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Posture of Preparedness



March 1 2011

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might
develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”  Stephen Hawking


This Mercury Retrograde on March 30 through April 23 2011 has activated several events and rather than list them all, lets look at this time period  as a wake up call, unfortunately, of possibly more to come. The situations to look out for are the obvious: earthquakes, unusually violent weather, and other strange happenings in the sky and earth that simply can not be explained.

Its a hassle to have to go through these days never knowing upon awakening in the morning if your lights are still working, or you can still get on the Internet to check your mail. ( Maybe its only me going through this?)

On the other hand, in regards to the natural shift going on in the world.   ( and I’m speaking about the natural part) something has to give sooner or later.  I’m not talking about the horrific events happening in Japan, but in the potential shaking up of the globe to wake up the world.

Our goal is to always mitigate and protect against all forms of catastrophe and danger.  It is so much better for all of us to evolve without cataclysmic events, and we all know that.

Good people don’t like the way the world has turned out, and some of the younger people say to me they have been waiting for something huge to change the world, since they can remember, and this time doesn’t burden them, but is quickening them to get ready for why they are here.  It’s almost as if they have been sort of hanging out with their lives a bit on hold until now.

The most important thing I could say today is please know all predictions can be mitigated and turned around, and so we go about that through a stepped up form of prayer and decrees and calling down the fire of the Presence of God to consume all that is not of the light, and to hold back all destructive energies and divert them into the all consuming Light..and don’t forget to call to the angels to come to handle these situations and protect our nations, our people and our way of life, all the good that has been accomplished.

June 2012 officially begins the actual peak of conflict between  Uranus and Pluto, then continuing through 2015, and if I were to give a time frame to be prepared for myself and family, I would pick June 2012.  Deadlines don’t bother me, it helps me to focus and stay on track.  I’m not looking at this date as the end of the world, but instead to have whatever I feel is important by then. This includes making sure I am doing all I can do to infuse my soul with prayer and communion and call upon my God Presence to completely take over my life and try to remember to surrender my all to it every day.

Did you know you can say in the morning ” Mighty God Presence, I Am that I Am, You take complete control over ALL my outer activities and situations this day!”  and have an amazingly syncronistic day where you are at the right place at the right time all day long?  Try it!

Okay so, what is going to happen?

I’ve been watching this Mercury retrograde in Aries coming, along with its groups of Aries/Pisces planets together with it,  ( March 30 2011 – April 23 2011, yet be on the watch for potentially catastrophic situations to come down as early as March 11 2011 up through April 29 2011)  and I’ve been stunned to see the escalation of those in power, and the idea struck me they seem to be trying to get the Earth ready for something by their movement and decisions suddenly. Openly and secretly they are preparing for something, and you can see it everywhere.

There are those who seem to have the power to do this and are using it to exercise their control through a variety of potentially artificially created incidences.  These groups want to own the earth, and the Pluto in Capricorn square the Uranus in Aries is really turning up the dial of panic among these ones.

What are they getting the Earth ready for?

Well, firstly, I’m not the only one that has had a list of possibilities forming in our mind for the past two months, and every time we think we’ve figured it out, made prayers upon it, it changes into something else!

So please, are these projections?  Are they real? Is it everything?  We can’t really tell.

One thing I know is, it is against an oncoming threat of something beyond even their control, to make them this desperate and the lightbearers who in the middle of it all,  are taking more and more a stand towards an intelligent and non violent posture of Freedom and Autonomy from anything oppressing.

It’s fine I guess for citizens to have had enough of abusive dictators, lets just make the invocations to protect a higher evolved and truly sincere individual to step into power independent of the group’s attempt to control.

Again, as said in articles, and many astrology blogs out there, Pluto in Capricorn for one, and the Sun and our earth entering  the Galactic Plane from 1998 through 2012 alignment, is the cause of this mindset of freedom in those of great heart.  The mindset to fight for a higher and more sane way of civilization to be governed.

They are also reacting nervously to something else, and quickly feel the need to oust anyone out of power who is not on the same page as they are and put those in power quickly who will cooperate with their strategy. Why do they all need so badly to be unified all of a sudden to cause such unrest everywhere all at once in the world?

As Neptune moves into the sign of Pisces this month it is so important to maintain a posture of the adept.  Let us throw off fear and projections when they come in the night causing all manner of  worse case scenarios dancing across our minds and emotions.  We must maintain the posture and presence of calm and preparedness for, anything. Neptune moving into Pisces officially on April 4 2011 until March 30 2025, offers a depth of understanding within the  people.  This understanding can penetrate into the layers of preparedness, maneuvers, behaviors, decisions, and intent  by those in power, and what is underneath what to most of us appears as a right or wrong action, but maybe more complicated than we can ever imagine now…but will soon understand. Sometimes it appears as if their decisions are  on our behalf …some appears as if its for another peculiar reason, completely illogical.  The more you dig into the layers, the more and more strange it is.  Remember, the Neptune in Pisces doesn’t create necessarily more deception but exposes it and what has already been going on for a long long time.

This March up through May 1 is a good time to invoke more light and assistance on the earth to call for the protection and preparedness of all good people to be exactly in the right place at the right time;

Just go get some extra food and water, and a variety of things that might be good to have on hand in case anything should happen.  Think about being at work in the city…if there was an incident, do you have things in your bag that could help you get home?

( I would rather not write blogs like this and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to panic, just go get your stuff together and get on with your life).

The difficult testy times are all March and April 2011, then June 2012.

The peaks are March 11-15, March 24 through April 8, April 18 through 30th 2011

March 28

April 1, 2,  3, 4 ( moon is in Aries conjoining Uranus and Mars and Mercury retr.

April 11

April 18

April 19

April 23

April 28 through April 30  Especially April 29,

and lets not forget the goal for the best preparedness to be out of the way by June 2012.

I’m looking forward to Summer and Fall, hoping to get many projects out of the way, and enjoy a beautiful time with those I love.  I feel hopeful for all of us, that we will have a most productive and fun summer!  Lets get prepared!

Christine Barrere


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