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Venus Retrograde in Leo Summer 2015


A shift is occurring. A new wave of energy from Venus’ retrograde is being released
upon earth to accelerate a global and personal acceleration. It is for the dynamic action
to confront darkness no matter where it operates, and replace it with divine matrices.
Venus’ magnetism empowers us with such clarity of discernment to counteract this
darkness, to all our surprise, standing up to lies and subterfuge, that use to go
undetected, or seen but too intimidating to be challenged. Now, everything has
Venus has been in the sign of Leo, bringing courage from June 2015 on.
July 18 when Venus moves into the sign of Virgo, peaking in its official retrograde day
on July 25. we are in the fullness of the wave of experience, but adding the quality of
humility and precision to our confidence of action.
Venus moves back into Leo, offering to you the strength of love and leadership again,
on July 31 2015 up until October 8 2015.
On October 9, Venus will again enter Virgo, the Virgin Priest or Priestess wrapping up
the entire process with a final assimilating and editing of your new path.
It is a powerful acceleration for a step up of higher frequency and even personal and
global financial opportunities.
The opening of your love is its first stage when it is still in the sign of Leo. It should feel it
as a natural progression of inner empowerment. Circumstances could appear creating
an atmosphere ripe for moving into the heart to transmute and erase wrong
It will teach you to love your true Higher Self, magnetized pure engrams and
thoughtforms, symbols and sounds. These thoughtforms and engrams replace negative
ones, in your consciousness that act like old programs. The old programs have been
embedded onto molecules within your body, cells, and electronic field around you.
These new beautiful validating engrams imprint correct messages onto molecules
within the chamber of the heart, the altar room of your body, and then fly through your
system, the brain, consciousness, cells, nervous system, to rejuvenate a new code to
live by, that will far exceed your past perceptions, and empower each one of us to
confront darkness that has thought it could take over our planet. How exciting!
Have you recently been confronted a situation forcing you to make a decision towards
this or that diHave you recently been confronted a situation forcing you to make a decision towards this or that direction? The shift is about taking the higher way.rection?

Venus in Leo, I love to take command of my life and cocreate
with God, Universe, all
that is! Venus in Virgo, I love to analyze, perfect, filter, discard the lesser, and be the
purify in service.
Is it a new job? Is it a relationship decision? Is it a new project that requires more
concentration and self discipline?
This refined decision process can be either a small part of your daily life, or for some,
life altering
Could Venus’ shift also be for a specific timely global event that is now in the process of
It’s time to come into the chamber of the heart and move up, because something is
about to happen on the Earth. This Venus cycle is personal and planetary and will bring
big changes, now through September. And it is only the beginning.
Venus retrogrades affect our creative emotional nature, moving us a bit out of our
mental dialogue. The heart now becomes the center, not the head. The energy of
desiring liberation, taking command of your life, taking command of your country,
region, the world, is the confidence and the intuitive trusting which extract exude out of
you now, to do the job. And you will do the job!
Personally, a door is opening for you. Walk through it.
It is opening now for you to quickly take heart and have confidence to dream big and
manifest it.
How does it feel to actually believe it will work? Walk through the door.
Most of us will value ourselves more, and do more meaningful things now. We could
have more discernment, more courage to make the change or at least commit to make
the change.
As this slowly subtly begins to take hold of your impressions and motivations throughout
the days ahead, you might find yourself inspired to do things which are normally not
your natural inclination . These Venus inspirations will enhance a deeper love.
Venus Conjoin Jupiter
Venus will be in a conjunction to Jupiter from July 1August
5. This combination
tremendously magnifies all the above, and adds a dash of morality, legal, official, laws,
bills, documents, religious decisions, to the entire energy of this new wave of
understanding .
Venus Jupiter in Leo/Virgo helps you become vibrant and focused, When it moves
into Virgo, it brings a functionality at end of July into the first week of August 2015 that
will set a theme of intelligent strategy for the rest of summer and fall 2015.
Saturn squares Venus and Jupiter
At the same time, Saturn squares (conflict ) and steps up the pressure to be disciplined
and practical with your new situation. Saturn square Venus is restrictive. Instead of it
putting a damper on your summer of inspiration, I think Saturn is telling us there are
complex steps to figure out with this new situation.
There is some discipline needed, boundaries, realistic examination of the project,
relationship or new plan. The new wave of taking charge of something seriously
important now in your life, requires many steps, organizing, maturity and accountability.
It’s a new level of mastery.
You’ve graduated from the past lessons, and have now been bumped up! You feel an
exhilaration, but at the same time, a daunting look at what is going to be required, and
you might not know how you are going to pull it off!
Possibly even an unfortunate, sad or dangerous situation has just transpired, which has
somewhat forced you to take this next step of responsibility to be courageous.
Saturn square Venus Retrograde. The key is to maintain an important vision of new
values you want to live with, but with realistic plans, facts and do it practicality and with
purity. Purity? Yes. Saturn square Venus in Virgo/Leo will remind you during the
summer to be particular and discern who you are with, who you must challenge to get
where you need to be, how you are going to do it, and how you rearrange your life.
We are all probably going to have to make a decision and use our discernment in some
way for our future happiness, and I should say, carve a path for others to follow that is
higher than the one that has been carved out by those who compromise.
This could come to a head on July 20August
5, and then be totally settled with a plan
and course of action with this new level of perfection or preference for excellence, by
September 6 2015.
Someone or some type of situation might be imposing restrictions, rules, or a dangerous
head game upon you, or a group, or a nation or the planet.
It is time for those with courage to make some rules and set some boundaries.
Clever insights come out of nowhere, and become spoken, written, challenging those
who use to have the power.
This inspiration is the Venus/Jupiter in Virgo/Leo, square the planet Saturn in Scorpio
and Sagittarius at 0*.throughout the summer. YOU become the Venus Jupiter
inspiring morality confronting the serpentine Saturn in Scorpio at this point. Not the
other way around.
An inconvenience could occur ( or already has) looking like a sort of crucifixion and
creates a dividing of the way for you or those who are at a higher frequency of love.
In other words, if we are moving towards changing our outlook of life, it actually could
become triggered because of this oppressor.
The new path could be tested by a restrictive situation or person opposing it, and that is
not so easily dismissed.
Or simply, we have in mind exactly how we want to live, how this or that should be, but
it’s going to take time and work, excellence and attention to details to create this new
reality the correct way. If Saturn were not involved it would be just an inspiring creative
time. But since Saturn is in square to Venus, the path requires to confront SERPENT.
We need to remain focused and clear about our future, not give up when the more
restrictive outside opposition hits us, Use it as an opportunity to face the truth, take
care of it, but be even more determined to carve out our Holy Grail. The reward will be
AMAZING! Take heart.
In regards to how Venus will impact the world, a spiritual event is happening this
summer. It is releasing a tremendous quality of electrical energy, called the judgment of
divine love, upon the planet.


