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Astrological Trends For 2015


HOPE ~ January 2015 Year Overview


Table of Contents

2. Saturn in Sagittarius
3. The Blue Planet
4. Saturn square Neptune
5. Pluto in Capricorn ( January 2008 – 2024 )
7. More on U.S. Concerns
8. Eclipses
Definition of the 4 Blood Moons through 2014-2015
9. The transiting South Node in Aries
10. Mars conjoin Neptune Square Saturn in Sagittarius.
11. Mercury retrograde
12. More Mercury Retrogrades
13. Mars Neptune Moon in Pisces conjoin
14. Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries
15. Venus Retrograde from 0* Virgo to 14* Leo
16. Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn
17. Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus
18. Saturn in Sagittarius afterthought

2015 is a year of Hope and the theme is “Consciousness”


After reflecting on 2014, the majority of it was incredibly challenging, so entering 2015 with blind optimism seemed foolish, but as we all moved closer to January 1, I/we/friends/family, actually began to feel hopeful and I confess, a little bit excited. I was going to name this article originally, starting over, then decided upon frequencies. I realized Hope, supported the true essence of what this year is about, although all the above could apply. Even though we are facing more bizarre world theater than we have seen thus far, as you can read below, internally and spiritually, an unique consciousness is becoming obvious by now, of seeing oneself as if transparent, ego and divine.
With this new vision, you can change yourself from the internal out, rather than the ego’s pattern, outside in.

Personality objectivity and transparency isn’t going to be easy when it comes to finally accepting one’s handicaps, but! If you allow it, you can genuinely be shown your truth of your innate divine mastery, abilities, attainment and perfection that has always been there. When you discover your abilities which are truthfully and peculiarly easy to out picture, there is no emotional charge or ego strutting with these attributes because they are coming through you from an eternal and perfect place of divine love and truth, your Divine Self in another frequency just a bit higher than this physical dimension. Anyway, two things are continuing to occur, the personal self improvement and awakening to a depth of knowing Self and self, and a continual dangerous drama escalating in every possible event that could project uncertainty from day to day on the world scene, especially on the dates below.

This year is about creating hope to reach heights of fulfillment and satisfaction that kept eluding us in the past. We can try this year, with Saturn’s methodical process in our life, to turn those frustrations and interference around and really cut through on some key projects. A rulebook for this process is required and is simple, but a tiny bit of each rule needs to be followed everyday or we run the risk of setbacks. This year we become more aware of Consciousness, within ourselves and others in our lives; frequencies and energy which seems invisible. Consciousness is all around us. Consciousness has a frequency, and lower consciousness and frequencies bring us down, and diminish our hope. Here’s an example:
In the middle of the day you begin to get a pit in your stomach. An hour ago you were on top of everything and now you want to crawl in a hole. You think it’s just some unexplainable mood you have momentarily.
What do you do about it? You either:

A. Repress it and are sure it will go away soon ( but it doesn’t)
B. Release the tension by acting out and barking at your co-worker
C. Take immediate action and remember the new rules, knowing the new trend in thought for 2 0 1 5 is consciousness and frequency, and that something has hit your world with an energy. The idea which came to me was how seriously we/ I must practice the rule thing, or we’re not going to see the results we want.

Because of certain violations of our Earth and our individual sovereign identity, our auras have been shocked in numerous ways. We must get back into the commitment with ourselves we/you are the guard at the door to your temple. YOU ARE THE GUARD AT THE DOOR OF YOUR TEMPLE. Your temple is your body, and the core of the temple, the altar room is your heart. ( Example of energy continued…) What may have occurred at the office was a person in a higher position than you, has just been told an hour ago, you were being promoted at their level and in an uncontrollable competitive moment, that person flashed ill will towards you with massive fear that you are truly better than they are and will show them up in no time. The Rule of Thumb: Go to a private area, close your eyes, say in a whisper “I call to my Higher Self to take command NOW of this harsh energy coming upon me. I call you to roll it back, remove this energy, seal my body, mind and heart now with your impenetrable shields. Release into my mind all the strength, intelligence, clarity, protection and power I need to finish this day successfully and emanate intelligent leadership with whomever I meet. I thank you and seal this, Amen”. You walk out of your private place feeling more clear and grounded, pulled together. That is the rule of 2015, in order to maintain HOPE, up your frequency.

You might want to continue this by running after work, or numerous uplifting activities to help “shake” the hit. The spoken word, even if a whisper, is so powerful, I use this as my first rule of thumb. Notice there is no malice wished upon the speculative perpetrators whether we know who it is or not. You can add anything you want to this prayer, this is a generic example.
Take some Bach Flower Remedy under your tongue… Rescue Remedy, Star of Bethlehem, it works… walk back out to work and take command. Without plan C, you might be depressed all night, and are not quite your sparkling self all week. You tell your partner you can’t figure out what is wrong with you, but you can’t shake this fear of failure suddenly hitting you all day. NO one really notices, and with time, it slowly becomes the new norm of your feelings, until that person leaves or you have found a new job and move on.

Suddenly you feel happy again, but you think it’s just the slightly better pay. This isn’t to make everyone suspicious of acquaintances, It’s to tell you we get hit with lower frequencies. Everybody does, and we need to protect. Good people think bad things, and it happens. We have to protect ourselves and open up our imagination to what could have compromised our feelings and thoughts over time. Let’s remember how we should feel this year.
That’s all I’m saying. The temple holds the scrolls, blueprints and the wealth you need in order to bring your vision into reality. The soul feels everything and lives in this temple, and the soul has a sort of cosmic DNA just like our Bio DNA, but it is an eternal memory layered around and within the original blueprint of our world. The guard is our higher self and can represent in a higher way, the planet Saturn. Our personal Saturn in our charts never change its lesson, but there is also a transiting Saturn which orbits through the signs once in 29 ½ years. Both Saturns’ support the lessons we need to guard our temple and do what is right, and as you shift into plan C, you can feel an empowerment kick in, and you now are choosing a higher frequency to live in, and the higher self now can support you….It’s in the feelings, and you can even sense His consciousness helping empower you. You sensed the consciousness of the co-worker without even knowing that was what you were sensing, now you feel your Higher Self and inner soul become empowered to take command of this situation and feel better.
Little choices like this help us crawl bit by bit out of the hole. Saturn has moved into the sign of Sagittarius on December 25 2014. It will help you all 2015 say no to things that are of the old standard and comfort zone, even if the old comfort zone was feeling nervous and worried most of the time. It is not okay to feel that way anymore. It wants to make you a little bit uncomfortable with your regular old self, and raise the bar in what you might want to achieve and do. It is an upgrade of choices, values, morals, expectations and frequency.

