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Your Core Life Purpose – The Black Moon


The Black Moon-Your Divine Blueprint

The Black Moon sounds gloomy but actually this simple little point in space of the moon’s orbit, is the most important area of our Birth Chart. It defines your original life purpose and reason for being.
The sign it is in, and the house we find it in, will describe your real natural inclinations, and no matter what your Sun sign says, and the rest of your planet’s positions, until you get this amazing and commonly overlooked Black Moon, you are left with something missing.

To locate your black moon, notice the glyph above, and find it in your birth chart. Notice what sign and house it is in. This will begin giving you the clue as to where your innate gifts lie. It should feel so natural for you to express these qualities that are described as the Zodiac Sign the Black Moon is in, it could explain quite a bit why you are as an example a Cancer, but have a black moon in Aries and feel a tremendously courageous and idealistic passion to take impulsive action for causes and jump in to rescue people and situations from disaster. Cancers wouldn’t necessarily do that, but your inner nature and purpose, the Black Moon, would, almost every time.

The 2nd part of this point, is to understand, if you believe you might have lived other lives before, there has been a sort of sabotaging interference from other forces that could attempt to block or mislead you away from fulfilling your true purpose, found in your black moon. This is where it gets tricky. More can be examined under the Mastery Page Tab above, and will have deeper description of how to work with your Black Moon.

Your Black Moon description can be incorporated in any reading of choice. Just Ask!
(description of how the Black Moon Lilith works below)

There are 3 separate Black Moons, or Dark Moons. The one I always use, is in reference to the example above, and is found in Solarfires and Matrix software, and can be observed in its True and Mean state in the wonderful ephemeris by Neil R. Michelsen-The Asteroid Ephemeris 1900 to 2050. The Black Moon Table is in the back.

More on this fascinating subject later as this is a mysteriously invaluable point in your chart waiting to
be uncovered. 406-222-1763


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