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Uranus conjoin Jupiter-2010



Uranus Conjoin Jupiter
Dancing with Fire

By Christine Barrere
July 1,2010



Conjunctions are powerful aspects that intensify the qualities of each planet. When Uranus the planet of unpredictable change, upheaval and rebellion conjoins with large and expansive Jupiter in the Fire element the results can be explosive.

The explosive combination of Uranus in Aries with Jupiter can lend to a magnification of a Uranian accident or terrorist activity with consequences going on and on, with increasing global ramifications as a world catastrophe this summer. The complications coming from the aftermath of the disaster in the Gulf can be seen as a Uranus in Aries activity.

Uranus is in Aries, a Fire sign. Fire is the awakener of the human spirit. Divine Fire awakens the Divine blueprint that Heaven holds for the earth and for each of us.

With Uranus conjoining Jupiter there is a mixing of each planets’ qualities. Uranus wants truth, transformation, awakening, independence and liberation. Jupiter brings intellectual insight, rules of law, moral conscience. In mythology Jupiter always helped the gods in war against demonic forces. Uranus in Aries wants solutions fast, Jupiter wants to expand he perfect (righteous) solution.

Remember, the pure unqualified energy of these two planets together is like a raw and unbridled instigator. An example of these two planets in conjunction was in 1968-1969 (first man on the moon, escalation of the Vietnam war and the intensification of the Civil Rights movement). But in 1968-1969 the conjunction was in the sign of Libra. Libra brought in a negotiating peace of hippidom and politician heaven. But this Uranus Jupiter conjunction is now in the sign of Aries.

Now with Uranus in Aries — the fire element — everything is brought up to fiery, bold new levels to both sides that are now turning to oppose each other.

On one side there are those who are declaring freedom and prosperity for all — equality of opportunity for all — at no other groups’ expense.

While the other side is an extreme narcissistic force creating and manipulating events for acquiring more control over others and positioning for total take over.

An example of how this plays out…

The Gulf disaster occurred during Neptune Inconjunct Saturn. Neptune rules water (obviously) as well as secrets, leaks, and unexplainable behavior.

In this example, the unexplainable behavior is seen by NOT STOPPING THE OIL SPILL by all means available such as NOT allowing other countries to help or by NOT utilizing those many scientists and engineers that could have stopped it and helped clean it up right away. That behavior is totally unexplainable.

Rather than trying to fix the problem there appears to be a greater attempt to try to (secretly) implementing an unpopular and corrupt tax (Cap & Trade).

Meanwhile the inconjunct to Saturn is creating a depressing and devastating view of the event, and the cry of the need to do something about it.

On one side Uranus conjoin Jupiter in Aries is the ramping up of the outcry of the people seeing right through the atrocity and the manipulations with the other side who are escalating to take advantage of the crisis to cause a further crisis for continual chaos with the hopes that there will be a physical revolution. Any physical revolution will allow the excuse to forcibly restore order (mass arrests, internment camps, elimination of personal liberties) — SO DON’T RIOT — (okay?)

By looking at this one incident and all its surrounding reactions, you get an idea of all the varied ways an astrological transit such as this will try to outpicture. When I contemplate this transit — in spite of what may be perceived as the fallen attempts to control mankind — I’m encouraged by this transit as it is bringing an increasing awakening and courage to everyone. This transit can empower us to analyse these events that are unfolding. And based upon internal truths to come to our own conclusions (and not just what we are being told) and move into right action.

With any type of awakening there comes the opportunity for clarity and right action. Aries is an action sign and can propel us to make transformation possible. Transformation in peaceful ways that create a permanent blessing for everyone on Earth.

This aspect is affecting all of us. Where will you choose to apply your Divine Fire? Your Divine Awakening, your Divine Insights? What will manifest from your desire for independence — what out-of-line limitations do you need to be free from? Where will your desire for truth and morality take you?


The picture at the top of this article is of a Salamander, a Fire Elemental. For
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