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The electronic Waves of Aquarius pouring out upon the whole Earth are activated.


Welcome to January Stardrops. Below is a rundown of some interesting cycles for this month. Some of these cycles take us into February. Let’s begin.



Jan 10 – Mercury semi-square Neptune and Venus semi-sextile Saturn – We want civil social intelligent communication, guard the mind.

This cycle has to do with gathering facts that are hard to get at. Communication, sending and receiving information might be vague, nebulous. Problems with nailing down a plan or knowing what to count on, begins this weekend as tensions rise. We could all feel that so much more is riding on plans working out this 2021 than ever so it’s stressful to not be able to count on facts and information from day to day. The mind is wandering.

One could venture this way or that way with plans, thoughts, what to focus upon. Quickly re-prioritize what really matters. Pull out that journal or writing pad and jot down, ” If everything went to hell in a hand basket today, what is the one thing I know for sure I would want to do, say or take are of?” That’s your focus this weekend, and try to maintain that goal.

We’re in for a very crazy ride.

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Jan 6 – 15 Jupiter at 5* Aquarius sextile Chiron at 5* Aries – Again, this is playing off of the above theme. Opportunity to connect and unite with others brings validation. It’s that closeness we receive from being connected to people with a similar purpose.

Keep in mind while going through the following 9(astrological cycles…

(Please check with your own astrology as it is unrealistic to put everything on hold in your life simply because these global energies are going on. We have personal protection and our own unique cycles which can create tunnels of light within the chaotic times.

With Affirmations and positive pro-active focus, we can transcend much. The actual Mercury Retrograde coming up which we are about to go into, does not occur until January 30, 2021.)

There is some time to wrap up certain important things before Mer cury retro cycle sets in. Your own astrology might be positive and empowering throughout January, but you might sense an unrest going on all around you. Stay centered and keep moving.

Jan 11 Mercury conjoin Jupiter, sextile Chiron–  A continuation of expansive yet problematic thinking – in a rush, too much to do. Jupiter releases an impetus of morality, justice, cultural beliefs which domino throughout the globe. Global perspectives create pressure but in a sextile to Chiron, there is some sense of cooperation between you and others.

The 11th  marks a day which begins a theme for the new Mercury retrograde. It locks in along with the healing energies of Jupiter.  This is a sense of cooperation even though it is still a tense January..

This Mercury marks the start of a long Mercury retro theme, coming to a peak on Jan 30 to Feb 20, when it leaves retrograde then continuing conjoin Jupiter up to March 3, 2021 with the Mercury conjoin Jupiter mental expansive theme. The entire time, it continues to sextile Chiron, which again, bringing Aquarian transformation.

Because of the mental expansiveness of this Jupiter conjoin Mercury, a constant overwhelmed sensation might be in the air now. This is happening because your mind is attempting to stretch and take in so much new information.  Depending on your own birth chart’s cycles, much of this new expansion can be poured into your own projects that need to be launched.

It would help to take a deep breath, and take one thing at a time. Concentrate.

This kind of expansive cycle has a tendency to speed up time and space, and force us to rely upon our inner navigational mechanisms of the spirit. It’s automatic, but outwardly in physical environment, disorienting. However, your inner self knows how to do this.. Stick with that intuition as your core.

Jan 12 As Mercury 6* Aquarius conjoins Jupiter (Above) it will square Uranus specifically on 1/12. It will slightly maintain this square all the way up through the direct period to February 20, 2021.

This week is the start of the Mercury Retro cycle buildup to the exact date it actually turns retrograde on January 30, 2021.

All avenues and pathways of information, communities, agencies, departments will be making extreme alienating impulsive decisions now. All forms of our communication, networking, staying connected and plugged in to your social group, friendships, work partnerships, internet, phone and all places where you re-align yourself, get your bearings could be disrupted, unreliable, broken or pulled.

The 12th – 14th significantly (shown below), an incredible volatile tension of possible upsets happening in the world. For us personally, with all of these themes playing out throughout January and February 2021, I would put my things in order and be a bit more prepared for the unexpected, including financial global strangeness and unexpected events possibly taking place. Don’t panic, simply take a few things you can think of that would help bring some sense of groundedness and focus on those. Be conservative.

