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Absorption of World Pain – The 12th House


The Ultimate and most Epic activity one can have on this Earth is to surrender and sacrifice one’s own importance, one’s desires, agendas, ambition or expectations by giving to others in some capacity. It is through pure love, for the sake of helping others we earn our freedom from this Earth plane. This is the nature of the 12th house. Here is the place where we lift up our loved ones and carry the burden. We take on missions, feel as if we are wholly engaged in a life of purpose.

You feel alive and awake when you have powerful planets in the 12th house. Your heart is open, you care so much about the world, its suffering, the injustices and dysfunctions, the broken spirits and damaged psychology all around you. It is the house of Pisces and is connected to the planet Neptune. Here is where we find psychologists, mystics, monks and adepts. We find people who were once lost in addictions, alcoholism, familiar with therapy, rehabilitation hospitals, physical therapy or serene and contemplative retreats of all kinds. It is a house of retreating, re-examining, peace and seclusion.  One desires to hide out here, live another life  that not many know about.

The 12th house, is the place where Jesus is crucified because of the immense sacrifice he endured as his consciousness allowed and forged a spiritual transformation out of the world set up by fallen gods. Coming out of illusions, maya, materialism, quick fixes, fast relief measures that temporarily alter ones moods, self medication, damaging relationships, compromising and sabotaging decisions, these are all endured and handled in the 12th house.

The subconscious momentums and patterns from our past lives are all found in the 12th house, and the Zodiac Sign which sits on the 12th house Cusp. Trace the ruler of the zodiac sign to where it sits in your birth chart, such as if it is Leo on the 12th, your most predominate past life you are trying to cure yourself from, will be in royalty, priviledged lifestyle surrounded by pleasures, grandeur, fame, popularity, indulgences, self satiating experiences, throw in some dramatic romances, love, and unexpected children, leadership and confident roles in society, running schools, raising important children and all the mistakes, sorrows, unhappiness, grieving or regrets that are intertwined with fame and glory, greatness…these are some or all of the Leo on the 12th’s problems to be redeemed and transmuted in this life. The Sun is the natural ruler of LEO. So, find where your Sun is, what house is it in, and that can indicate where this will show up. If in the 10th, being in charge, being a responsible business owner, parent, frugal, aware of the reality of one’s choices, indulgences, others are counting on you, responsibilities, raising children meticulously, these would all be one’s way of handling the 12th house past  mistakes, regrets, or subconscious knots until one feels really happy and good about themselves deep inside.

Find the Sign on the 12th, and search for the planet that rules that Sign, what house it is in, what zodiac sign it is in, and you will uncover your past life’s largest issues brought into the present to become resolved within yourself, and for others.


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