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Understanding Saturn – Birth Chart



Everyone has some area of their life that tends to repeatedly bring frustrations. It feels as if you just get ahead a little bit, and then an unexpected situation puts you back into a theme, a drama, that must be deal with, again!

Creative projects get put on hold, your mood changes from hopeful to serious, and with clenched teeth, we set about to handle the new but yet somehow familiar activity calling us to task.

Your Karmic Predicament can be found easily where Saturn sits in your Birth Chart. Overcome and be Joyous! Saturn is where we find our Karmic limitation but it doesn’t have to be forever! It is an energy related to invisible chains, binding us to particular people, paths and circumstances, even Earth. It is the area in the chart that causes us to feel a bit stuck, dense, even sometimes stupid!

In this one place we become overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated. It is good to know where your Saturn is, what sign it is in and make it a goal to develop better skills there. Saturn teaches you how to overcome your old habitual pattern which can also be found in your moon sign, but it’s the Saturn which feels hard. When you discover the problem here, with humility, we begin learning what it was we missed. As if we skipped an extremely crucial lesson in school, thinking it wasn’t necessary to master it for whatever reason. Sometimes the Sign Saturn is in, can clue us in to where we also made karma. For instance, if your Saturn is in Gemini, you could have ignored studying and applying your mind in some way which would have provided for you a smarter sharper career, or degree. There may have been logical communication talents, others possessed, but you felt were unnecessary, listening skills, focusing upon facts and details, or even an attitude of humility and integrity needed to be developed in listening and logically applying what you learned that now in this life bring you trouble. Yet, because Gemini Saturn has the karma of ignorance, you might not know this has been the source of the problem, even though people point it out to you. You just can’t see it. So you see, wherever our Saturn is in our Birth Chart, there also can be blindness to our own lack!


” Mighty God Presence, Place your infinite perfection around me and open my own eyes to see what you see, and reveal my flaws. Replace them with your perfection, your ease of action, intelligence and wisdom always, Amen”





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