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Venus Retrograde-May 15 2012


Powerful inspirations flood us now as Venus moves through Gemini, and goes station retrograde on May 15 at 24 degrees 0′, and stations Direct on June 27 at 7 degrees 29′.

Venus in Gemini, the sign of wisdom, will help us connect the dots to the puzzle pieces. These pieces we’ve mulled over and analyzed endlessly this year and have left us in a quandary as to what to do with them.  They are things we had to face, realities, sharp points which we needed to do something about. And in spite of the escalating of insane global movements and posturing, and increasingly complex and negative events, Venus comes and inserts itself personally into each of our lives, beckoning us to incorporate a new faith in something wonderful emerging.

Enter Venus on May 15 with an elegant solution. Not only does Gemini rule wisdom, it is also the zodiac sign of connecting positive and negative magnetic currents or waves, and the accessing of quantum consciousness. It provides portals to different domains and dimensions for solutions of a higher more elegant nature to occur.  It can cause us to receive a key from another higher thought, (and I’m not speaking ET). Just look at the two pillars of its symbol. Venus is the planet of magnetism, attraction and similar frequencies bonding together. This Spring holds promise for making connections with others, a success.

Science/Physics will have huge breakthroughs and so will we as human beings in areas of understanding our wave/thought/emotion magnetism between each other and the impact we are having on the Earth. Yes, we are having an unbelievable impact on the day to day global events and their outcomes. Don’t you see how it changes so fast every day? One day we think one thing will happen, the next day, it has completely changed.

How do you know your love and your tenacity for hanging in there every day, over these past challenging years have not stopped some kind of cataclysm from happening. Or your determination to not sink or get swept away with difficulties, hasn’t held back danger, like the proverbial finger in the dyke. You might have  held back worse scenarios from happening, not only in your life, but also upon the planet?

Do you know how many very amazingly talented seers and prophetic visionaries for the past 13 years or so, have predicted terrible events to occur which have not happened? Venus Retrograde is about contemplation and pondering the mysterious power of your presence upon the earth right now. From 1998 through December 2012, you have been literally holding the line in your seemingly everyday mundane work and personal issues. But little did you know that you were really creating protection and hope.
Please accept even for a small moment, Venus is here stationary to transmit to you this knowing, of your worth, your incredible worth.  Because Venus rules Taurus, and Taurus is the sign of Value, Treasure, Worth, your Supply and Money and your Importance in the Earth, it is trying to not only increase these things for you now, but do it in a way that is permanent, long lasting and in a way you can more realistically believe and relate to.

Somehow some breakthroughs are happening in your life. You still might be complaining about this or that thing, but search deep inside..things will turn around.

We have been analyzing and re-analyzing bits of facts, as separate ideas, isolated information, compartmentalized pieces of data, and we have grown much.. This is because of the Mars in Virgo retrograde from January through April. But now, somehow, Venus’ love brings it all together, all the pieces, some broken and some healthy and functioning! and we see how it all begins to comprise a way to move off the negative and embrace the beauty.. A fresh new creation somehow in your life is beginning. Venus is meant to begin a new cycle of happiness and fulfillment in May of 2012.
It will bring to you an amazing satisfaction of knowing something meaningful about yourself and how you connect with everything in the world during this most important time in Earth’s history. ( updated 2012 article coming) Venus has an ability when retrograde, to transfer a more successful and intelligent way of life to Earth, just because it is as if parked over you on two dates.especially; May 1 through 20 approximately, and June 20 through 30th, but felt most definitely the entire time of May 15 through June 27. I have come to learn over the years, Venus stations release the actual evolved presences of those inhabiting the planet, most likely on an inner dimension of great Beauty and higher refined quality of life, classrooms, libraries, art, music, science and engineering.

   ….” Besides the Heavenly world, there are many more that are imperceptible to men.  Yet matter and force compose them all…….the worlds of human life are seven in number; yet four of them are invisible, unknowable to earthly senses, and this not because of remoteness, but the kind of force-affection of their constituent matter.  Mankind occupies but one planet at a time, for like its present dwelling place (earth) the human race is but a letter in the Divine Library of Being. To be exact, the more advanced, occult souls, do inhabit Venus, which I have called Hesper, and which was by the ancients of the Earth, termed  ‘the Garden of Hesperides’…..”  Phylos The Thibetan ch. lV, pg 310 A Dweller on Two Planets

Are you meant to write a book, create a new style or hire a new person?   Is it a new conviction within yourself of how to proceed with empowerment?

It will magnetize you to certain people who need to be in your life to help you fill in the missing pieces.

It synthesizes information so it is incredibly useful and satisfying. Something very important is becoming complete now. It’s going to create a huge picture. A fact or piece of data helps explain so many mysterious activities. It will be in your personal life, and/or globally.

