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Throughout this time now, rely upon your inner wisdom. This will guide you through the next few weeks of misinformation and any omitted or altered facts. Remember, this Mercury retrograde is guiding you personally to be awake and smart, against the Neptunian game playing going on around you. To the world in general, people will continue to be deceived, but many individuals will challenge the Neptune’s square to the Mental Mercury and come out on top, knowing way more than the average person.

The Golden Fire of Illumination within ones’ crown is your key to sanity now. Nurture it, protect it and trust what you sense is truth.

Here we go with this week’s Stardrops….

Stardrops May 23 – 29 2021

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This Solar Eclipse can be a new start for many. Except to experience this inspiration coming on at least by May 22 on up to June 10, then continuing in this new direction for the next five months.

The Eclipse inspires logical mental decisions based on clear honest realizations. It could come in the form of a request, a prayer, an intention set. It might be inspiring one to re-connect with another or establish a stronger network of friends in one’s life.

One’s mind and outlook on life and perspective is more positive, optimistic.

Much of the power of this Solar Eclipse is in the additional planets, Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury and the Node moving through Gemini along with the Sun and the Moon brings to us a mental optimism and I would say a very strong urge to start again.

We can enjoy an inspiring period which pulls us up, coaxing us to take command of our lives through positive attitude, disciplines and affirmations or some form of daily ritual which can anchor our intention for change. The discipline and conviction to change, and keep it up is from the Saturn in Aquarius. The desire to transform some part of our life is based upon the logical conclusions derived from the Saturn in Aquarius trine the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. A ritual, daily routine, a 60, 90 or 120 day challenge could begin.

This aspect is the perfect recipe for truly believing you can do this or that daunting thing. This desire to change is through positive affirmations which can be given outloud each day.


Gemini rules communication, the word, affirmations and logical mental outlook. It says “look, these are the facts, there’s only a few options or paths in which you can reach this or that outcome – do the affirmations, place the daily intentions, visualize it getting done or reaching the goal and take action each day to achieve these things! And, have confidence, it truly can be realized!”


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This combination allows life an easy open pathway to being able to stick with a plan, depend upon professional or wiser experts, receive experienced support, and be able to count on others and ourselves, to bring order and constructive every day activities to help reach a great outcome, for this year 2021.

This Solar Eclipse launches a new mental beginning starting end of May, early June, and should be a strong sense of trust that certain areas of your life you are invested in will expand and bring excellent results by just applying self.

And, ….here we go! What would YOU like to realize?





Saturn at 8-13* Aquarius square transiting Uranus at 8-13* Taurus

Feb 6 – March 2, 2021

Jun 1 – Jun 26, 2021 Peaking June 14-15

Dec 15 – Jan 1, 2022

The periodic pressure between Saturn and Uranus would always be between the avant guard, the unbridled intensity of revolution, change and liberating explosive honesty from Uranus and the Saturnian rules, conformity and restrictions placed upon society by Saturn.

There are so many variations of how to read this combination – and so I advise you to review what has already been written about this square (LINK TO SATURN SQUARE URANUS) that is once again, squeezing certain agencies, groups or organizations and their agendas into a compression chamber of transparency and accountability.

For us, we’re trying to recover past treasures of our true selves, the things we love and cherish about what makes us unique, makes us, US – while keeping up with the new physical demands of our everyday life. Remember who you are would be the theme.


MAY 26 2021

Active between May 20 – 30, 2021


A deceitful and unreliable Lunar Eclipse, this time in Sagittarius, brings a potential for poor judgment and poor boundaries, assuming too much, exaggerations, embellishments or lack of ethical critical thinking. This time period is requiring us to just lay low. Curb your spending and commitments to others. A good time to be consistently relaying on logical clear messages.

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May 22 – June 6 – exact May 29 Mercury stationary retrograde at 24* Gemini conjoin Venus at 24* Gemini and square Neptune at 22* Pisces


In general, words, all forms of communications/emails/reports/meetings and decisions will be high focus, and it could feel similar to that inspiring Solar Eclipse end of May peaking on June 10, we just spoke about earlier, however, this Mercury is squaring a totally unreliable planet Neptune on this stretch of time, May 22 – June 6, it’s the worst for getting a clear answer or response.

This end of May up through June 10 is not easy to decipher.

  1. Now through June 10, and continuing for five months – The Solar Eclipse positive inspiration to commit to a renewed self is reliable.

  2. May 22 – 27, peaking May 26. …The Lunar Eclipse trickery to spend money however, or count on someone elses’ optimistic generosity is not a good idea now….and

  3. The Mercury Retro from May 20 – June 19 square Neptune is more likely to bring more global confusion – a continual fake news, twisted information and hidden agendas behind projecting all sort of negative information to the public, so don’t take it in, hook line and sinker….something else is going on to manipulate the people. This Mercury retro I suspect might not effect individuals but most likely is influencing a global message and attempting to instill fear and panic, in order to bring in more control. Lies, deceptions, twisting facts, or simply omitting facts, distorting outcomes and manipulating and slanting the way information is being presented sways people’s thinking erroneously.