Communication with others might also be strained.

This is the starting point of a long three weeks or more, mess up of things related to communication, mail, ordering,  internet and scheduling, relying upon information sources – your back ups, your phone, computers- So, it might be a great time to print out hard copies, back up important files, download and save those precious photos, protect your banking records and make sure your vehicles are in good shape, and maybe get some cash on hand. Also, get some food and water, just in case.

Personally- not the best time to rely upon timely appointments or cooperation from vendors, professional companies who deal with auto-phone – communications systems or activities.

Disruptions, misunderstandings or delays, sudden unexpected problems create backlogs.

Out of nowhere health and/or mental cognitive issues – glitches in memory could occur. It is not the best time in general, to attempt to resolve touchy subjects. People are nervous, anxious, uptight. People could be effected by this Uranus stress by not wanting to focus, concentrate, easily distracted or checking out at work – ready to react at any incident.

Be helpful towards others and slow down throughout this period. Plans will most certainly change in some manner – so don’t be surprised or upset if they do – expect it and go with the flow. This Mercury retro theme with Jupiter and Uranus won’t last forever! It also brings a sharp and elevated awareness to information we need to look at now. As if everything else has stopped ( which is what Mercury retros’ do!) until everyone catches up with the NEW THEME OR PERSPECTIVE and then we move on, very much changed.

So look at it as a time frame from now, January 10, 11, 12, up through March 3, especially now up to February 20, 21 for sure.  The example of the peaks of Mercury conjoin Jupiter, and the square to Uranus is below.

The date Mercury turns retro is on January 30, 2021, then leaves Retrograde on February 20, 2021, but we are feeling it begin right now.

Jan 12 Venus 5* Capricorn square Chiron –  Human comforts, feelings, need for closeness and connection is slightly disrupted and stressed now.

January 12-14 Mars at 3* Taurus square Saturn at 3* Aquarius – This cycle has something to do with money, hard work and the capacity to reach personal goals. ideals we have. It’s about possessions, about finances, expenses, or physical work of any kind and owning one’s life, and, the desire to maintain these goals and values regardless of the Saturn interference and slow down. Saturn is stopping something dead in its tracks. Preventing something from continuing or moving forward. It’s a block.

Saturn is square to this Taurus Mars which can create blocks, hitting a brick wall, trudging through molasses sort of challenges to this ideal of building the physical accomplishments. It is only for a week, and will be gone after the weekend, however, the week isn’t an easy one.

In reverse, if there is greed and inordinate holding onto positions or material things that are somehow out of balance, Saturn becomes the good guy and checkmates anything that is done in haste.

It deals with machinery, equipment, building, finance all things pertaining to ownership, having, or owning up to something. Since Mars in Taurus is a square to Saturn, a clash or stress exists between owning or managing something that requires a change, a better way of doing something or looking at something. It deals with equipment. It deals with your physical possessions, your environment and what you own or need to have.

This is a little push to cut through and get things taken care of, fixed or repaired. Organization is crucial throughout this period, just try to be patient with yourself and others, as this is a blocked energetic time of noticing what is NOT the way you want it to be.

Because Mars in Taurus ( earthy) will also be in a square to Uranus, peaking on January 18-22, an extremely volatile energy is possibly disrupting all sorts of activities on planet Earth in the physical in addition to the world of humans’ every day life, including economic.

Strange sightings in the sky, explosions, radical movements with certain groups along with earthquakes, unpredictable weather patterns and in general easily impulsive and radical decisions and behaviors made within  organizations, agencies and companies or other types of communities and groups of human are likely to occur now. Look below at the cluster of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury all in Aquarius square ( extreme tension) to the Moon, Mars and Uranus in Taurus line up. All this means is we’re on edge all January,especially between the 18th and 22nd, especially peaking on January 20, 2021.

Jan 13 – Uranus turns direct – This simply implies whatever Uranus awakening energies have occurred within and all around that you have been been witnessing brewing and stewing since it turned retro on August 15, 2020, are now able to surface with greater clarity in surprising ways.

