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Aquarius – The water of life, electric waves accelerate


Aquarius, electricity courses through your mind and body. You are truly the stuff stars are made of. Your ability to think outside the box, and bring a clearer more advanced truth into any discussion makes you the most interesting person in the room. You are courageous in your manner of inserting insights into the group of friends. Creative, artistic, musical you love to be surrounded by those who share a common interest, sense of humor and genuine love for each other. Your natural drive is to have good friends. People who get you, you will never let go of. Your love is focused on discussions, sharing information, truth, a camaraderie..and desiring to improve the situation on earth.

Aquarius is the inventor, the scientist, the one focused upon uncovering the secrets of the Universe and harnessing its energies, such as a Nikola Tesla type of human being. The wavy lines in the Aquarius symbol are energy waves, frequencies and invisible plasma particles pouring out everywhere to be utilized and harnessed with positive good will intentions, to transform and uplift all life around us. Devices, innovative software, technology is created to bring us more freedom to move into higher communion with our Real Selves. Aquarius would be the one inspired to utilize and implement these technologies for humanity, and tear down the old archaic out worn methods.

Aquarians want truth. They are the most exciting liberated original thinkers! They are the reformer, the revolutionaries. If there have been lies and corruption oppressing people, Aquarius creates a movement to challenge them, with facts to back up their exposures. They expose to the people why something must go and be replaced with a more fair and progressive system.

Aquarius lives to make things better. Aquarius is unconventional, not concerned one bit with popularity. Your power is expressed through bringing people together and creating an event or a group breakthrough of some sort. Sometimes it’s a party, just to have a fun time, a vacation, a an activity where everyone has a perfectly amazing experience.

Friends love the Aquarian. They move from activity to activity, connecting with others to check in and see how things are going. Aquarius cares by sharing the day, helping out with fixing the car, discuss the recent issues and want people to thrive and be respected, supported, have opportunity to fulfill why they are here.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. It is love, and Pink/Violet and on the 7th ray. Your gem is Amethyst, and all things pertaining to alchemy, transforming one state or situation into a better more desireable state is your passion, whether you would work it that way or not, you are a natural at putting your intentions upon a problem, and with your mind’s brilliance, truth and observations, you can somehow move the situation into a better outcome. You change things around you. You can uplift people to see something differently.

The Master Saint Germain is the ruler of your Sign, and is the Heirarch of the Aquarian Age we have moved into. He could be looked at as your teacher and helpful friend.

His sole purpose is very similar to what you are all about. Humanitarian upliftment, freedom liberty and opportunity to become the master of your life. It isn’t an ambitious sign, it is more for the sake of people making it, and being allowed to live the life they desire to live. To love your family and your friends unconditionally


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