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A Re-Alignment 12/3/17 ~ Mercury Retro at 29* Sagittarius


From November 22 to December 7, 2017,  strongest impact on December 2 and 3, Mercury Retrograde will be conjoining Saturn in Sagittarius . It will leave retrograde on December 22 2017.  The theme of this Mercury retrograde is Reflection and Accountability in order to jump on a higher road to happiness. The negative energy it can create is one of imperil, negative limited thinking, a tendency to judge oneself excessively and look at one’s world very narrowly and limited. Read more to see the power within this aspect and try to shift your attitude to the bigger picture!

Welcome to another Mercury Retrograde! This cycle is truly a period of making decisions. And these won’t be just any ordinary decisions, but ones that can alter your future!  Decisions regarding education for self or family, decisions about vacations, journeys, adventures, decisions involving expansion of life, projects, business and marketing the business, and decisions regarding expanding your dream of happiness, completeness and abundance are all part of this cycle.

So many serious decisions regarding expansion requires projecting your imagination, your vision, far into the future in order to capture the dream. Bringing the dream into a practical Saturn structure, a game plan is now a task that must be done.  It requires being able to count on the support from others who have the knowledge and skill, the money and resources, the gifts and backing one needs to make the dream come true. This is the beauty of this Mercury, nudging you into one clear direction now that is almost impossible to turn around. It’s like a set course that was already created but you didn’t have any precognition or clue it was coming.

There could be a karmic element involved in this new step you are taking. Sagittarius is the sign of fortunate things and the planet which rules it, Jupiter, is also the planet of good will, protection and the guarding action all around you and your life. So even though it feels slightly like destiny or karma, it is strong in good will for you personally.

The karmic pressure to commit to a path and use it fully for your future happiness is hard but good. It’s like an inevitable circumstance which might feel somewhat like a lesson or requirement yet it protects and guards you at the same time. Mercury knows what you need and you need the lesson, the reflection on your life and the willingness to as we say, come into alignment with the higher standard. Mercury could be showing you all of this now.

Indulgences are checked and a new faith in what could be realized if one simply allow a more clear defining of who you really are take place. In otherwords, who are you and what were you meant to realize and be? If you know who you really are, why are you allowing yourself to be some kind of variation of your reality? ( speaking to myself, of course) Jupiter trines Neptune at the same time as this Mercury retrogrades and this is very good news! .. ( Jupiter rules Sagittarius so it plays into this Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius…it brings us more clues as to what this cycle holds for us.)

Jupiter trine Neptune is the depth of connecting, surrendering and spiritualizing every part of your life with greater love, meaning and bonding. It brings you celebrations, music, art, love, get togethers, parties, events and higher experiences. This cycle requires each other to show up. It’s working together to magically bring about that dream and experience the shear joy derived from being in each other’s lives. It is the comfort of the etheric dimension lived on earth as an individual making higher choices, and because of your family, partner, friends or community.  And, this cycle could demand of you a reality check regarding family of choice, friends of choice, community based upon shared higher values, not situations that were simply thrust upon you years ago, and you’ve had to go along with it. It is by choice you love and connect now.

This cycle could actually cause you to make hard choices about projects, people and commitments whether they are worth your time or not… but because of the nature of the Jupiter in Scorpio trine the Neptune in Pisces being such a harmonious and divinely ethereal energy, I feel it is more about bonding and releasing negativity. it is a willingness to open up and love so much, be so grateful for all and to embrace the ones in your life, seeing the beauty and the perfection each one brings to the world, your world.  Which one could assume, by the time we are in this cycle, life has already brought you close to the ones you were meant to be with anyway!

The beginning phase of this new path of bonding, closeness and appreciation of each other is November 22-through December 10, 2017.

Again, it is the Mercury Retro conjoin Saturn, and the Jupiter trine the Neptune I’m talking about. It’s the entire package released upon us now. It is marking the beginning of a cycle for the precipitation of your dreams.  It continues to expand and become more tangible on the second peak of May 15- through June 10 2018, and finalizes  on August 10-25 2018. These are the three peak periods of Jupiter trine Neptune, but do you see how the Mercury retrograde in December is the messenger providing the vision of the new path, and can you see its conjunction to Saturn requires accountability of the past actions, correcting those actions now, and embracing the future higher road so that more good can be manifest in your life? It’s perfect to have this come about at the end of the year, don’t you think?

The realization we are synchronistically connected. One action affects another, which in turn affects another and so on. The idea there is a telepathic pathway among millions in general and more powerfully felt among your group,  satisfies the craving to belong somewhere, but more so, reveals the power you possess to influence your environment. Truly recognize within you this power to influence your environment, the people around you and how much love and service, caring and support can do to uplift so many? Isn’t that some kind of power you have?  Don’t others have an impact upon you especially if they have been naughty or moody or hurtful?How come they have so much power? We notice it when it’s hard and we notice when it’s kind.

Saturn connected to this Mercury Retrograde increases accountability, responsibility in action, decisions and words you utter, the very thoughts you think and ( a Sagittarius moral clue ) the motives behind why you say and do what you do. That’s a clever one. Required now, is discovering your/ our motives, the real reason we did this or that, said this or that.  The power to be awake and shield yourself ( Saturn conjunction) from poor judgment, poor boundaries, unconscious reckless motives and decisions within yourself, and of others is equally necessary now. It’s both sides in order to protect the dream of being all you see yourself being.

Could this Mercury retrograde conjoin Saturn be requiring us to all step up higher with our accountability to make decisions now to embrace the truth we are all one? And what the one does affects the many? Could it be a time of stepping into a stronger attitude of ethical and moral behavior and aspirations?  Could it be that there are actually unspoken requirements to follow which define a profound way of life we were all expected to live by?

The beauty of Sagittarius is Eternity. Expansive Eternal Love and Awakeness of all things. It transmits vision, transcends the 3rd dimensional limitations, offers the sweetest love and communion with the Father/Mother God of all things, personal yet everywhere existing. Mercury retrograde is now expecting each one of us to take a step up and grasp this vision, make it real.

To reflect upon your experiment of free will thus far in this life, and to be real with what hasn’t been accomplished, what has not been mastered or figured out yet, or overcome could very well be part of this Mercury reflection. It might require some hard words of reality spoken now.

Reflection and advancement- that’s what this Mercury Retrograde wants from us. Making the decision based upon truth of oneself, truth of where you want to go, what you want to be, how you desire to help and be there for others, what will be required of you to fit into those shoes you want to wear?

Handling present realities and responsibilities right now will be part of this Mercury retrograde cycle in order to feel  free and clean.  Actions taken to fix a wrong, correct a mistake, replace a neglect with support.

Something higher and perfect is very possibly assisting us to smooth out the wrinkles and bring us close in love. Neptune’s influence in this cycle, trine the Jupiter, which governs Sagittarius, opens a higher road of oneness again.

Every little cycle is a significant signpost leading to your ultimate destination.

With absolute immense gratitude for all of you or I wouldn’t be here, ( and a strong thank you for the few who opened my own path the widest, you  know who you are ), Vondir ~ Christine


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