January 13 – 14   Mercury at 9* Aquarius inconjunct Hades at 9* Cancer – Guard ones’ mind and refuse to be yanked around into tangling with someone’s dark side.

January 13 – 15  Sun at 24* Capricorn conjoin Pluto at 24* Capricorn A serious time of considering all decisions in life as moments in time where they carve the direction of our future.

Jan 13 -15 – Mars at 3* Taurus semi-square Neptune at 18* Pisces and semi-squares the Transiting North Node at 19* Gemini

Mars in Taurus holds the balance of your everyday responsibilities, tasks and going through the motions in spite of external confusion and frustrations in the outer world.

Jan 15 Venus at 9* Capricorn oppose Hades at 9* Cancer    Not the best day to reach out and connect with a loved one and think anything is going to change or progress. Best to call outloud in a private place, for the dissolving and collapsing of all negative energies attempting to interfere with my heart, values and self respect that could attempt to funnel through the Hades at 9* Cancer oppose Venus at 9* Capricorn. It works, try it!

Jan 10 – 20 – Jupiter at 6* Aquarius square Uranus at 6* Taurus.

Don’t allow people to box you into this or that stigma or projection of a type of person, label or extreme absolutes.

This cycle is another KEY THEME throughout January 2021.

It will be the predominate power struggle and like the umbrella over us, that is the predominant energy we’re struggling through in January, while the other smaller cycles we have been describing above and below this paragraph, are smaller incidences or triggers to this big one.

Jupiter rules beliefs, opinions and cultural social outlook on life, morally, religiously or whatever large communities believe is real and a significant compass they use in order to maintain a reason or belief in why we do what we do as long as we live on this planet and beyond. It also rules anything legal. Documents, laws for corporations, etc… Uranus disrupts, challenges, shakes up and awakens. It could be seen from any one groups’ vantage point – and it creates a clash, extreme clash and disruption of status or legal standing Jupiter also rules foreign countries and Uranus square to Jupiter is all about discovery of legal or moral disruption.

No matter what this January issue is that is causing such a clash, each side is absolutely convinced the other side is correct in their views and why they are doing what they are doing. It’s as if there is an extreme panic going on for a lot of reasons.

The whole month of January is like an asteroid hit the planet. Don’t let it mess up your own life. Stay on point with some of the above suggestions we’ve listed. This is key for maintaining sanity and progress throughout this period of extreme Uranian revolutionary energies that can sweep us up into reacting to every little ( or big) thing. All group activities, agencies and communities that have huge impact globally will be feeling this massive challenge and motivate them to go to extreme measures to handle the new and unexpected shocking issues that face them.

How do we handle this energy personally:

Know that we are in the midst of this standoff between the Jupiter belief system and convictions and the Uranus awakener or disruptor energy – so you will be required as we said earlier to have a game plan, a focus that was pretty much given to you intuitively last December 19-21 during the Saturn Jupiter conjoined in Aquarius moment, in 2020.

Whatever is important to you, move forward on that plan and don’t let up no matter what. If it is true and right for you, trust it, especially if it is only blessing self, family and life, and not destructive, alienating or amputating anything or anyone in anyway. That is the key now.

Jupiter is philosophical and forward thinking, what we want to latch onto in life that forms our opinions of right and wrong for us or others. That is why Jupiter is also called the planet of Religion, Teachers, Coaching and Ministry


Jan 17 – 24 –  Mars 5 – 8* Taurus conjoin Uranus at 6* Taurus and square Jupiter at 8* Aquarius  –  I think we’ve already gone over several variations of these planet themes already, but simply put, it is the previous chart wheel above, the volatile energies that can be funneled into sudden unprecedented violence, accidents, explosions, actions and re-actions from large segments of the people, communities who clash over issues. For the individual person, be safe, stay out of the way of unsettling areas. Use your head and watch where you’re going.

Jan 6 – 30 peaks Jan 21 – Neptune square Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius.

This is one I wanted to write about a few months ago, and didn’t. I wasn’t sure if I was interpreting it correctly – now I see pretty much what I saw was on target.

