What’s in the eBook Zodiac Reports?


In this video you will hear all about the eBooks Zodiac Forecast Reports. A full description of their purpose and what inspired me to make them 4 years ago, when they were first uploaded as 3 page blogs! Now, 30-40 pages each, a rich compilation of cycles applying only to your Sun Sign, with detailed dates and analysis, so you can “catch the theme” for your next two years.

2 thoughts on “What’s in the eBook Zodiac Reports?”

  1. Danilie D. Howe says:

    I missed this in 2015...
    I'll be getting one when I have a printer ,,,,,,,,

    • Thanks Danilie, They were primarily made for computer, your phone or tablet....they are a digital download, but can be printed out. Lots of live links so you would need to initially use it on the computer.


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