2. Saturn in Sagittarius
December 25 2015 – December 20 2017

Saturn is the planet of tests and responsibilities. It can be our best teacher. As it moves from zodiac sign to zodiac sign every 2 ½ years, we learn to integrate the quality of that sign into our lives. ( you can google every 2 years or so “what does saturn bring in….2015…” to get a feel of the theme for that period. Saturn is leaving Scorpio the sign of depth, transformation and vision ( as in acquiring purer vision and learning to acquire immaculate vision for self and others, such as seeing self and others as their divine self, while at the same time, we were required to seriously step up the investigating expose digging deep nature to discover core problems) and moving into the sign of Sagittarius. 2015 is the beginning of the new paradigm.
This cycle requires us all to raise the bar of what we are capable of. This includes at this moment your overwhelming sense of what you don’t think you are capable of! You now need to try! It is natural to feel overwhelmed with Saturn’s expectations, but I am offering an exciting vision to you of a journey this year of feeling better about something in your world, than you ever could have imagined before! Relax! and pick a category that is on your conscience and begin the first quarter of 2015 to upgrade and put energy into making it happen.
Do you know what one of my comfort zones is? Holding back when I write to you, because I’m concerned you will think I’m either strange or extreme. I feel the thoughts out there judging what I am about to write, then I delete the sentence, once the majority of “consciousness” has called me full of it. I almost deleted the dream about the blue planet below, because I could sense people saying it was silly, I made it up, what does that have to do with me needing a job, or paying my bills, I need real help…..the criticisms come wickedly all through my life, and I have learned to have a stronger listening ear to My Higher Self almost commanding me to have the guts to do this thing or that thing.
Yep it takes guts. It took guts 20 some years ago to be me, but now, it is actually becoming easier! This is my issue, what’s yours? Example of raising the bar!
When I listened to Katrine Volynsky talk about her recovery from Chernobyl and how she feels more vibrant and healthy than she could have ever imagined, that attitude was something I let go of years ago when life became consistently too complicated and busy. I listened to the two interviews on Gaiam TV, and to her YouTube videos, downloaded her PDF health regime. Her belief in excellence and perseverance re-aligned me with how I know I am capable of approaching life. I raised my bar there. This excellence of living is the lesson of the Saturn in Sagittarius Philosophy. It is the belief that you can feel better, live happier, expect more, and do it by Raising the Bar of your standard… and believe! it is possible to achieve an exciting vibrant life.. Just pick the area and believe it can happen. Ramit Sethi wrote in his blog recently ( how appropriate!) 2015: The year of more. Sagittarius is all about believing and going after it because it’s growth, expansion, adventure and the journey. Before we get into this journey, here are the ideas I had to start off my 2015. First Idea: Everyday I want to raise my Frequency with different things, here are some: Green Drinks wish Chlorella/Spirulina, Vit/Min, Berries and fresh greens and stevia and new food/diet/nutritional commitments. Carrot Celery Juice Aromatherapy= wear essential oils and burning in a diffuser-pure frankincense rock on charcoal, and beautiful music always playing somewhere in my house. Exercise/walking, moving my body. The Spiritual Ritual ( everyday whatever one you choose, decide to do something to renew your soul’s fire and energy, especially for protection and we’ll talk about why later under Saturn Square Neptune) Example: the affirmations, prayers spoken as earlier described.

Believing I am capable of raising my standard in at least 3 areas of my life this year. Second: Uplift my mind with gratitude, music, joy and be determined to sustain it! (this is the key, so I write it down and read it daily.) Third: I need to challenge lower energies, situations, and things that want to interfere with my concentration upon my truth. “ Archangel Michael, remove and push back this heaviness, this darkness, this interference attempting to pull me down ( my child friend, love) and I Am demanding this Now!” I learned if we don’t challenge it, it doesn’t go away. In fact, we might even begin sensing, we are actually possessed with the issues we originally felt as outside threats.
Seeing my few projects this year as an adventure, a Journey, helped. It requires a bit more electricity excitement inside me to push and cut through and prepare rather than just writing them all down as goals. Pick one at a time, and realize this is an itinerary for a trip. Start with the closest easiest destination, get ready for it, move to the next location/project, and so on until you have completed your journey.

3. The Blue Planet

About the same time my fire was ignited with this concept, I had the strangest dream. I was visiting a man on another planet. It was a Beautiful Blue Planet and had little people with amazing abilities running around helping run this world…it was his planet I realized. This man had a few interesting machines and many responsibilities involving helping people all over the Universe. He took me up into a tower, opened the ceiling, and showed me a most unusual observatory.
You could see the planets and stars, but when looking through the telescope, it zoomed right in to people in trouble, people who were stuck or at a crossroads of change, or were about to accelerate in some way- but possibly needed help taking the next huge step. You saw into their life situation, their helpers and the darkness interfering. You especially saw when they were in trouble however, and this man depending on complex issues, would leave his planet and help them. He showed me how he watched over others. It was as if it were bypassing all normal laws of physics and went way beyond physical sight, into a mystical knowing, into the interior of everything. He shared there were millions of beings and angels like him helping, especially if they were called to come, but this was the manner in which he could help and could recognize men and women in need.


Then we walked across a most precarious rope bridge over a chasm onto the side of the hill where his home was. We stood on a ledge over to the right side of his home several yards away, overlooking an ocean, and my gaze fell upon a ship with sails. He was speaking with me, but I kept noticing the ship with sails, and I think I realized it was a symbol regarding something he wanted to teach me. I turned to him and asked “ what is it that you really do here all by yourself all day with your little creatures?” He directly told me as he pointed to the ship, “ I ready souls for a Journey” What he told me his work entailed, was preparing people to take on challenges or new cycles in their lives as if they were readying themselves for an adventure. We could have hundreds of these adventures in one lifetime, or just a couple dozen. He taught them to be mindful of the beginning, the process traveling and reaching the destination. Think of the old times when you seriously prepared for weeks to board a ship and cross the Atlantic! It was a big deal which required much planning….you were excited but filled with apprehension from facing the unknown ahead. When these people are awake during the day, they may not recall they are being prepared. But they sense somehow they’ll make it through their new challenge- the “ trip”. He told me, our souls do the same thing without our outer mind really being aware of how important soul-wise, this next journey really is… when we are venturing upon a new cycle that is going to require a lot of spiritual energy, stamina, tools, resources and emotional mental preparation in order to get to the destination.
(Actually, I just realized, this is EXACTLY why I use astrological cycles each year, to mark the individual JOURNEYS in my and others’ lives.) The destination could be anything. The ultimate destination is perfect for each individual… but sometimes it is to get through a karma, or bring higher expectations and in a new powerful confidence “ I did it!” Physical trips and vacations are symbols of soul Journeys on the inner, to expand and help the soul grow. In the dream, he let me know as if he were sharing his own risk and test, he has now 1 million souls he helps, knowing they will elevate everyone else in one way or another, sooner or later. I was moved in the dream, felt the sacredness of his confession and his decision to do this, and woke up. This is a Sagittarius theme. I was left knowing intuitively we can all imagine starting a journey right now for ourselves..but it would be nice if we could all journey to his Blue Planet!

blue planet
I believe 2015 is that year where we are embarking individually and planetary on such a JOURNEY.
The destination of each project reinforces HOPE, raises our Frequency and Vibration, gives each of us a sense of value and affirming our life is important, It elevates our belief in ourselves. It shows us we can raise our STANDARD permanently and others will be blessed by it.

