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Cancer – The Power of Your Feelings



to be a cancer is to experience the world around you with your feelings. The power of the Sun pouring through Cancer, intensifies emotionsis.Cancer has the ability to take action and make decisions based on the needs of others. Concern for others’ security, you guard their lives by feeding, housing, defending.

The emotions run deep and blend with family and old friends.

Memories, old times, can evoke feelings of security or trauma. Your moral compass is usually high as your ability to empathize with anothers’ suffering is great. You’ll usually know what to do.

The moon is the ruler of your Sun Sign, and so you are the most financially, domestically emotionally connected to the needs of the public. People crave comfort, security, warm fuzzy feelings, and a Cancer has an energy that brings it into the room.

Working in Food industry, restaurants, and all places which feed the public are likely professions. Also, careers where there is a popular appeal, where people can identify with the movie, the clothes, the team, the house, or the event.

Family is so important, the house, the property, and nurturing all things in order to collect an atmoshere of protection for self and others.

The true power of Cancer is found in the 1st Ray, which is White, and rules the base chakra. It is the found of money, abundance, nurturing everything, all the other chakras, the water of life, pouring white pure light into your activities in order to enrich your world. When we misuse the White Ray for selfish reasons, by being addicted to feeling better and better, wealthier and richer, fed by this or that earthly sensation, the light within this base is wasted and used up on all human things.

The goal for Cancer is to contain the light by living a good life, taking care of ones’ family, finances, supplies, home, and base of living foundation.

You can expand these feelings and needs as much as you like, simply self check often to discover, is this a larger percentage of my love and work going towards me feeling safe and indulgent, or giving it in service to another?

Love, is the key. We want to protect, have money, food and provide opportunity for others to advance so they can experience the warmth of the Divine Mother.

There is nothing so beautiful than being in that cancer presence and knowing the personal attention of that one which is mirroring the expanse of the Universal Feminie is upon you, looking out for you, bringing you a bowl of homemade soup and Light the fire, listening to all your problems. That Mother is within all Cancers, male or femaile, and yes, people do feel better when around you. Everyone needs a Cancer friend.

It rules the 4th house, which is the place in the astrological chart we find home/family, and the more passive parent.
Challenging qualities:

Easily triggered, emotionally vulnerable, feelings are too powerful.

Repressing feelings and hiding your hurts or anger results in stomach, intestinal problems.

Reacting to others’ insensitive behavior, is normal as Cancers’ have deep feelings. Selfishness, hoarding, excessive collecting, not being able to throw anything away…using food too much as an emotional fixer. The cancer usually needs more attention, love, affection, comforting words, care, snacks, dinners, help and understanding than most signs. Try to observe how much you are needing these things..


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