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Capricorn – True Power to Organize


Capricorn is the Power Sign of all 12 Signs. A true Capricorn will want to create a system of progress within their life, their children’s lives, their work environment and so forth. Organizing the activities, ambitions and plans for those they love is strong in them. Ambition, status, climbing the ladder so to say, is part of this energy. Taking charge of situations, and making them run well, accepting a responsibility to tackle big things, handle business dealings, concentrating upon building and maintaining an organization, a family, or household, whatever it is, will be the kind of thing Capricorns’ do best. Being in charge, running their lives the way they want, being in control with their goals, taking one step at a time is key.

Capricorn’s tend to also respect formulas, scientific or mathematical system procedures. There are plans, strategies, ambition and epic ideas in their heads of what they envision could be possible. There is usually a worldly sophisticated outlook these people have as if they are somehow so experienced they want to be the master over their environment, unless the Capricorn in is born in house number 6th, which is between 5:30 -8 pm around that time of birth…when in that case, there is a sense of insecurity or some slight inadequacy and humility.

Capricorns are usually not the most humble people, they are solid in their sense of importance and the role they have taken on in life. If they are spiritually based, they will be very strong in their higher visions and goals of taking their beliefs into broader organizational projects.

This sign is Blue, the 1st Ray, and The Great Divine Director ( the Master R), Archangel Michael and El Morya are divine masters who rule over this zodiac sign. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, which carries accountability, strength of the structure of things, karmic assignments and stoicism. It involves the creation of systems in every day life, from where your mail goes as it comes in the house, to manufacturing plants to running a corporate office, or organizing a kids camp. Capricorn is the sign that knows how to create functionality and delegate responsibilities.

The main fault of Capricorn could be, a struggle they have with their sense of entitlement. Some Capricorns are a bit too settled in their confidence or belief and perspective that they are meant to be in power, and have the right to claim it, and not be challenged. In otherwords, they might have an aversion of self reflection, humility, and another might have a valid position challenging some of the Capricorns’ ways.

They rule the knees, and so bending the knee is crucial for Capricorns, before a Higher Spiritual Intelligence. Capricorns have strong egos, and intellectually can feel that they’ve done everything required to reach their status, it’s beyond their comprehension why they could be challenged to change, modify or step down. It’s out of their realm of understanding since they have produced and performed at a competent material level so well. Sometimes it’s more than that….maybe a more innovative style, or higher level of ideas or methods must be incorporated into a system or business. The Capricorns’ job is to recognize it, and embrace a logical move to upgrade or allow something fresh and productive, more friendly and warm come into a system, with a bit of unconventional ideas. For the Capricorn, it all depends on whether the blueprint remains intact of the original plan, then if so, innovate away!

There is an ethereal loving nature within Capricorns, a very soft beautiful nature deep within them, that truly has a patience of love displayed in their carefully walked path throughout life.

Business, careers, degrees, well read and well experienced within their life path are major qualities of a Capricorn. They earn their station through life lessons and experience, taking the hard knocks and staying steady to their course. Strong parental values, financial and business abilities, and being in charge over departments are easy for them.

Creating structures, formats, outlines, protocols and rules come out of Capricorns, someone needs to do this. Thank you Capricorn! The Highest Mastery will come through an intuitive knowing of what the blueprint is for many situations and individual’s lives and activities. They tend to tune into the Blueprint, an invisible plan that resides within people and outer activities. They either can truly handle power, or they are drawn to live in the power, but are not handing it well, improvising as they go along, hoping no one questions their authority. By their fruits you will know the true Capricorn attainment. They can assess what is the best road to follow, next step and plan to embrace in order to maintain an alignment with the most functional and spiritual ideal for each situation and person. Love is the key for Capricorns, as it melts the heart, maintains a reminder of being in service, that one is simply holding a position and isn’t the position….and keeps the soul humble, so even greater works can be realized.


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