Sometimes there are sea monsters.


They want to stop you from going higher. It’s good to make a list of the sea monsters so you are prepared and reminded when they come at you. You are being prepared to battle them. In 2015 one of them is called “ Saturn Square Neptune”, January through March; and returning October through December 16 2015.
Another key for 2015 is becoming more aware of FREQUENCIES. Everything has a frequency. The higher the frequency the happier you will feel. The planet, the nations, the souls living here are relying upon this raising of the bar for all to fulfill a destiny together. Raise the standard ( Sagittarius) of every activity on this planet, so those who serve only themselves must comply with this new standard or go somewhere else. ( heavy description
coming below). Happy Adventures!

4. Saturn square Neptune

January through March 15 2015;
November 1 – December 13 2015 peaks
Returns most of 2016, especially June 4-July 5, EXACT ON June 18 2016
and again August 24-September 23, EXACT September 10 2016, OVER.

Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be moving into a 90 degree angle with Neptune in 2015. Remember, keep your frequency up. We could all be challenged with depressing news, more absolutely bizarre brazen terrorist drama, ( list below of possible acceleration of dangers) but the square is here to finally challenge the Wizard of Oz’s who are behind the curtain creating the Satanic rituals on the planet. Some situations might be actually organic, natural, not orchestrated. Some events taking place in 2015, could be so challenging, we need to confront the loss, the mass of confusion it has created and ensure it will not happen again. We then need to quickly recover. And we must as a community worldwide, get to the Oz behind all the theatre. This year we can not afford to be left wide open with shock or grief. We must recover quickly.
The categorizes for Saturn square Neptune are:
Escalation of religious cultural conflicts stemming from an increasingly dangerous and erroneous deluded attitude to manipulate and judge a race, culture, or region to conform, change, be contained or simply disappear ( Neptune); all 2015, especially 1st quarter of the year, and last quarter of the year 2015.

Escalation and exposures of hypocrisies within religious orders, classes, immorality within these religious classes exposed; Inter dimensional consciousness interfering with the boundary layer of each individual’s aura and consciousness and the planet’s sheath of protection resulting in loss of identity;

Manipulating our dreams to become random nonsensical and jagged lacking meaning, feeling and continuity ( that’s a new one!);

Apathy- nothing really matters; Increased depression, absence of feeling solid and confident with oneself each day;

An escalation of negative forces attempting to penetrate the sovereign right and respect of each person’s world, mind and soul by psychological mind control, electromagnetic frequencies interfering with our independence and creative potential:

Neurosis Self Doubt Imbalances Self Questioning And the preoccupation with self-examination and focus upon personal faults and weaknesses; ( this is not the same as personal ego and divine transparency guided through a loving feeling of seeing self truly and desiring to be more real).

Cern, electromagnetically interfering with our earth’s magnetic balance, magnetosphere, our delicate balance of our brains, minds and auric fields….and the delicate balance of the electro-frequencies of our Earth’s core.
Cern potentially used as a stargate for interdimensional and portal entry and exit points of unknown and potentially lower evolutions and energies, attempting to tear down the membrane, the boundary layer which protects us from interdimensional beings or allow something to come through- possibly coinciding with geo-engineering the bio chemistry on the planet through a variety of toxins, sprays, gmo plants, so something or someone is more comfortable with this new toxic and foreign bio environment. We are all speculating what could be the “mad scientist” reasons for all of this, it can’t be for our optimum benefit or health, because that ain’t happening as far as I can see.

This video is the latest of several articles, journals out there addressing Cern, Geo engineering, GMO, Chemtrail diseases and nanotechnology. I and many others have been mentioning these for years, and it isn’t going away. What are they doing this for? Cern
Space travel miscalculations and accidents or unnerving discoveries challenging to our psyche.
Imbalances and instability economically over oil, gas, fuel, energy, water, and other gases all come under Neptune in Pisces squared by Saturn in Sagittarius; leading panic, public danger, economic employment shifts,tends to depress and restrict, contain and control with unethical laws rules and sanctions, lack, poverty, want, war, scarcity, restrictions especially during the peak cycles of this square.
The Saturn in a positive power, can be used to confront and expose the deceptions regarding these activities in 2015 and find solutions to open up a new progress and fairness in these areas in 2016.
Deception regarding viruses, their antidotes and vaccines, their origins, and/or spread of viruses, mysterious illnesses; the fear perpetuated by the media misinforming the population of these viruses in order to convince people to receiving vaccines; another element of shock and trauma, via a plague, to escalate instability within each person’s emotions, confidence and divine powers; Hidden DNA altering elements or illness creating elements within vaccines; Increase radiation, toxic, chemical, pollution gases, oil saturation within the oceans; Indirect Disclosure revealed in 2015.
The manipulated leaking of information by credible sources that advanced beings of different evolutions have been behind the unexplainable technological jump in the last century, and using the earth and humanity in exchange for giving us their knowledge. A secret system of finance has been created to fund the mad race for several purposes. This situation falls under Saturn square Neptune, because of its obvious shock value in so many ways, I linked videos below, to cover these problems. The Challenge Ahead of Indirect Disclosure Deeper Interview with Richard Dolan
Since Sagittarius is all about foreign ideas and foreign consciousness, these subjects force our minds to stretch with all the possibilities exploding here….it is also all about making moral ( or lack of) decisions including religion and belief systems in our civilization.

Sagittarius can also increasingly open up the purpose of priests, religion, standards and concepts and cultural beliefs which unite the society into an orderly law abiding civil behavior. It keeps society healthy and sane, cooperating and refined. What parts of it are true? What is God or part of the Divine Plan?

Saturn in Sagittarius means it is time to upgrade, personally and globally. When squared by Neptune in Pisces, the two creates depression, trauma, distortions, collapsing of courage, beliefs, vision. It is dissolving because of something that has been discovered, realized or it is a series of events that are not easy to handle for the normal psyche. It would be an excellent year with Saturn square Neptune to challenge and pray for the stopping of the worst evils occurring on this planet and the individuals causing them. Do not succumb to anything depressing. Don’t accept it! Including the philosophy which could come along with possible indirect disclosure.

The philosophy would be to simply accept this is inevitable and our world is progressing into science, mechanism, upgrade of materialism and human perfection, moving further and further away from the inner power and attainment our souls and spiritual centers within our bodies were meant to acquire. It is the difference of vibrations. The difference between two kinds of worlds, subtle but distinct. The admittance and the propaganda following of alien situation would be herding humanity into a deeper mechanized BORG super race devoid of inner soul powers. The inner life is disappearing and the physical advanced human race is in full swing. This is a very powerful weight on me to write about this. There is a universal cultural ethical decision we are going to have to make to choose between the alien culture ( what would that look like?) and the culture of the Divine Mother ( The Inner Life-and what does that look like?). I believe this is the year people are going to have to choose between the alien or the Culture of the Divine Mother. One or the other.

