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Vegas Shooting and U.S. Astrology


The video Below is 40 minutes and the beginning is the astrology of the Transits to the U.S. Chart. The rest of the video is going into an overview of “The Kingsman- The Golden Circle”. Why?

The strangest thing happened after viewing the film Sunday evening…afterwards, only a few hours later, the shooting in Vegas.

It was as if the movie flowed into the shooting. This coincidence is at the end of the Video. Sorry for rambling, trying to put together my thoughts re: the movie, in sequence, in order to make my crazy point at the end. Very surreal and terribly tragic night. My heart is heavy for what is coming next. Please stay tuned, more global and U.S. astrology coming soon. Sorry I’ve been away so long.


One thought on “Vegas Shooting and U.S. Astrology”

  1. Joy Noel says:

    I watched many videos about LV and a few ppl mentioned this Kingsmens movie. Have you read David Wilcock's blog on Towards the end he linked to 4chan and thought that "Q" is Donald Trump. If so it would mean that Trump has made that decision you see in his chart, and is taking necessary action. David later updated with this:

    "I had a dream this morning in which I got absolute confirmation that Trump was writing these 4Chan posts with the collaboration of a small team of highly trusted advisors.

    The dream was very intense and left no doubt. Of course it is not 'real', but my dreams have been accurate on many, many occasions."
    As a side note, I met a man in August who may have been one of our Founding Fathers. Interestingly, he lives off grid.

    Got my Sag Report and am excited already. PS I had no luck finding Hillary's Birth Chart article I had read previously. I wanted to share it on FB. Wishing you all the very best, Christine. Aloha, Joy Noel


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