Secrets, compromise and double triple agendas which prevent transparency and ultimate logical solutions or resolution is the game now. Because of the lunar eclipse and this Mercury retro, I would halt any seriously important projects until at least past May 29. Safer to get into June and pick them back up again.

As we approach the next Mercury retrograde, it might be a good idea to be putting our affairs in order starting now, clarifying our intentions,making sure in all our interactions with friends and family, we are sending consistent messages to the people around us which match our inner feelings and intentions rather than behaving indifferent, glib or sarcastic.

It will be important to not be wasting our time, energy or money on unnecessary projects, now up through the end of May also. April was excellent for planning and putting our intention out there, but as we flow into May, especially the last two weeks, things could get out of control with unexpected turns of events, disappointments or miscommunications, so if you find you are planning important projects, work, events etc…plan them now, and move forward on them as best as you can. ( Part of this article was written in April)

By the time you hit May 15, re-assess where you are at with them. If something starts to go awry, slow down a bit, and maybe you will want to wait until the Next Solar Eclipse, June 10, to start up again. Keep your cool, keep your sharing and planning simple, straight forward, and if things get messed up, let it go.

The Mercury retro will be tricky and risky this time, because it squares Neptune in Pisces, specifically on the dates of May 26- June 6.


 Jupiter enters Pisces      May 13 – July 28

Jupiter, the planet of Good Will, Morality, Generosity and Wisdom is energized by the philanthropic sign Pisces. We’re entering a new cycle or idealism and beauty. There should be a more magical and spiritually inspired atmosphere, calling people up higher, using their imaginations and intentions in order to precipitate solutions, graces, change for the better in so many ways within our lives. You might be moved to tears more easily throughout the next two months.

This cycle lasts only a few months, then Jupiter will resort back to Aquarius for the rest of the year, reviewing more intellectually the things you desire to change. By the end of the year, the Jupiter returns once again into Pisces, emphasizing the mystical, the seemingly impossible, helping one to realize the best things yet coming

This period from May 13 – end of July will also challenge some with their beliefs about certain subjects. These subjects are discussed in the media and have such triggering issues.

Secrets emerge and upset many. There will be a serious confronting of others’ narrative, people believed were true but now they see were manipulated and hidden, lied about.

Huge Deceptions are unveiled, and will come in waves. What is about to emerge, can never ever again be argued away, shoved under the table or covered over with partial explanations. Jupiter rules what the people believe, and if it is moving quickly into Pisces for almost three months then a powerful concentration upon exposure of veils of illusion will unfold.

Jupiter in Pisces can also bring to us a richer dimension to our lives bringing us the faith and aspirations of things we thought not possible now.

Thanks for reading Stardrops – see you next week – Christine

3 thoughts on “USING YOUR SOUL POWER – STARDROPS MAY 23 -29”

  1. Evgeniya says:

    Hi Christine. This is Evgeniya, who is one of your followers. I’m not sure if it’s ok but still decided to ask. Starting may 26th I was invited to the big close event here in Idaho organized by rich people. The lady who invited me is a self made entrepreneur. I met her at the women’s local community center. I was thinking to go to that event which will be on May 28th. The entrance fee is 97$. My goal is to expand my future massage business and find more clients. It seems very reasonable. But after your starfires report I’m not sure that I’m doing the right thing. How to make the right decision? Should I cancel my visit to that event? I don’t know the topic of the event. I just know that there will be a famous speaker who had events with big corporations like Google etc. and by some reason he is coming at those date to Idaho Falls.

    • Hi Eugeniya, this is a familiar puzzle when it comes to Lunar Eclipses! Here is how I would solve it. I would bet there will be not only one disappointment with the outcome, but other people who are innocently approaching you to also join their group, business or community, and it might even cost more money - or some form of future commitment that seems at the time, purely reasonable. The Lunar Eclipses are tricky as we see at the time, how much we would like to experience the outcome that this or that event or person is offering to us! If it were any other time, I would say yes of course go, are you kidding?
      But because of this timing, and also add onto it the Mercury retro sq Neptune, I am suspicious. If you go, I would absolutely be on guard to not commit to any other agreement, collaboration in the future or pay for any other services that might come up, like sign up for a future service that could be offered guaranteeing future business for you etc...networking etc..I would simply go, meet people, take in what I want and show up for your good will relationship building esp with this lovely woman, and leave it at that - then wait until the Solar Eclipse, June 10 decide how to proceed - NOT decide on the day of the event for sure. If in doubt, don't go. Christine

  2. John says:

    Christine, the ex husband of my wife has an astrocytoma brain cancer, was diagnosed only a few months ago and after radiation and chemotherapy is fading fast. What does a transition during this eventful time portend. He was not very aware of his unruly tongue and the first thing it started affecting was his speech center.


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