The alien culture is devoid of the Spirit of God. There is a dimension of such sweetness that goes beyond advanced beings and Ets. This is the Culture of the Divine Mother and it requires the participation each day of consecrating matter with the flame, the Holy Spirit. The Golden Age of Higher Consciousness and paying attention to FREQUENCY and CONSCIOUSNESS is the answer for all of us to know how to choose perfectly and not abandon your inner life. You are being tested in 2015 to demand the raising of your standard of happiness and the idea that your soul is on a precious journey this year. Define it. The Sagittarius is the Archer who hits his mark. Bulls eye!
This is your key this year, and we do this because of keeping up the frequency in spite of the downer Saturn square Neptune. The Frequency is important this year as the key because Neptune is the planet that tends to depress and confuse. Are you beginning to see Saturn in Sag is really your ally? It is your friend and will protect your conscience to challenge the head fake of Neptune. This is a cycle to CHALLENGE DECEPTION AND THE ART OF INDUCING TRAUMA into the population by creating theatrical false flags all over the globe which are in actuality global satanic rituals. ( do you understand, you can call a thing out, without being a religious fundamentalist or fanatic?
(Research the purpose of satanic ritual masked as upsetting public activities if you like. Many of these global catastrophes are being linked to theater.) It can also be genuinely a strange cycle of natural events that simply need concentration and problem solving in order to re-stabilize our lives and the world. Again, the time frame of the hardest period of this square is January through March 15 2015; November 1 – December 13 2015 peaks

5. Pluto in Capricorn ( January 2008 – 2024 )

Pluto square Uranus December through March 2015 Pluto oppose Conceptional Chart of the United States (2014- November 2015)
Every zodiac sign has a unique purpose, a personality filled with qualities positive and negative. Each sign is seen as a position of Hierarchy in the Heavens holding a theme, a matrix to use as a standard of a virtue that can influence human affairs. It is as if we could say in Astrology, mundane and in Cosmic Astrology ( the Cosmic Clock) there are 12 frequencies, standards one can acquire, and should strive to acquire them all eventually.
The 12 qualities are shown in the higher descriptions of these 12 signs.
Power = Capricorn
Love = Aquarius
Mastery = Pisces
Control = Aries
Obedience =Taurus
Wisdom = Gemini
Harmony and Wealth = Cancer
Gratitude = Leo
Justice = Virgo
Reality = Libra
Vision = Scorpio
Victory = Sagittarius
Capricorn is at the top, the sign of power, blueprints and a matrix. It is considered the first cause and all ideas are conceived at this point, so if you have Capricorn in your birth chart, ( or a 10th house with strong planets in it) you really desire to create from the inside out, from the bottom to the top.
You don’t like to jump into anything without knowing where it is going or without careful preparation. It is a sensible, responsible and a power sign. Capricorn qualities have the ability to be ambitious and conceive of a blueprint a game plan to create functionality and manifest an idea into the physical. It is the beginning of the conception of an idea or is the Blueprint.

There are Divine Blueprints and fallen blueprints. There are Divine God-Like Frequencies and fallen or lower frequencies that become intertwined within blueprints or game plans, or concepts. You can tell in your heart if it is a good idea or a bad Will it bless and serve, or harm and self serve someone.
Capricorn is associated with CEO, the dominant parent, the Boss, the President, the Corporation and the institution that holds the power. It makes the rules.
Without Capricorn, there would be no structure. Capricorn rules the skeletal system. It rules the pillars and the beams and shell of a house to hold up the rest of the materials.
Without Capricorn the Blueprint of the game plan, would not be present. Capricorn conceives and overshadows the project, Taurus builds it, and Virgo carries out the functional duties to fulfill the Capricorn’s concept/goals.

Capricorn’s negative trait is narcissism, bending rules and the structure to build an elite empire for its own power and certainty. It will lack empathy and compassion. They don’t get it. There is no certainty in mortal form, yet this kind attempts to keep its life going, and fears death. The Capricorn black magician will create energy vortices in the astral plane, tools, familiars, entities with knowledge contained, so if and when he/she re-embodies, they can tap back into these powers, pick up right where they left off, and continue their huge patient epic agenda to rule their world. They create the Astral Sea Monsters interfering with our lives. Sincere prayer removes them. You can see by now, Capricorn is a huge responsibility. It is synonymous with the 10th house of a zodiac chart, ( and synonymous with what we call the 12:00 clock line of the clock )
The planet which rules it, is Saturn. Saturn is either our Divine teacher and initiator, purely speaking, or feel like the devil. It releases a sort of binding law for our lives and in our charts is either punitive and abusive, non feeling and negligent, or loving firm boundaries. We have to have this planet in our lives to be held responsible and NOT make bad karma, and abuse our free will, and to push us to accelerate and gain greater mastery. With that background on Capricorn, now understand what Pluto is.

Pluto is a small planetoid/planet way out at the farthest reaches of our solar system, possibly even not an organic planet but a space station created eons ago.
For something this small, and far away, you would think it would have very little impact on our Earth, our personal lives and our astrology cycles, but in fact, it has the most long lasting and powerful influence of all the planets. Pluto’s energy is like a deep relentless wave. It moves in, usually 2 months before its first angle with any other planet. Pluto moved into the sign of Capricorn in 2008, it has not been in that sign since January 7 1762 to April 3 1777. When that happened, the effect of Pluto began pouring into every Capricornian power structure on the globe to fuel those who would either transform and upgrade and motivate their lives, colonies, or commerce, government congruent with a higher more excellent spiritual law and blueprint structure, or add fuel to the service to self structure to control.

Pluto went into Capricorn in January 2008 and leaves on March 2024 The last time this Pluto was in Capricorn was 1762- 1777. We saw the spark, the beginning of the Divine Man and Woman wanting economic fairness and prosperity, and Independence. As Pluto in Capricorn began in 1762 to influence the elite to push against the civil unspoken golden rule, and unleash an increase of abuse each year of its progress, in the way of more control of the colonies’ lives and industry, increasing its drive to clamp down in an almost reckless way, it led up to 1776, the trigger to counteract this oppression and injustice.
Everyone feels Pluto in Capricorn, but how it is released and how one envisions a NEW POWER BLUEPRINT, is up to the soul of each individual, and the group comprising of these particular souls. If these souls are of the light and have good will towards their fellow man, the Capricorn Blueprint is Divine and Fair. It will build a new structure in the world for the better…or If the souls are service to self, it will oppress and be a parasite through those selfish souls. From 1776 to 1777, that was the last year of the Pluto in the power sign of Capricorn- it is matched in 2021-2024. A rerun.


