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Unified Revelations



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Welcome to the Stardrops Series.

March 21 – 27, 2021

This week brings some exciting progress. Already you might have felt the strong motivation to make a decision, a conviction based upon the facts laid out before you, that unless I face the reality and do this and that in my life, nothing is going to change This slow but sure coming to terms within yourself of some meaningful goal, lifestyle or project you must achieve just might have culminated in a jumpstart last week. Now we’re entering into the power of the new weeks’ putting into action, this conviction, and all the plans laid out in order to achieve it. Magnetize your end result – write it out three times and say it outloud, then push yourself to take some first steps now. Decide to do it today. Here we go…..

March 21 – Mercury 8* Pisces sextile Uranus at 8* Taurus     Our minds can be turned towards harmonious happy conversations. Meetings are bringing up original concepts, ideas. Insights into community, group, or friendship projects, anything that brings people together for a unified purpose can make progress with this sextile. People are thinking outside the normal thought conditioning, and experimenting with ideas that have truth as the motive, innovation, honesty, objectivity. It is refreshing to have these helpful conversations leading to more progress.

Ideals are shared – financial exposures are out in the open. Tech and Internet/Social information is moving into a higher more rapid form of sharing information based upon facts, validation and indisputable data.

Not only are issues being talked about in order to reveal clues into Taurus business and financial issues, but ideas are discussed in order to insert creative helpful relief solving many problems and stress.

Mar 20-22 Mars at 10* Gemini trine Saturn at 10* Aquarius

A strong week of much progress, motivation, physical accomplishment including body transformation, physical effort poured into organizing and improving on our life circumstances, give us that break to get on top of so many things now.

Transportation, travel and arranging our lives is quite positive and strong. This is all because of the Mars at 10* Gemini trine Saturn at 10* Aquarius The power of Mars instigating conversation, research, education, writing and gathering information is in such an incredible flow right now with Saturn. Saturn in a trine, always helps us do something long lasting and grounded with our activities.

Common sense and long lasting tactics, bring order and constructive outlines and blueprints for our projects now. We feel we’re finally getting a handle on what needs to happen in order to feel sane again.

Mar 22 – 23 Mercury at 11* Pisces square Mars at 11* Gemini

No one can convince you to abandon your rational thinking and compromise your logical view of things. Some sort of sideways talking keeps bucking up against your reasoning and you just can’t agree with such vague and ambiguous speech. Stay on track with the clear train of thought which resonates with that higher mind, always maintaining sanity and higher frequencies. This will protect you from motives not spoken from others.

On the other hand, what you wish would happen, may not make any sense or be practical if you really think about it. Stick with that truth, and you’ll stay on track.

Mar 23 Mercury at 13* Pisces square North and South Nodes at 13* Gemini/Sagittarius

along with the Mar 22 -23 confusion, along comes the same pressure from a fantasy from the Mercury in Pisces now bearing down on a global mind game. Will everyone buy into it? Anything involving confusing subjects, things in the world where a game or risk is at stake can be brought out into the open suddenly for a big reveal. This cycle could also have you confronting someone who makes suggestions to you yet will waste light, money and time. Stick with your intuitive and logical analysis of each situation, and don’t get rattled.

Credit: Joseph Bradley

March 26 Venus conjoin Sun at 5* Aries 

Usually Venus conjoin Sun creates such a happy and socially harmonious day. In the sign of Aries, we’re inspired, childlike, innocent and brave. We can initiate all kinds of things that have previously been put off.

This one day can bring an emotionally intuitive excitement. In a few days this beautiful soft ease of a day will move into a Full Moon – simply bringing inspiration and a bit more love into our every day atmosphere. This week leading up to a Full Moon on March 28, helps us take brave actions, increase energy and launching certain projects that have been in the mind for a long time, but now, we’re just going to jump in and do it. These tasks come to a head by the 28th of March, however this Full Moon will square Hades, creating a hint of something in the shadows not resolved.

Realize that an acceleration within our individual lives is aggravating some stubborn mind sets within our own subconscious that is invested in us not changing, not one bit. We are fighting against old old ancient patterns that are comfortable the way we are, even if it’s stupid, nonsensical, sabotaging. Push through this week!

March 25-27 Mars at 13* Gemini conjoin North Node at 13* Gemini

This entire week of March 21 – 29 intensifies some sort of assertive and dramatic talking, calculating, planning and loads of Information based upon logic versus ideals. Fantasies are popping up hard.

The whole world is tuned in to debate and discussion over facts and legitimacy of suspicious situations. Obvious skirting of issues are exposed.

The challenging discussions expose Mercury in Pisces avoidance – in spite of our pain and histories of hurt and hardships, the reality of a good path to walk on remains the same.

Let’s handle the truth and move up and forward, allowing the baggage, psychological self medicating squirm and dissolve in this higher fire, as we become better and stronger in a more real view of ourselves. We absolutely can start this new cycle of renew at a more advanced level now.

March 27 – 29 Venus. Sun and Chiron at 8* Aries oppose Moon at 8* Libra in a Full Moon square Hades…. peaking on March 28. As we said above, Hades could represent the Achilles heel within our karmic past. The point we keep messing up because of a slight vulnerability, innocence and something shadowy finds that point and moves right in and compromises our great new momentum on our life. Let’s take these great cycles and protect them, while at the same time up through the Full Moon March 28 in Libra, be the guard at the gate, watchful for the infiltrators attempting to get in and mess up this delicate inspiring period. This period can prepare us for even greater successes over the next few months as we keep changing, growing and awakening.


Hades is on the left side of the wheel above, and looks like this –


March 20 – 31 Uranus at 8* Taurus sextile Hades at 8* Cancer

Uranus is the lightening storm offering an amazing level of information about things in this world that take us down, compromise our energies and the world around us. It ignites our capacity to see, and understand the phenomenon of invisible mysteries living around us every day. Uranus is a higher intelligence infusing us with “knowing”, grasping abnormal concepts, connecting dots and recognizing the synchronicities.

A universal understanding among a majority of humans all over the world should happen. This sextile ( agreement) connects people with the same mind set, a knowing about important global issues. But it’s the details, the mysterious details that awaken an inner understanding about things possibly not even seen with physical eyes, or the logical side of the mind.

This Uranus pulls the curtains back upon not only the shadows, but the people that attempt to preserve the curtains through magic.

The Uranus is used by divine forces to quicken the detailed knowledge and actions required to draw that circle around oneself and the world of good, to face the subtle shadow slipping through Hades wormholes attempting to sabotage. Now the sextile which is a helpful aspect, 60 degrees between two planets, brings a flowing river of truth and electric revelation. Even though it is peaking during the last days of March, the influence began mid March on – it will help change millions of people’s awareness of life and the world, permanently. We can never go back, and really, that’s okay.


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5 thoughts on “Unified Revelations”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Christine,You can be quite profound!

  2. Sharon says:

    I absolutely love this update! Thank you!

  3. Linda Eberhard says:

    Christine- We all are grateful for exposure of darkness that not accept as darkness before because of momentum with ideas that are antichrist. When we realize truth of the matter, many do not want to change except as it suits their plans for life. I have not found many except God who realizes that control of another's money he pays taxes on yearly disenfranchises that one so they're unable to run freely with God in incredible ways that they knew before the control started. I have found that I was cursed to stay controlled by Mom & brother by someone with great power with God. That person has suffered because of the misuse of power. This must change so we can cooperate in balance as God created us. Man cannot create false control & call it good. Man must change the bad & never return to it. Let me know if you do not know what I am talking about. Always Victory, LINDA E


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