollar and removal of certain departments’ misuse of economic activities, suddenly, Saturn in a trine to the U.S. Venus is somehow, is keeping everything moving forward. It is especially positive right now as Uranus in Taurus is trine Saturn in Capricorn, August/September 2018. Something is in the works to completely transform financial structures in the next 5 years. In 5 years, our country will be adjusting to a new relationship with money and the value of our material world. Saturn is suppose to help us build a happier freer more confident life and impulse to express ourselves creatively, leaving behind the heaviness of the past 3 years of more harsher realities of debt, restrictions, and the revelations of severe national domestic dysfunctions.

 Pluto square the U.S. Neptune 2019-2020 and Pluto square the U.S. Mercury ~ April 2020- December 1 2021.
This cycle is not so easy to explain. It begins a period in the U.S. of the people coming out of amnesia. It is as if we’ve been in a 240 some year stupor, a train wreck, ( or has it been 12,000 some years?) and just now waking up. We wonder, “How did this get this way, who’s been running everything, and why were we okay with it? I can’t remember? I didn’t know, how could this have been going on? Why did I agree to this or that, what was wrong with my brain?” Not only is there going to be a 1-2 year deep awakening as if a force outside of anyone’s power, forces issues to the surface to be faced finally, things we can no longer ignore, that we have bought into, or have been feeding, emotionally, psychological and financially, but there usually is some kind of struggle in the dis-entangling  process that’s depending upon our survival. Awakening from this lie. What is the lie? The cycle is for the putting to death the propensity to be naive and scammed AND the death and closure with the perpetrators of the lies. It can cause a form of national depression as the veils are lifted.  Where the Neptune is, and what house the zodiac sign Pisces is on, will be where the deception has occurred. The U.S. Neptune is in the 2nd house of banking, economy, money, and the country’s assets, wealth, minerals, oil, metals and the flow of the money, and PIsces is on the 7th house of our compromising relationships with others, foreign arrangements, within or without the nation connected to key individuals. The whole thing regarding the stealing, betrayal and disappearing of our country’s wealth, will be exposed and purged, dismantled. Will we count on the mainstream news to inform us of these key events? I doubt it. Go to other sources for your news.  ( Again, I highly suggest Catherine’s latest interview …watch here. Speaking of communications and news, Pluto square Mercury from 2020-2021, my friends, this one is not good. If there was ever a cycle that could cut off communication, internet, lock down control, punishment for violating “safe and accurate ” speech, interfere with access to all your internet banking, commerce, freedom of expression, it will be this square. It could demand licenses, identification, valid ID, etc..etc.. in order to even use or do business via the internet. It could demand subscription with verification of Video Youtube use. Watch for anything like this attempting to enter into a bill, and know this is the 2020-2021 reality.

United States Natal Chart ~ 1789

PLUTO OPPOSE THE U.S. JUPITER   March 2019 – November 2020

Problems arise with demanding person, burned and rejected organizations, agencies, communities or foreign groups and leaders, over the expansion and reclaiming of some kind of territory, domestic rights, growth within the U.S. We’ll have to watch this one. I’ll break down the pattern, the houses this falls in, and places it rules, but this could literally be any situation that might trigger some outside group that are quite powerful, and want vindication and preserve their money. This is a hard astrology cycle, and should not be blown off, as we partially lose with this one in the end, and have to give up something temporarily in order to appease the deep emotional and financial cut inflicted on these other activities or people, which caused them to go after the essence and spirit of the U.S.’s position.

The Pluto is coming from the 5th house of creative expansion, stock market, investors, corporations, etc.. .( does it have something to do with foreign shelters? ) It’s long, but I thought a key piece of information)…oppose the Jupiter in the 11th house in Cancer, which rules unconventional maneuvering of businesses and their security, corporations outside the rules, abundance of prosperity among the few and the way they get it.  Jupiter rules our 4th house of domestic security, citizenship, where some companies are stationed, but where they work from, their abundance and prosperity. That’s all about Jupiter in the 11th house, ruling the Sag on the 4th.  The opposition means, attacked, cut off, separated or ending something that no longer can function outside the country, etc…etc.. A death to an old system. An old routine, or means of gaining wealth. We would watch for confrontations backed by an injustice. ( it could be any injustice, the the power behind this group or person, simply is greater than all the rest, and won’t back down) against something that karmically has come due for the nation.  I did learn something in that video above, and it is worth watching. He also mentions another video to watch, which was more complicated, but explains in detail.

Uranus square U.S. Uranus March 2018-March 2019

Conflict growing within the nation between organized groups, parties, organizations with each other, growing alienation, separating, people changing their minds regarding who to follow, who are my real friends? Where do I belong, what is my real tribe? U.S. as a nation changing its mind regarding who outside the country are its allies and on the same page, and who are not. It is a cycle of drastic change in alliances within and without.

Neptune conjoin U.S. natal Black Moon and Saturn in Pisces, trine Jupiter in Cancer ~  2020 – 2023

A grace descends upon all to recover and bring into reality, the dream, the ideals the nation originally held as opportunity to provide its people to become the Divine Man or Woman. It will permeate in every way, be held up for everyone to see, and definitely release mystical waves to inspire and heal loss of vision, pain and confusion, injustices and loss of hope. This is a universal unguent. 

It brings inspiration and a strong clarity of what should be, rather than the apathetic acceptance of mediocrity and what has been fed to us. Intolerance of all forms of stupidity and waste. It heals relations with others, and an alliance is formed out of an old friendship which unifies a cause. This cycle is as if there is an invigorating mission held by many around the globe, and its cause is the divine rights of man.

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