Pluto began to square Uranus on June 24 2012; Sept 2012; May 2013; Nov 1 2013; April 2014l; December 2014; March 16 2015 The revolutionary humanitarian and progressive energy of the planet Uranus has been checkmating the Pluto in Capricorn in what we call a square ( a 90 degree angle between Pluto and Uranus in our solar system). Uranus is an unconditional independent self governing enlightenment for a higher way in every area of life. It is seen as synonymous with the sign of Aquarius.
This angle between these two planets create a clash between the energy of Uranus which desires to work through truth seekers for a higher fair ( and more secure) way of life, and Pluto which actually is simply holding the potential of a new power Blueprint for the earth. Recap of this very crucial last phase of this cycle Read more here… Pluto     and  Uranus square Pluto. Ongoing financial crisis for the U.S. and the world: Transiting Pluto and Natal Pluto in the U.S. Chart This opposition between Pluto and the U.S. Sun began 2014 and is peaking until November 1 2015.
The last peak with Pluto is the most powerful one, September 27-November 1 2015. People, this is a serious astrology cycle for America and the world. I would love to give updates on every nations’ forecast…It would be a joy…because of time limits at this moment, please know, some of the cycles America has been and will be receiving, can affect all of us all over the world if we are aligned with the true meaning of America, so you can take this next cycle as pertinent for your own, wherever you live. Both The conceptional U.S. Chart ( 1776) and the U.S. Natal Chart ( 1789) have challenging aspects to the two planets which were hit hard during 2008, conceptional U.S. Mars ( Uranus square Mars 2008 and (Saturn in Sag oppose Mars 2016-2017) and natal Saturn ( Uranus inconjunct Saturn 2008; 2015-2016 Saturn square Saturn) There are several challenging economic and security cycles to be aware of in 2015-2016.\ Challenging financial cycles for U.S.Natal Chart:
These below are only Pluto oppose U.S. Conceptional Sun, and square U.S. Conceptional Saturn. The crescendo,rise and exposure of the root problems behind leadership/wealth/alliances/who owns the country and controls the world financially.

Jan 5-February 25 2015
May 20-June 20 2015
August 17-November 1 2015
November 28-December 25 2015 (Pluto oppose U.S. Sun in Cancer; Pluto square U.S. Saturn in Libra.)
Natal U.S. Unstable periods: January 1-February 11 2015
January 20-February 10 2015
March 1-10 2015
March 20-April 15 2015
November/December 2014;
July 1-August 30 2015

Saturn conjoin U.S. Natal North Node Economic stress increases – challenging information in media. Stressful economic inconveniences, negative shifts in the dollar:
January 10-25 2015
Transiting Saturn inconjunct U.S. Venus
#1. February 2-10
February 8
March 4
April 20-24
April 28-May 12 2015
Transiting Saturn inconjunct U.S. Venus #2.
July 4-12
August 15-28 2015
October 10-20 2015
Transiting Saturn inconjunct U.S. Venus #3
April 2016

7. U.S. Concerns

Seriously unexpected crisis threatening the world’s certainty and security: March 20-April 15; Peaking April 8 2015 December 1- January 10 2016 peaking Dec 31-January 1 2016 ( Uranus square U.S. Natal Moon in Cancer in the 11th house, which connects to the world communities’ security and certainty.

(When the United States was created, the planet Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn in the 2nd house of assets, banking, economy, metals, worth, values, treasure, business, industry,…It means America, or who controls it financially, has an incredible amount of power here….it is the area of the chart which rules, materials and tools to use and achieve any agenda, usually through gold and power machines. Pluto in Capricorn, is the power of the blueprint, the structure and the laws and ambition poured constantly into the activities of money, commerce, business and the power elite’s involvement even at Conception in 1776.)

The planet Pluto now in our solar system is slowly moving back into the same position for the first time, as the U.S. Conceptional Pluto in the 2nd house of assets and banking, culminating on 2022-2024. This will culminate in a huge and serious Pluto Return of accountability with regards to the power elite’s involvement with the U.S. And Global Money. I feel its’ core issue will be Gold and crazy futuristic technologies. Below is a chart of the Conception of the United States, and shows in Red where the Pluto is sitting in these chart, in the 2nd house.

All 2015 especially on November 20 2014,through January 10 2015, Pluto will be in a direct opposition to the United States Conceptional Sun in Cancer. ( See the 2nd chart below with the red circle.)
It will continue up through November 2015). The U.S. has never experienced this transit before.
It is a direct attack upon the Divine Blueprint of the Original purpose of this nation’s’ ideals for the world… *the Sun”. It will be seen in increased oppressive attitudes, bills, executive orders and unseen multiple covert actions, threatening the soul of the country.
The Sun is the power and radiating creative energy of the astrology chart of anything or anyone and when we receive a transit such as this one from Pluto, we feel oppressed, torn down and feel the threat of what we have invested our life energy into, is now being directly overrun by a thing with no conscience. I’ve watched individuals go through this cycle, including myself. ( yes, we are using the word blueprint repeatedly throughout this article…in fact the words that make up this year’s thought form, are Frequency, Standard, Consciousness, Hope and Blueprints, oh yes, and Journeys.) In one respect, the Pluto oppose Sun, will eventually lead to the consciousness of this country severing a tie with something or someone forever, that has been a draining and dead end agreement. Severing the compromising relationship with all broken, corrupt and soulless individuals and societies. This astrology cycle has been building for several years. It accelerated on January 2008. It escalated November 2013, leading to it’s crescendo October/November 2015.

The Pluto oppose U.S. Sun not only could be the theme of people with conscience all over the globe wanting the severing of global economic elitism service to self, but it is also being used as a destructive theme by sick Plutonian societies to break the people’s spirit who innocently reaching for a Golden Age which was symbolized by the Ideals of America. It can be both at the same time.
The elite are trying to hammer the final nail in the coffin called “ Freedom” through this plutonian cycle. Uranus has been attempting to block this destruction freedom in every way possible. The dangerous confrontation from the Plutonian presence against the U.S.’s original identity could be seen in so many challenges America is now facing, losing its original purpose and protection. And/or severing the core dark manipulative relationships with those that are at the source of what has happened to this country’s financial base.
It can be seen also in an escalation of theater by certain individuals’ abuse of power, within and without, but eventually, at the end of the cycle, if Pluto had a divine role to play, it is to sever once and for all an old old karmic relationship with that “something” or someone, that has tried to dominate and control it for a long long time, rape the resources America and the planet, and mechanize it to the dark consciousness’ agenda, such as, yes, in the movie the MATRIX. People say, America is Atlantis come again, and the majority of its people are also Atlanteans come back to do better, and usher in an age of magnificence once more, but this time, not allow the corruption to take it down.. It is possible, something dark took Atlantis down, and through this Pluto opposition, we are facing that dark presence in so many different forms, but one source behind it all, again.
So, do you see, this Pluto cycle is happening to everyone in every country. America simply represents the group souls all over the globe who believe in what America Stands For. If America is mechanized and captured ( some say it already is) what will happen to earth?

