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  • Update - November 6, 2016 Starfires “ The Dawn of a New Day” or “SATANISM IS WRONG” ~ Saturn crossing over the Rising Sign of U.S. Conceptional Chart    Warning: Extreme...
    America's Dawn of a New Day-Nov 2016 Pt 1
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  • 10/10/2016 Part II  -   Elections Hillary Clinton-   October 26, 1947 8:02 A.M. Chicago, IL The following are the major astrological cycles effecting Hillary Clintons' astrological chart from October 2016-2017. This...
    Part II - Hillary Clinton
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  • The Astrological Timeline ~ Part 1 The Elections TRUMP ~ Jun 14,1946 10:54 A.M Jamaica, NY Here is an assessment of Trumps' major astrological cycles occurring October through next year 2017....
    Donald Trump
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    Cern-New Analysis Update
    December 3, 2016
    CERN- GIZA PYRAMID AND MORE UPDATES Daniel Liszt: " You believe that the particle physics...

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Sun in Pisces
4 degrees
Moon in Aquarius
22 degrees
New Moon
New Moon
28 days old
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