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The place to learn about your Natal Chart, what the Planets do, Distinct Zodiac Sign Themes, and Houses in the wheel.  Videos coming soon to help you learn !



  PDF- Symbols Glyphs Signs of the Zodiac

  PDF – Astrological Houses

  PDF –   Saturn Call


                   The Twelve Houses

The Planets show us what kind of power or force of action is happening in our chart, or in our life at a particular time.

Zodiac Sign, will show us how the power ( the Planet’s Energy ) is behaving in your chart. The Zodiac Sign Colors the pure distinct energy released from the planet, then lands in one of the houses.

A Planet is always placed within a particular Zodiac Sign, which will tell us how the force is operating. The Planets will always flow through a sign, or be colored by a zodiac sign, and be placed within one of 12 Houses. The Houses tell us where it is occurring.   



The Zodiac Signs – Twelve Unique Blueprints

Discover the unique purpose of your own Sun Sign, describing tendencies, personality,tempuraement which colors who you are. However, behind all of these characteristics which are uniquely yours, is a higher intelligence, that is your very own Higher Self, which has a crystal clear purpose for you being who you are.

To progress, advance, be the best you, this Higher Self has an invested interest in pouring its light and intelligence, into yourself through the lens of your Sun Sign, whether it is a Taurus, A Sagittarius, an Aquarius or whatever.



The Powers Inspiring Life – Your Planets

The Planets instigate actions, powers and movement in our lives as they travel through the solar system. Each Planet carries a particular personality. By learning the individual natures of the Planets, you’ll grasp a better understanding of your own motivations. So many uses are contained within the Planets, in fact, everything begins with locating where this or that Planet is, at any given time, to delineate what is possibly happening right now, or next month, along with how your home, relationships, children, career will go throughout your life. Planets are the motors or engines of the cycles and our energy of our charts.



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