I could branch off here and go into another article entirely, but will hopefully write it soon and link it to this one regarding the cycles when the golden age could actually appear, and world becomes higher, and so on, but back to the 2015 theme.) Again, this opposition between Pluto and the U.S. Sun is peaking until February 1 2015. Pluto will return August 17 – November 1 2015. The last peak with Pluto is the most powerful one. Escalation of Earth changes, magnetosphere abnormalities, poles extreme movement are predicted and might possibly be manipulated in order to to shock us from every field. The Hope is, everyone wakes up this time, and because of Uranus in Aries, checkmating this Pluto in Capricorn, there is truth, transparency, progressive souls continuing to take the stand for a spiritual humanitarian revolution, this time, globally

8. Eclipses
Definition of the 4 Blood Moons through 2014-2015

April 4 2015 – Lunar Eclipse at 14* Libra Lunar eclipse at 14* Libra oppose Sun and Uranus at 14 and 16* Aries square Pluto at 15* Capricorn. A serious trap in personal and professional partnerships…stay away from feeling moved to make any kind of commitment regarding joining or ending a relationship during this period of March 28 through April 10 2015, that should be a large enough time to stay clear of making a mistake. Fortunately your mind is logical and you have the courage and personal confidence to protect self and maintain a steady course with your life. This is a trap to take sides, initiate conflict or go along with a final partnership decision, make a financial commitment which you could regret soon after the decision.
The clarity in thinking is coming from the Mercury this week at 9* Aries trine Jupiter at 12* Leo trine Saturn at 4* Sagittarius retrograde forming a Grand Fire Trine; conjoin South Node at 9* Aries. September 28 2015 – Lunar Eclipse at 4* Aries
The Sun is at 4*, the Black Moon is at 4* and the North Node is at 0, Mercury retrograde is at 10* Libra, oppose Moon at 4* Aries.
At this time, between Sept 20-October 3 2015, the likelihood of being confronted with someone upset with us, is strong.
It will be important not to get tangled into the altercation, but with this Lunar Eclipse, it might be necessary to allow this situation play out rather than just ignore or walk away or refuse the meeting, because there is something important karmic for you to allow to happen, as if you had an obligation to allow them to speak or tell you what they think, only to find out later, your graciousness protected you, and the relationship ended with a content feeling side of yourself you did everything possible to show your good will.
Like other lunar eclipses, don’t allow this individual to pull you into some kind of further commitment.
March 20 2015 – Solar Eclipse at 29* Pisces

During the period of March 10-30 peaking on the 20th, you could suddenly decide to move forward with a particular helpful idealistic plan that feels so wonderful and right. Solar Eclipses are different from Lunar eclipses in that they are positive illuminating spot lights shining upon a blatantly needy situation which you want to heal. They are correctly guiding you to engage, even though it might make some challenging aspects in your own chart, it’s as if you can’t help it.

September 13 2015 – Solar Eclipse at 20* Virgo oppose Chiron at 19* Pisces and inconjunct Uranus at 19* Aries.

You could be called into a crisis to fix a problem during September 1 – 25 2015. Globally, this eclipse could begin the period of peculiar exposes and drama with some statement or startling event/accident taking place launching the media into tearing apart the facts of this event for long time to come. A mistake has been made and people want answers.

9. The transiting South Node in Aries
conjoin Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn. January 9- April 8 2015

Here we have the beginning of a dangerous uptick of earthquake and/or weather/solar intensity The potential for geophysical, astronomical, technologically induced economic, or large accidents, unexpected unusual disruptions. We need to be vigilant, leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on April 4 2015 in Libra.
Deception and distraction could be woven into these strange events. The Lunar Eclipse adds an element of being tricked, seduced into what seems to be a harmless decision that do not pay!

10. Mars conjoin Neptune Square Saturn in Sagittarius.
January 18-20 2015

Deception A frustration regarding disappointing events, people, behavior is finally acknowledged as something which can no longer continue in your life. Good boundaries are needed now. Since Saturn in Sagittarius rules morality, ethical standards of living and practice, the need for better boundaries and positive vision for a happy future, and Mars conjoin Neptune in Pisces is delusional, lying, deceptive, misleading, we have a confrontation here between these two qualities. The Saturn wins this time. Trust your intuition. Some you interact with, just never seem to show their entire hand. Even realizing this, and deciding to walk away, is progress!

11. Mercury retrograde
January 20-21 2015 at 17* Aquarius Direct February 11 2015 at 1* Aquarius.

This Mercury retrograde is the first of 3 in air signs this year increasing your intelligence. Mercury retro in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries is the theme and will bring strong mental logical decisions into your world, increase your intuition, guidance and offer to you an assignment in the area of powerful logical reasoning to guide your future, accept certain facts and inspire you to make the changes you need to carry out very exciting plans. It is puzzle solving energy. Especially from January 15- 28th 2015, you are open to talking things out, sharing and being totally honest with self and others. It will uncover facts and information that normally would have been kept from you, regarding seriously issues, you must know, in order to make the right decision now. It will increase your motivation to try something new and exciting you’ve been wanting, especially occurring in the house where you have Aquarius. January 12-14 Mercury conjoin Venus- Harmonious loving conversations, inspired to write, play music, dance, paint. Good for signing papers. Jan 14 – 28 Mercury stationary semi-sextile Pluto, and as we said above, sextile Uranus. It also slightly opposes Jupiter. Here is a time to open oneself up to transparency, honesty, baring one’s’ soul in order to clear the way for a better future with another. The subject discussed might be about travel, education, vacationing, school and career decisions. Sharing one’s goals and aspirations is so helpful now, and you get input from people you trust. Changes in work, hours, shifts and career ideas are positive. Health issues will begin to get resolved hopefully, with a new insight or new facts about the problem. The uncovering of important political or economic details and open for fair solution. MERCURY DIRECT Feb 4-11 ( especially Feb 4,5, 6) Mercury stationary retro sextile Saturn February 4-19 2015 Mature discussions between you and another bring satisfying results for the future plans. Again, excellent for signing important papers if it is checked with your own transits! This sextile helps make lists, get organized, work on anything where you need to assess your assets, organize your possessions, work on your bookkeeping, provide important documents, logs, data and get help from others with your plans.

