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Walking the Tightrope – STARDROPS April 4 – 10 and Beyond


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The Planets

April 3 – 18 Mercury moves into Aries

Strong motivation to cut through and get answers is in the air. An assertive mental energy drives one to penetrate through the effluvia and get to the point of what one needs to know, in order to move forward. As This Mercury moves through Aries, it sextiles the North Node, Jupiter and Saturn and sextile Mars in Gemini,, providing smooth sharing of important information with the people who show up in your life now,, collaborating with harmonious productive negotiating plans and research, all meetings, schedules and all projects. At the end of this cycle, on April 17,Mercury will square Pluto which feels like a bit of a block or interference finalizing what would be a productive 18 days of work/projects/events all depending upon open minded supportive communications leading to constructive decisions.

April 6 Venus at 19* Aries sextiles Mars at 19* Gemini     Artistic, Music, Socially friendly energies combined with intellectually bright and vibrant states of connection. This is in the air combined with the above power of sharing and communications. Socially open and desiring to reach out, connect, plan and meet up. Harmony with meetings, agreeable time to discuss challenging problems now, as each person involved is open to ideas, plus, providing their own logistics of the situations.

April 3 – 12, peaks April 8, 2021 Saturn at 11* Aquarius trine North Node at 11* Gemini   Saturn in a good aspect, called a trine (120 Degree angle) always supports and grounds an event into a common sense semi-successful new game plan which has its own logical pragmatic steps.

Saturn trine the Node in Gemini can precipitate into our hands, our physical world,a form of realistic steps towards success.

This cycle can involve organization tasks on our schedules laid out and easily completed, putting order in our paperwork, files, data order, collaborating and brainstorming between ourselves and others….all forms of systems which involve reaching out to public or clients or friendships regarding important events.

Saturn provides a level of security, logic, order and functionality within a game plan. Saturn in Aquarius trine the Node in Gemini supports truthful transparent interviews or steps towards employment and bringing forth our honest assessment, whether it is us that desires the job/client/professional launch of a business event, or we are on the observing interviewing or decision making end, scrutinizing realistically how to move forward on this new blueprint . These projects can usually involve others as a team where each has their specific specialization, much needed in order to accomplish this task.

Let’s use this time wisely, schedule activities which we know need to get done, throughout this period.

April 7 – 10     Mars at 20-22* Gemini square Neptune at 21* Pisces     A quick 2-3 days of confusion. messages, discussions and challenging exchange of information can create emotional triggers. Stay objective and a bit removed from investing too much into any particular conversation now. Avoid becoming caught in a new web of troubles.

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Let’s calm down throughout this period, and first remind oneself, it’s only a few days – things can change, once this cycle is over, and second, flip this square around where instead of Neptune/Mars is entrapping us into confusion and panic increasing an undesirable issue, we turn it into an assertive confrontation upon any misunderstandings, lies, deceptions or confusion, realizing it is a golden opportunity now to settle this issue, and get something finally straightened out. Motivation for accuracy and clarity.

April 10 Mercury at 10 – 12* Aries sextile Node in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius and  Venus 25* Aries sextile Jupiter at 25* Aquarius

This is the excellent information, communications cycle we discussed at the beginning – lots of opportunity to exchange positive, helpful information, supporting others in making smart choices. From April 3 – 19, we are living under an umbrella assisting us having resolution with the truth, and how to reach a win/win with everyone in our lives. Contracts, handshake or signed documents and agreements are positive. The April 8/9 Mars square Neptune, just prior to this April 10 on …peak…remember,is a close call for certain disappointments from emotionally charged misunderstandings and poor judgments, which hopefully will move into more peace of mind on April 10 on.

May 22 – Jun 6 Mercury stationary, conjoin Venus in Gemini and square Neptune at 22* Pisces

Turning retrograde exact on May 29 at 24* Gemini.

In general, words, all forms of communications/emails/reports/meetings and decisions will be intensely high focus, but because this Mercury is squaring a totally unreliable planet Neptune on this stretch of time, May 22 – June 6, it’s the worst for getting a clear answer or response. Secrets, compromise and double triple agendas which prevent transparency and ultimate logical solutions or resolution is the game now. So again, bank on getting as much important activities out of the way before the end of May.

As we approach the next Mercury retrograde, it might be a good idea to be putting our affairs in order starting now, clarifying our intentions,making sure in all our interactions with friends and family, we are sending consistent messages to the people around us which match our inner feelings and intentions rather than behaving indifferent, glib or sarcastic.

It will be important to not be wasting our time, energy or money on unnecessary projects, now up through the end of May also. April is excellent for planning and putting our intention out there, but as we flow into May, especially the last two weeks, things could get out of control with unexpected turns of events, disappointments or miscommunications,so if you find you are planning important projects, work, events etc…plan them now, and move forward on them as best as you can.