The nodes deal with the population, what’s the trend or theme of the people, which way will they move or tend to trend in their thinking, especially because these Nodes are in the mental communications and decision making signs- Gemini/Sagittarius.

They are being squared by Neptune. The planet of confusion, betrayal, deception, and lies. This cycle can create a massive FOG to come over the decision making process for people in so many areas of their lives – mostly not that important, but with all of these other planets above in hard aspects, it really is a test.

I was going to write about this period between January 6 and 21st as a MASSIVE TEST the world would go through, to discern the lies and deception from the real and highest IDEALS, as Neptune rules Ideals and Higher Aspirations of Divine Love and Happiness It is the Planet which leads us into Euphoria and Heaven, or addictions, hiding and escapism because of all forms of activities that have been done in secret.

So this Neptune I was going to present, as a moment in time since that last Neptune conjunction in Pisces in 2016, as a moment in time where the world needed to face the initiation of deciding what is REAL AND NOT REAL. It’s up to the predominant unified consensus of the world, what kind of world they actually desire, REALITY AND HEAVEN OR UNREALITY AND HELL, although with Neptune, for example, the negative alternative, like drugs, is not seen as Hell but temporary hits of euphoric escape, but at what price?

So that is what I was going to say and write about last October, for this coming January 20/21 2021, which is the exact date this Neptune peaks in a square to the Nodes.

See below, I’m not making this up. (The blue highlight is the exact date)

On with the rest of the show ….

Jan 23 Venus sextile Neptune and inconjunct Node a Socially lovely interaction with people, especially those you value, yet time needs to be squeezed in order to make it happen.

Jan 23 Sun at 4* Aquarius conjoin Saturn at 4* AquariusClarity, truth and progress are huge motivators for each person this day.

Jan 25 Sun sextile Chiron   Reaching out for unity, healing and a collapsing of an old way of thinking that is anti-progress, sabotaging and taking one backwards. This is a strong day for changing the game plan towards a pro-active positive path.

Jan 26 Sun 6* Aquarius square Uranus at 6* Taurus   –  Maybe you feel like doing your own thing, being just the way you are, thinking the way you want to think and not caring anymore what anyone thinks about you?

Jan 28 Venus at 25-26* Capricorn conjoin Pluto at 25* Capricorn   – Serious decisions of the heart. Deep reflection on one’s values, what we are, how we have lived and why, and are they congruent with our own inner self image?

Jan 28 Jupiter and Sun conjoined at 9* Aquarius inconjunct Hades at 9* Cancer –  An expansive, protective, moral and ethically motivated action taken in order to empower you today. This cycle will steer us away from danger or negative situations. It counteracts Hades, in the nick of time.


Jan 30 to February 20, 2021 – Mercury turns Retrograde at 26* Aquarius to 11* Aquarius Direct.


The Description of Mercury retro is covered at the top of this Stardrops , and stay tuned for a Mercury retro article on Starfires that will come out shortly, mirroring most of what is in this Stardrops article.

The main themes –

January 6 – 20  Key Highlight – Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Jan 15- 23 – Key Highlight – Neptune square Nodes peaking on January 20, 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius conjoin Jupiter and square Uranus – Mid January – first week in March, peaking January 30, 2021 to February 20, 2021.

Jan 30 – February 25, peaking Feb 17, 2021 – Key Highlight – Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus begins for an entire year – will cover later.

The wrap up for January – Navigate through this unsettling time with a clarity of where you are going and remember what you are doing here. Be prepared, take care of yourself, be aware of your surroundings and live in confidence and empowerment to know there are invisible powers protecting, guiding you and giving you that intuition you need to reach your ultimate destinations.

It is a time to be skeptical as to what you hear or take in, consider the source and remain extremely un-polarized with your social life.

However, we can’t deny, this is an incredible time to keep our sights on a Higher Aquarian Truth and Quality of Life and to cast your anchor onto that Star. Never give up –Live and Believe in this Now, not some time in the future. You can shift and realize a massive Alchemical Change is occurring, even inside of you.


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