12. More Mercury Retrogrades
( article coming throughout the year) Future Mercury Retrograde Dates Are: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini at 13* May 19-June 11 2015; Mercury Retrograde in Libra 15* September 19-October 9 2015

13. Mars Neptune Moon in Pisces conjoin January 21-23 2015

This could be a hard 3 days and the challenge is to remain emotionally balanced and up. Coincides with the Mars conjoin Neptune which has deception during the time of January 18-20. Feelings run high regarding an exciting irresistible opportunity but could feel split between this new situation and another more important and reliable true blue situation at the same time. Torn between two things. Stay true to your heart. Try to lay low, and not make any decisions right away. This cycle is confusing and is a test of rising above illusions. Stay detached and keep your solar plexus sealed. Powerful Positive FREQUENCIES
14. Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries
Began September 22- 2014, runs through 2015 summer, should be felt straight through June 2015. Exact Peaks: September 20-October 2014; February 20-March 15 2015; June 2015 ( exact June 22 2015 ) True Friendship-joy, opportunities for creative projects, career, and innovative ideas to flourish are very positive during this period. The Power of Jupiter in Leo, trine Uranus in Aries, brings to us deep love for each other. It will be expressed towards your partner, your friends and colleagues who have hung in there through thick and thin, gone through the best and the worst, and are still committed to the cause, the work, and the relationship. This cycle will bring a renewing of the bond. It is sweet and deep, loving and powerful. Fresh new ideas, appreciation, projects, and activities sweep through the heart and emotions, invigorating relationships and community with a new boon of hope. It is a satisfying love and mutual respect, in spite of their faults, what would this world have been like, upon reflection of our past trials, without these precious unique souls in our lives? Gratitude is in the air. It is real. Enjoy it…cherish it and allow yourself to trust the process of this sweet sharing to only accelerate between you and your group or dearest one. It will wipe away the past hurts or suspicions. It is like a little bit of slipping into the world of heaven for many, regardless of the unfinished tasks at hand that are still toilsome.

15. Venus Retrograde from 0* Virgo to 14* Leo
July 26 – September 6 2015
(article coming this spring for Venus Retro)

Venus Retrograde at 0* Virgo conjoin Jupiter at 0* Virgo July 25 to August 5 2015 This is a cycle in your life where new paradigms must be accepted if you are to move up and advance in any way now… might be related to work, or, a period of time to be forced to deal with your health, immune system and purification of the body. It is a good time to decide to start a new health regime, transform your diet, work on eliminating bad food and toxins. Because of Saturn’s involvement, you could be forced to give up something…maybe a position or a minor detail that can be tossed. Try not to be petty, keep positive expansive and carry good will. It will feel better when Venus turns Direct around Sept 6 than the beginning of this cycle, July 26. Your discernment and intuition, good judgment can not be overlooked now. Love and relationships are requiring common sense, and might be delayed because something is not right. All things pertaining to purity, purification, body, health blood work, nutritional needs are very good now. Venus at 0* Virgo Retrograde square Saturn in Sagittarius and oppose Neptune in Pisces

This Venus/Jupiter is in square with Saturn at 28* Scorpio to 0* Sagittarius, and oppose Neptune in Pisces at 6-9* which might create some financial or support limitations or frustrations with something or someone in your life you were hoping would be more supportive and helpful. So here is what I think this Venus retrograde is all about…it is empowering your heart chakra, and educating you to recognize something or someone that could be disappointing to you, and even hurtful through cluelessness and it doesn’t have to bring you down, and you don’t need to sacrifice things for anything beneath the standard you have worked so hard to uphold and raise. You would think Venus Conjoin Jupiter would be great, but because of Saturn where it is positioned, the fun and expansion is tempered with something sobering at the same time, and Neptune makes it all feel depressing.

The disappointment is from the Neptune….the Neptune oppose Venus makes us feel as if we were invisible. The other person might not even notice anything is wrong! The neglect or challenging perspective they are taking, ( or maybe they are not engaged with your concerns at all and that’s the problem!) is in your eyes, not okay. Jupiter on Venus empowers, is practical, stays up, has discernment and knows about karmic patterns, people’s limitations, and does not give in to his or her’s personal commitments to your higher self to advance your life, remember? Sock money away just in case the Neptune in Pisces oppose the Venus ( finances) in Virgo, is a potential loss of money Venus trine Uranus August 16-23 2015 and September 20-24 2015 Resolutions and greater sense of freedom in areas of creative business projects, social excitement, music and arts, creative plans are expanding! Venus conjoin Mars July 1-3; August 29 – September 3 2015
Dynamic creativity, initiative, motivation and high energy to create something wonderful, volatile a bit for love. Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn Oct 19-25 2015 Seriously productive and practical for work, earnings, organizing, taking charge of a department that needs

16. Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn
October 1 – 17 2015
Returns March 10-24 2016;  June 19-July 2 2016

 This period helps bring good fortune, easier times, financial blessings or projects fulfilled into our lives. Because the Jupiter has moved into a practical project focused sign of Virgo, much can get done during this period which demands perfection, order, accuracy and analyzing. Organization is running high! Perfecting diet and body is very rewarding now! No matter what field you are in, you are now moved to become better and more accurate. A special small detail that seems unavoidable, but could be laborious, demands your attention, and you could decide to engage. The nature of the Pluto in a trine adds drive and power to the desire to serve better, others around you and yourself! Let’s take advantage of this powerful boost now, which is only your beginning of 3 stages of a new path towards making something absolutely wonderful. Stage two comes in March of 2016, then Stage three in June 2016 where you will see the reaping of your harvest. Remember, the seeds are being planted for your new project to succeed in October. Happy Harvesting!

17. Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus
Begins September 15 2015  Peaks October 26 – November 15 2015

This cycle simply creates a frustrating period where daily events get messed up and you have to lay low, and be very flexible. September you should begin to feel something is shifting very quickly from a nice summer, to a bit of a hectic fall and winter. Globally it might denote an early frost/snow in certain regions, or unexpected crop problems, crazy weather suddenly, economic shifts suddenly, large unexpected accidents on the globe. Personally, with Jupiter will be in Virgo, the areas of malfunction could be the following: Challenging decisions, not using your discernment; health, stress and blood pressure issues; tension, worry and not being satisfied with end results of anything because the details are missing, or new facts have been introduced which demands a start over.. farming, agriculture, harvests, crazy weather; employment, work, co workers, projects and deadlines, lack of cooperation from experts and all technical projects, data scrambled, hacking, breaches of security and hacking of moral ethical boundaries ….unable to stop viruses, plagues, bacterial outbreaks, and basically anxiety levels reaching all time high, because this aspect is hitting at the same time Saturn square Neptune, and the Venus retro is at 14* Leo trine Uranus, and the Mercury Retro will be opposing Uranus and square Pluto.
Say out loud    “Beloved Divine Mighty Presence above me and all beautiful souls on this planet, Beloved Archangel Michael and the Angels of light, come into this world this year of 2015, and seal us from all natural and unnatural abnormalities and disruptions of nature, energies, forces that could attempt to interfere with our victory this year! We command you to seal us with your invincible shields and protect our vision and physical plans and projects, our consciousness and newly born belief we can raise our standard here. We thank you and accept this done in full power, amen!”