By the time you hit May 15, re-assess where you are at with them. If something starts to go awry, slow down a bit, and maybe you will want to wait until the Next Solar Eclipse, June 10, to start up again.

As you all witness, weeks are flying by like crazy – so before you know it, we will be in the Mercury Retro wave most likely felt by May 15, and the Lunar Eclipse energies by April 20 at the latest. I decided to include this info now, in order to make the best use of April.

The Mercury retro will be tricky and risky this time, because it squares Neptune in Pisces, specifically on the dates of May 26- June 6.

That simply means a return or continuation of a particular theme that has been ongoing from that April 8/9 Mars square Neptune confusion, misunderstandings will now appear to temporarily try to interfere with our feeling of free movement and green light to our planning.


the typical deceitful and unreliable Lunar Eclipse, this time in Sagittarius, which theme is all about terrible boundaries, assuming too much and experiencing some form of exaggerations, embellishments or lack of ethical thinking will be added to the equation, requiring us to just lay low and be consistently sending out to everyone logical clear messages.

That cycle will be beginning May 20 – peaks May 26, and might continue up to June 6. Chart below…


Lunar Eclipse IN SAGITTARIUS May 26 – Active between May 20 – 30, 2021


Themes we’re working on

here at Starfires for release in the next week:


Updated U.S. Astrology Natal (1789)

  • The start of Jupiter moving into Pisces temporarily, at 0-1* Pisces, inconjunct U.S. Uranus at 1* Leo from May 23 – July 17, 2021
  • Creates a huge paradigm shift, an alteration in ones’ thinking in regards to our country and the world’s future humanity. Some form of difficult adjustment, a split or an incongruency in the possible following areas, could lead to increase confusion as to what is true and what is fabrication. A disconnect increases among different factions of the nations and global community over:
  • UFO disclosure and unreliable agendas as the motive for transparency at this time.
  • International disjointed out of sync messages, activities, non of it working out for any side. Failure for large societies to implement plans.
  • Health, vaccine passports
  • Flu, Viruses, Cov -19 facts and fiction
  • Political and Government confusion leading to unusual and extreme disruptions with events, that are not congruent with what was suppose to be laid out.
  • Economic turn of events in regards to Crypto – Bitcoin, Gov created digital currencies, and all technological role outs versus alternate and confusing activities.
  • Travel disruptions, attempts to control transportation yet with an inconjunct this not only creates an attempt to enforce frustrating restrictions, but also another inevitable force inserting laws, rules and alternate agendas to disconnect from these activities.
  • Afterwards, Jupiter will move backwards into Aquarius again for the rest of 2021
  • In general, this inconjunct creates an appearance of serious moral and ethical crossroads in key themes on the planet, where a powerful wave is heading one direction, and another powerful trend is moving in an entirely disconnected and independent direction from the other trend. Neither one can come together and join. It’s a split, and it is not just America, it’s everywhere. 90 days
  • Saturn at 9-11* Aquarius square U.S. Sun at 10* Taurus, and Transiting Uranus at 10* Taurus.
  • Pluto square Mercury continuing from 2020 …

Dec 28 – January 30, peaking exact Jan 20-21 2021; August 5 – 25 peaks exact on August 17, 2021; Nov 18 – 30 peaks exact on Nov 23, 2021

  • Transiting Saturn at 8-13* Aquarius Square transiting Uranus at 8-13* Taurus – Feb 6 – March 2, 2021; Jun 1 – Jun 26, 2021;  Dec 15 – Jan 1, 2022




  • Transit of Jupiter inconjunct Mercury April 5 – Sept 13 – Nov 20, 2021

  • Jupiter conjoin Moon

  • Neptune oppose U.S. Neptune

  • Saturn in Aquarius inconjunct Sun in Cancer – May 8 – June 7 , Jan 13 2022

  • Neptune square Mars at 21* Feb/March – Jan 30 2022

  • Uranus sextile Sun at 13* Cancer

  • Saturn trine Uranus at 8*

  • Pluto return Feb 21 2022

  • Neptune trine Mercury











  • IRAN

  • IRAQ




  • UK




















Thanks for being here – see you next week. Christine



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One thought on “Walking the Tightrope – STARDROPS April 4 – 10 and Beyond”

  1. Linda Eberhard says:

    Thanks, Christine- It goes with Easter dictation & service this year. It's imperative people release any curses that occurred years ago against another thinking it was a blessing when in actuality it's denying their sonship opportunity with Jesus Christ & kingdom of God within to manifest. What man denies for another, cancels out what can benefit all especially if the guru was involved in the cursing thinking it was a blessing. I tried to get out of my trust & universe will not allow it & friend warned me that I was screwed 7 years after trust took effect. The Word Jesus expects us to embody cannot fully occur if church denied that opportunity to another on the path through a curse. I need help in exposing this truth that God promised my freedom & I don't think He meant it after I die. Will you help? Can I share with you? God Bless, Linda E


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