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Saturn Inconjunct Jupiter-Shifts in Economy


Saturn Inconjunct Neptune
The Overcoming of Illusion and Fear

By Christine Barrere

Pulled in every which direction, running on shifting sand, sense of sadness, of loss.Disconnected sensations like walking through a dream. Waves of fear and preoccupation with worse case scenarios.

The physical brain is receiving messages from outside sources that get interpreted as doom, depression, disaster, suffering. These outside sources are numerous.

These are strange times. These are the weeks of Saturn Inconjunct Neptune.

This Inconjunct began mildly in Sept 2009; returned late April 2010 through June 27 2010.

The natural energies of these two planets when in squares, opposition inconjuncts and semisquares, are of themselves, depressing and disorienting. One tends to be unable to make smart decisions because unusual shifts occur continually that are emotionally disorienting and cause one to not trust their normal judgment and intuition.

On the astral level, the agenda on the table is who will control the world.

Here we are forced to reverse a mysterious feeling — a fallen agenda being pressed on us — of financial collapse, lack, unemployment, war, manmade and natural disasters. Manipulated by those who are not the true leaders of the Golden Age of Aquarius.

The Saturn Inconjunct Neptune is a projection of loss, illusion and fear and a vigorously moving of the chess pieces to set a world blueprint before anyone catches on to the dark intent of things done in secret.

Saturn Inconjunct Neptune in the U. S. Natal chart falls in the 2nd’ and 6th houses of banking, wealth, economic activities, money, currency, businesses, employment, health care and our military. A good example of the affects of this transit is the erratic and unexplainable behavior in the investment markets. It is typified by a general lack of confidence by the majority of the people that the decisions being made by those in power are not in the best interests of the people AND, WE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT (and how do you think they are doing this?)


No, it is not hopeless.

Remember, Saturn is the karmic checkmate upon what it opposes, squares or inconjuncts. Neptune is that which is done in secret that can harm our inner balance. An inconjunct aspect between these two planets, increases our sensitivities to what is negatively happening around us. It means a mystery needs to be uncovered, a huge deception can now be exposed!

Saturn Inconjunct Neptune has dual actions. It is psychological/karmic AND it is advanced psychotronic technology.

We need to be overcoming all illusion and fear in our individual lives and in the world.

The fear you are feeling is supposed to be happening, you need to be bothered. The purpose is to push you into searching for what is wrong with your state of mind.

Saturn Inconjunct Neptune is a spiritual warning, a wake up call to make the adjustments to reconnect with our real self — to believe in ourselves. Listen to your real self.

Saturn Inconjunct Neptune is a cycle to help us to adjust and know the truth and be whole for 2012.

This dispensation is a grace for the Sons and Daughters of God to intervene and project through their third eye, the divine immaculate concept as the perfection and upliftment upon all life. This is the most amazing opportunity to pray and call for the shattering of ALL ILLUSION within and from without. It is time to dismantle the false universe constructed around you and challenge those who have for so long tried to make permanent their control of the Earth.

Each morning when you arise, grab your tea or coffee, play your inspiring music, sit down with your tablet and begin to arc that oneness of heart with your divine Presence, “O my divine Presence come into my life and take control of all my activities”. Continue to commune with your God Presence and implore it to come into your world and show you the way, to reveal the truth and expose any darkness that needs to be uncovered. Then begin writing your ideas/goals for that day, week and year.

We, you, I, can no longer afford to NOT set as priority each day the time to visualize our goals. We must trust that our prayers (the out loud spoken word) will pull down the Light for the answering of our prayers.

This cycle of Saturn Inconjunct Neptune is almost over. But since we have another month of this transit (June 27 2010 is the last peak) it is important during this last peak especially, to call for the dismantling and shattering of the negative portents of transiting Neptune from 27 to 29* Aquarius inconjunct transiting Saturn from 27-29* Virgo.

These disturbing planetary energies occur to upset our world to press us into making the calls and prayers to bring the necessary corrections to these interferences to bringing heaven to earth. They are not personal, you are a resonator for the planet, and sometimes THIS IS A WAY GOD CAN GET OUR ATTENTION!

Once you know this vibration can be traced to an actual negative destructive action happening somewhere on the earth, you then can challenge it by invoking God’s angels and powers into the situation to remove it, reverse it , shatter it, consume it and secure for every lightbearer their mighty Shield of Protection for their lives, their families, their communities, their country and for the world. Keep doing it until you find the correct images that needs your attention, then your own world will lighten up and you will be free from experiencing this planetary problem in your own aura and body!



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