‘This will be personally, geophysically,
solar and politically, and the release
of this supernatural “judgment” will
challenge mysteriously, the worst of
the worst individuals on this planet.
Some will not even appear

compromising openly. No one escapes this ray of divine love.
With the release of this magnetic energy of love and judgment combined, and amplified
by the planet Jupiter in Virgo along with this Retrograde Venus many confident
individuals initiate educated solutions to the replace the corruption.
I hope you are getting the picture of the power of the Purity and Justice which is coming
through all of us now.
Saturn square Venus can also represent the global elitists attempting to further
increase restrictions through trade and currency manipulations, and all other forms of
violence, false flags, wars to accelerate their control of people.
But, by becoming courage with creative disciplined, intelligent and leadership, these will
be replacing hell with higher solutions, counteracting this madness one by one.
An example of this courageous public leadership could be:

“It is time for states to undertake specific steps to reassert
their 10th amendment
rights against the usurpations of the federal government.
We are, after all, the United States of America, not the United Federal Government of
America. Here’s my proposal for a starting point:
One state legislature can pass an act for it to host an “Assembly of the States” whose
purpose will be to identify and share best practices for the assertion by the states of
their 10th amendment rights among the several states.
Topics to be addressed would be practical and timely:
(1) Which federal grants (presumably almost all) make the most sense for a state to
reject and what are the best ways to deal with the real world consequences of those
(2) What specific actions shall be taken to resist unconstitutional Supreme Court
(3) What specific actions should be taken to resist egregious and unlawful federal
regulations and which regulations are most deserving of resistance?
(4) What practical freemarket
health care policies can be introduced at the state level
that will improve the availability and delivery of health care services to residents of
each state, given the federal government’s ever increasing tentacles of control in that
sector of the economy.” Read More, Here:
The Venus conjoin Jupiter will turn oppression right around and square the Saturn’s
threat. In other words, people will continue to become more clever at wrestling out of
the oppressors’ economic, financial physical corruption and oppression.
On the one hand, bravery in calling out injustices everywhere is accelerating, and even
outsmarting them with strategic counter moves.
On the other hand, we watch in disbelief, how much more brazen darkness has
So, as Saturnian activities are appearing to take over civilization in every possible
manner, and Venus could be weighed down with these violations.
Yet, the power of the light inherent within the matrix Venus represents within our actual
hearts, is released everywhere in sort of a crucifixion process . (Venus also rules blood).
When this happens, a judgment is released upon those who love darkness.
In other words, if we must go through some sacrifice in order to be the vehicle for
judgment, then so be it. I feel this is one of the meanings of the necessity of the body of
Christ to shed blood so judgment can be sent. We are the body, we take the hit by
standing up to our inherent value and worth, and promise ourselves to not compromise
anymore. It just isn’t worth it, we have run out of time.
When it is released, we might have to prepare ourselves to be caught up in chaos
A rapid acceleration of clashes of civilizations could happen,the new Aquarian
civilization versus the breakaway civilization of the global elitists.
Let’s send all our hearts’ power to demand peace during these transition times.
This summer up through September, take care of your personal world responsibility.
Saturn square Venus retrograde could be the need to buy,accumulate or prepare for
having the things you truly value and desire to be responsible for, now through
September 2015.
Jupiter rules foreign countries, VenusCurrency,
money and its value, square Saturn in
Scorpio? An imposed revaluing and re configuring the value of money, international
currencies, markets and challenging times for investments. Initiative to make major
global changes in currency, economic activities, laws and reconfiguring
the balance of
wealth will occur between June 30 to September 6, even up to September 28 2015.
All global challenges with currencies and national economies could be manipulated into