18. Saturn in Sagittarius afterthought
Remember, Saturn in Sag is the visionary expansive belief we can raise the standard of our life and our daily frequency! So this year you can allow yourself to be more fiery, philosophical, adventurous and see your project or plan as an adventure and map it out as if you were planning a Journey. Like the Centaur, you can heal your past, heal your life. More is Better! You could be increasingly amazed how much you are understanding others psychological tendencies. You get them, yet at the same time, not willing to allow yourself to be too vulnerable by them, if they are lower than what you want. You recognize the intuitive part of yourself is growing. When Saturn is in Sagittarius, you work on having good boundaries in spite of conflicting feelings or disturbing realities, possibilities and choices. You do what is ethically right. You will be more blunt, truthful and frank. You will want others to get to the point. You will also expect others to be honest, moral, transparent and higher minded. Someone you can trust. And remember, the key of 2015 is raising the Frequency and our standard and believe it is possible this year! Keep your mind and emotions positive, joyous, trusting and loving all year. Project an outgoing encouraging attitude for others to feel hopeful. The concept of seeing your 2015 as an adventure of excellence and transforming your life in at least one area is the key. Believe that a negative past will never be repeated starting today, and now your future is going to be exciting! It could be an adventure with your family goals, home, closeness and love, possibly your work and career projects, or it could be a journey with your health and body, or deciding “ I am never going to worry about money again! So therefore in 2015 I need to__________!”.
Whatever it is, all of us together are raising our frequency individually, by believing and concentrating on each day sustaining a new vision for our lives. The purpose is to advance in vibration to thin the veil between the physical and the etheric levels of dimensions ( the Etheric Plane only ). This is where all amazing inspirations and highest perfection comes from, simply bypassing the astral plane completely. The Astral Plane vibrates as a tangled trap operating in low levels of vibration and makes us vulnerable to the sea monsters. For years now, many have noticed an increase of synchronicity in their lives. Now we are all jumping off from the synchronicity amazement to being fully awake of why the synchronicity has been happening to us….there are living divine consciousness all around us opening up love and opportunity for us if we simply stay in that higher frequency. By increasing consciously your affirmations, conscious intentions, prayer, purification, high music, and spiritual religious rituals if you like, of some kind regularly, which all correspond to Sagittarius’ purpose, a corridor of love is being built to travel through into the higher realms of light.

There you can bring back into your daily earthly world, new ideas, comfort and help, so you don’t feel so cut off or alone in this journey you are in. We all need a camaraderie among like minds on our path. Check out this concept in detail with this fascinating book.The Masters and their Retreats. The ability to move up and pass through into higher vibrational realms while still living and working here in this plane, is a sort of graduation from noticing for many years now, all the synchronicity happening all around us. Now the next phenomenon will be CONSCIOUSNESS AND ETHERIC REALMS. Yes, let’s bypass the horizontal sideways levels and go up! The horizontal levels is the astral sea and the human negative world down here…I would like to live in the etheric and the physical at the same time, and I believe we can. A bridge can be built to serve and help at this level, and derive our boost of energy and recharge from the Etheric Realm. Consciousness ( which requires becoming sensitive to Frequencies and Vibrational feelings) is the new Reality.)

This Higher Self is a step up in Vibration to you, and can be communicated with, and you might even feel it sending you suggestions of how to approach this or that situation. We are meant to carry heaven in our chakras and aura of our body and this new Journey can take us into the secret chamber of the heart, where we commune with the priest of our life, the Higher Self. As we get better at protecting our bodies and auras from the heavier energies that affect our outlook on life, more is given to us to sustain that new standard throughout 2015. Saturn Square Neptune is a moment in time that we need to remember to do 3 things:
1. Seal ourselves from the vulnerabilities of these negative energies with a high vibration of power and joy.

2. Challenge darkness or lower frequencies through a quick prayer such as this: Beloved I Am that I Am, Divine Presence seal me and all I love from all negative forces. Roll back and consume all darkness in any way shape form or feelings, that cause uncomfortable energies, depression, disappointment and delusion, energies that are not from me, but permeating around us all, seeking a place to land.” Make quick affirmations to Angels to be taken away. Help our friends with protection and be on guard for dark moods within ourselves and others before the energies take control of anothers mind.

3. Concentrate upon raising the standard of outcomes in your life, love, family and work.

The Fixed Stars

Bungula, Yed Prior, Akrab ( Dschubba) all at 2* Sagi and lesath at 4* Sag The Fixed Star Dschubba conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius is confronting situations and individuals where there could be sudden assaults, immorality and lack of conscience and shamelessness. Possible mass catastrophes. 2015 Saturn conjoin the Fixed Star Lesath, brings issues to the surface regarding immoral unethical hypocritical behaviors that hurt us and the world. The phrase used with this Star is danger sting and immorality. Especially when Saturn hits 4* on February 8- April 15 2015 and again in Late September through October 2015. Relationships can have sudden unexpected upsets by possibly discovering a friend or partners’ true behavior or feelings during Saturn’s conjunction with the Fixed Star Tolima Bungula at 0-1* Sag. but can turn out constructive for everyone at the end. It is suppose to be a cycle of gain but can have disagreements unexpectedly through conflict of moral or cultural issues. The fixed Star Yed Prior also conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius this year, emphasizing the need again, to raise one’s ethical standards and vision of one’s highest potential. This fixed star emphasizes scandal, immoral temptations, seductions and slander. How does this apply to us? The theme of the Fixed stars tells us to prepare for handling shameless immoral people and the situations they create and could attempt to entangle us in. This includes challenging corruption exposed in the important activities of the planet.
Protect yourselves and loved ones from having any dealings with these kind of energies. This is the year of raising our expectations for ourselves and our environment around us. Exercise faith in yourself and quality of life. Use good judgment, and learn to say no to sin because you are expecting more for and from yourself and those you love. Thank you for joining me in this journey in 2015.

“…But the world itself, what exists around us and inside of us, is never one-sided. A person or an act is never entirely Sansara or entirely Nirvana, a person is never entirely holy or entirely sinful. It does really seem like this, because we are subject to deception, as if time was something real. Time is not real, Govinda, I have experienced this often and often again. And if time is not real, then the gap which seems to be between the world and the eternity, between suffering and blissfulness, between evil and good, is also a deception.” “But how come?” “Listen well, my dear, listen well! The sinner, which I am and which you are, is a sinner, but in times to come he will be Brahma again, he will reach the Nirvana, will be Buddha—and now see: these ‘times to come’ are a deception, are only a parable! The sinner is not on his way to become a Buddha, he is not in the process of developing, though our capacity for thinking does not know how else to picture these things. No, within the sinner is now and today already the future Buddha, his future is already all there, you have to worship in him, in you, in everyone the Buddha which is coming into being, the possible, the hidden Buddha. The world, my friend Govinda, is not imperfect, or on a slow path towards perfection: no, it is perfect in every moment, all sin already carries the divine forgiveness in itself, all small children already have the old person in themselves, all infants already have death, all dying people the eternal life. It is not possible for any person to see how far another one has already progressed on his path; in the robber and dice-gambler, the Buddha is waiting; in the Brahman, the robber is waiting.”
An excerpt from Siddhartha – by Hermann Hesse

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