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Update May 20 and Trump Astrology


Well, here we are in the cycle of the most convoluted Jupiter inconjunct Neptune period, we brought up a week ago in the last report. It peaked May 17, 2017, and continues through July 4 2017. Lucky us, we get to continue to probe and power through not only our personal lives with some oddities and interference, but the global political peculiarities where literally every 5 hours or so, the drama changes and new leaks, insights, facts, lies and deceptions are announced. At the end of Video is a quick update on President Trumps’ cycles. Thanks for watching and hanging in there! Christine


2 thoughts on “Update May 20 and Trump Astrology”

  1. Inge Paolini says:

    Thank You as always Christine. You always give such insight to what my soul feels and puts it into the physical mental body, outer consciousness
    . I wish that everyone would listen to your insight, it would be sooooooo HELPFUL. GOD BLESS, Inge

  2. Lillie says:

    Thank you Christine. Please continue to provide presidential updates. I believe it is crucial considering all involved and all the attacks being concocted at this time. I will believe the astrological-scientific angle over any media at this point. I believe the hatred may stem from this election caused a temporary derailment of this country being part of the one world gov of global Marxism, which is the ultimate goal.......we are maybe one of 2 or 3 countries left that is not involved 100%. May be wrong but who knows.


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