Globally for example, in regards to science, Venus rules blood, and Gemini, information, and because it is trine Saturn in Libra, which hints towards relationships, Scientist could discover a genetic relationship with something that provides a new platform of order about our history and origin.

Gemini rules communication, Venus magnetism….we are sensing how very connected our ideas are, and receptive to the emotions and intentions of each other, even on the other side of the world.   The Venus retrograde is a message to accept this awakening of oneness in communication, the new connectiveness and move towards honesty, sending good will and love to each other and the world, consciously, for our own sakes.

This is the cycle when an elegant machine or technology will be unveiled, or an economic plan deeply explained.  I say deeply, because Venus allows time and feeling to take priority when describing something to others, so it will be thoroughly digested and understood.

It will seem so logical, no one can argue.  Venus magnetizes like minds and a wave of agreement sweeps through the community.  Love is the undercurrent emotion motivating people to open up and talk. As they share, they realize they have been having similar conclusions about things. How Amazing!
They share their personal insights and inventions. If they are devices or technologies, people open up and contribute or invest in these technologies,for the benefit of the public, regardless of others’ pressures to suppress it.  Regardless of those who would suppress truth, the many who love truth will win.
Like minded souls gather together to discuss political solutions, space/solar data and time lines to consider.

Venus speaks to us as to what we need to understand in order to endure 2012 and create a Victory every day, every month, and for the conclusion of this year.

When Venus moves retrograde at 24* Gemini on May 15 2012 lasting through June 27 2012, then at 7* Gemini, the whole Earth is bathed in an atmosphere of progress which increases a more satisfying way of living. The message has gotten out- we are winning.

We are already moving through this Venus portal in April, but will peak on May 15 2012.
When in Gemini, and because Venus is the Ruler of Taurus and Libra naturally, two areas will seem to do well now.
1. Physical: Where do you want to be of greater usefulness or be of more value to others? Do you need to study more deeply to really know your subjects? To totally comprehend a science or method, one needs to own it, comprehend its parts and process. This is to provide greater expertise to others, so they then can use it better, and it will enhance others’ lives because you took the time to be well informed. See how it will come back to you and bless your own life. We want to learn now. We want to figure it all out. In Gemini, we love to connect the dots. We love to share and learn and spend time with each other. It is a good time to launch businesses or new departments within your business. There will be more gatherings for discussing solutions.
Yes there are some serious problems we are facing, so the key to resolving it, is to obey Venus.  There is a Unification of Consciousness and when combined with the motive of  good will for the planet, not for self,  your solution to this enormous unwanted situation can be resolved.  And, May/June are the months to be up and doing, what are you waiting for. It might even be time to tell the world the truth. It is 2012 you know. 

2. Relationships and Negotiations- intelligent solutions are agreed upon. Even in the midst of the Global Transformation which is occurring, militarily, politically, economically; If nothing else, it will cause many to choose a more mature approach to situations, and confront those who are selfish, still desiring to harm life.

Love and Divine Friendship.  Venus in Gemini is a magnet for twin flames to find each other. If you have your twin partner in your life already, tolerance permeates your life and a sweeter helpfulness is shared.
For those whose Twin Partners are ascended or near ascended in the etheric, greater cords of intuition and information come, assisting each other in your service to life.

And most importantly, that mystical communion we are capable of experiencing between two worlds, the mundane and the divine, the lower world and the heavens. Do you realize your body sitting there is actually an object, an organic living divine device which separates the lower mundane world and the higher divine world and you are in the middle of it….you are at the nexus of the two dimensions. The Above and the Below.  You are the deciding point,
Your heart is in the middle, an altar with the capacity to create within this world. it is in the decision position, your mind and emotions combined with your inspiration to create something amazing.
This happens when we feel happy, excited, positive and focused. So, it is perfectly natural for you to sometimes need to mood alter in order to keep your attitude up, with any healthy higher frequency activities if you are bored or lacking in imagination. This key is a good place to start.

I began writing this article with a conglomerate of links and videos presenting examples of geo earth changes, sounds, noises, weird cloud formations, strange temperatures and weather increasing, earthquakes and cracks, earth rising in people’s yards, and grinding metal noises mixed with odd horn like blows in the atmosphere with no apparent source. Iwanted to create sort of a serious challenge to all of us, during these three retrograde periods, Mars, all January ( mainly intensified this past January 2012) through June 2012; Mercury retrograde March through April 4 and Venus, May 15 through June, and of course the Solar Eclipse on May 20 2012 at 0 degrees Gemini. The challenge was to move through a 3 stage process of:
1. (Mars-January through March 2012) Analyzing and accepting the truth about several things we care about, in ourselves, others and the truth with something going on in the world we are focused upon and it began last December of 2011.
The key is analysis and accepting the critical observation as the reality we need to face. Come out of denial and accept the facts.

