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  •                                                                                         Receive Starfires Newsletters Mercury Retro March 2018 Printer Friendly Version Part One : A strange Vision -...
    One Foot In Front of the Other- Mercury Retro in Aries
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  • Saturn has moved into the sign of Capricorn. A period of reality, living in an austere routine, more order, budgeting, extreme prioritizing and patience. Or is it? The test of mastering...
    The Real Tests of Saturn in Capricorn?
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  • (Continuation of key notes from the September 2017 lecture. This article is in the works, must edit...thank you for your patience.{ Adding new content 10:20 am 2/15 )  Article...
    Timelines VI - Jupiter in Sag, Saturn conjoin Pluto in Cap and S. Node
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    Mars Retrograde, Uranus and Pole Shifts
    February 13, 2018
    Once every 7-8 years Uranus moves from one zodiac sign to a new one. Uranus...

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Sun in Aries
3 degrees
Moon in Cancer
1 degree
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon
7 days old
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