one group’s’ idea of a solution, inconveniencing many. This is the time to draw down
intelligent intercession for the steering of these financial decisions for the highest
functionality and good will, truly a divinely ideal solution.
“In the name of the I Am that I Am, I call down the electric discerning transformational
love to powerfully enter the earth, my world, and the world of all beautiful souls, to
come quickly as a wind, to raise us up into the most protective action to produce
clarity, vision, prophecy, preparation of every physical thing,, economic prosperity,
spiritual longing, movement and location in my own perfect way and place. I also call
for the safest and highest manifestation of the Venus retrograde at 0* Virgo to 14*
Leo, conjoin Jupiter in Leo/Virgo, square Saturn at 28* Scorpio to 0* Sagittarius,
summer and fall of 2015.
Release the light, the ruby fire and the violet fire of electric transformational perfection
everywhere! I Am commanding and demanding it now, and I accept this done this
hour in full power, Amen”

Remember, your asking,, prayers, and intention for a super intelligent nationally and
universally brilliant solution for economies and liberation, prosperity and independence
is key during this Venus cycle. It will be put into action!
And let’s remember to create a new set of values and love with strong emotional
convictions to precipitate a life that has been long over due!
How do you see this helping you”
Your vision put into Action!
Promise yourself, you won’t leave this article until you actually commit to and write down
a goal of more fulfillment!
So if this Venus cycle inspires you to have some very significant goals that it’s time for
you to make for yourself, and while you are in that inspired moment, commit yourself to
doing it while it is ripe, and then take an action that actually begins the process.
Imagine you have been receiving emails and text messages in your inbox for weeks,
inviting you to come to a seminar July 1September
6 2015. The theme is to engage in
a powerful group work of transforming your path and the course of your nation,
community or the world. The lectures are focused upon the attunement with the heart
honestly showing you how you could live if you would take action and have faith.
Here and now, enter the portal of the secret chamber of the heart where all things are
possible that are good, prosperous, beautiful and refined, and most importantly,
teaching you and reminding you to ask for it. Asking for all of this is part of the process
we might have forgotten! It is the absolute necessary ingredient.
Mark your calendar for July 1 September
6 2015.
Bring your frustrations, disappointments, hurts and failures, bring the confusion of past
cycles. With a few masterful speakers sending not only key instruction your way, but
emanating rays of power, love, inspiration and renewed energy, you can leave this
forcefield class of transformational love of your life, valuing your life created by
Venusian Masters with a renewed vigor, hope and vision to realize in this physical earth,
an higher way of living.
No physical travel is necessary, only your intention.
You will be there throughout each day from July through September 2015. Your
assignment is to get ready with a specific physical place, such as one special bound
notebook, tablet, or your phone to:
1. Capture the insight….one place to capture the inspirations and document the
changes occurring throughout this cycle.
2. Create and write out your inspirations for a plan
A. What do I really want? What’s my target, my outcome I desire?
B. Why do I want it? What’s exciting about it? How will it bring satisfaction
to me? Why for me and why for the team? What’s my outcome?
C. What do I need to do to make it happen?
3. Meaningless and uninspired activity without purpose is the drain to your life and
lifestyle What’s my action plan? ( what’s the 20% of this list that’s going to make
the 80 % difference?)
4. Commit and schedule a micro step you could take now.
5. Take one step at a time to completely move into this new path… turn your engine
6. Open up your imagination, your eye magic, and allow yourself to experience the
satisfaction when you are fully walking your new path. Reward yourself,
celebrate. What is the reward for taking this beautiful step! Tune into a reward
you know you will naturally receive when this is partially or fully accomplished,
and also decide on a reward for yourself from the mere discipline you engaged
in, to create this new life. Be Brave, you can do this.
I do hope I succeeded in some small way to convey the potential of this bright open
door for us all.
Christine Barrere


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