2. ( Mercury/March-April 4) Making a decision after much mental processing. The decision may mean we need to let go of an old way of thinking, an old way of living or behaving. The key is making a decision, and moving on.

3. (Venus/May – June)  Feeling the new life and totally accepting ones’ new beliefs,  the importance of believing in good, and the synthesis between spirit and matter has finally blended.  We need to believe in our power to realize the good, the beautiful, the new expansion of ideas, inventions, love, friendship, money, business, and success and it’s real.
The key is synthesizing the new ideas, believing it is a new start for the better and believing these inspirations and knowledge are for your own to use in some magical way.

 We can work on these 3 things, very sincerely, and in some way, it will help the global situation improve, and move the entire planet into a more effortless and satisfying place to live.

All three of these times, has been a progression of something huge changing on the planet. The planet Mars in January did create hostile desperation to move on Iran and stir up lots of trouble, however, personally I think it also forced a very serious analysis upon each one of us. It forced us to seriously examine the details of our situations and karmic stuff left to deal with, and try to get very real with it.

Then Mercury in March, inspired a moment of separating from someone or something or some kind of activity, or how one has thought up to this point, a big change of plans, or job, or person…because it is in Aries and square to Pluto, and conjoin Uranus, but anyway, it was sort of a mentally inspired decision of some sort that helped us feel we were making some kind of new progress, because an old formula or way, is just not going to work anymore. It’s over.

Venus is the May cycle which begins the new way of working with the brand new outlook. It rebuilds on higher more firm ground. So, I know it has been a challenging cycle since 1998. There is a reason for that which I want to go more into in an updated 2012 article. And I know 2011 was hard for many. But even though 2012 could still be presenting serious challenges, there is a new feeling in the air. I do believe it has very little to do with the planet’s positions in the solar system, and everything to do with the almost exact alignment of the Sun, with the Galactic Plane, almost now in a full on position of receiving the currents, rays, gamma rays from this Galactic Center, bathing our solar system with an incredible amount of energy. It is actually changing consciousness by changing matter, patterns, molecules, frequencies, magnetism, etc… So again, the goal is to stay focused upon what we do want, and not what is parading in front of us through the news. The news isn’t reporting all of the facts anyway. This is what Mars was for, to uncover and analyze what is happening underneath it all.
whether the bizarre events, noises, sounds, holes, cracks, fissures, earthquakes, weather, etc…are coming from this Solar Space phenomenon, or the Elite attempting to tunnel and build shelter from the storm, or manipulate grinding metal machines underneath the earth, pushing the very ground up or some odd mechanism in the sky that for some reason beyond sci-fi weirdness we can’t see it up there, creating metal noises; this year is so very very important to keep these things in your prayers or affirmations to negate them, shrink or diffuse them, contain and dissolve them, by the power of angels and the Light…because….you, are a Divine Body. You have no idea what power you possess in all those glands and chakras, and energy fields you live in, do you. You have really no idea what your inner imagination and solar plexus emotions do when they connect, do you. When you are patiently handling hardship, and making choices to endure, or progress, or love, or help, you are altering the outcome for the better of December 2012.

We stand in the middle, the nexus, the layer between the monotonous earthy and the dazzling heavenly.
Our body and chakras are receiving the Rays from Venus’s refined knowledge. It is sending you the understanding of the power you really possess this May. Your Pineal Gland has the ability to transmit what you imagine onto the outer matter world. It has force by emotion of love and care, passion and conviction.

What we need to embrace is this Venus cycle, which is a cycle of Beauty and Peace, Justice and Truth.

It will make it so much easier for us transitioning into a new progressive outlook, that will be so dramatically upgraded and powerful, by the fall of 2012, and then on into December, you will be glad you paid attention to Venus’ profound message. So please let’s not be lazy with our spoken affirmations and prayers, while holding onto a very specific vision of complete perfection occurring in every single situation on earth.  Let’s overcome the Mayan predictions and calender of 2012, and its real purpose as to why it was created, and instead move into Venus’ Golden World of Freedom.  Freedom from those who don’t want you to know how beautifully you were Created. For if you knew, they would be no more.
Onto a new and much better world we go,

CNN says Clintontown noises are from several recent earthquakes. Yet, it still doesn’t make sense to many who know what they heard. Below is a video from an earlier date, 2010, in Wisconsin. It might be something going on underground, maybe not a natural activity, I may be wrong, but when I hear these noises, I think of tunnels, or drilling by unusually large machines, or huge volumes of air escaping or venting whooshing through ducts. The sounds in the air might be the unusually high rays creating odd magnetics in the atmosphere. Anyway, it’s just an idea, and never the less, we need to keep focusing upon the powerful belief in the good, the truth and the light and an amazing future waiting.


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