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Gemini – Duality vs The One Way


Gemini is ruled by the swift and multi versatile planet Mercury. The Sign is associated with the 3rd house of the mind and communication. Geminis sometimes naturally live in another dimension, skimming above some of the heavier activities of the earth plane. Sailing, flying, speed travel, at least in the mind, is compelling movement for the Gemini. The logic, intelligence and curiosity inside of their minds, are almost beyond description. If you are a Gemini, you are quick to capture meaning in every thing you focus on and people around you find it challenging to track you. Sometimes, you’re going to need to slow down and become extremely mindful of the words you are choosing, and how you explain each point.

Geminis usually have an excellent memory, unless something has happened to interfere. Your library of information is vast, and if applied to just a few skills thoroughly, you will truly excel in that field. Music, the arts, dance, entertainment, comedy and theater are compelling activities expressing your versatile personality. The Sun radiates beams of tremendous love through your Gemini constellation in order to bring a network of people together and transfer important information, as if you were truly the messenger of the gods.

Mercury is your ruling planet, and studying the power of Hermes Trismigistus in ancient times, would assist you in learning your Gemini abilities and ultimate powers. One thing people miss when describing Gemini is their longing for the other half. Where in the world has my true love gone? The Gemini is on a quest to find the person who holds the key to their heart. This love does not have to be perfect, but when found, Gemini knows it, and will not let go. Many relationships can be experiments through time until finally the one can be found.

The true Key of many Gemini’s happiness is to find their true love, their other half. Once you find them, realizing the Divine Presence above is the ultimate power, guiding both of you, and not make the partner your God and your means to an end itself. When you detach and make the Higher Presence your ultimate love, practice it with all your heart, love and happiness, security and success will only grow with time in this plane we live in.

CHALLENGES: ( Love is the Key )

Intensely expressing one’s opinions to others, with such volume, lengthy descriptive explanation and laser intellect, could leave the other person overwhelmed or shattered, possibly feeling they have just been through an assault of some kind. Self awareness, objectivity and truly learning to listen to what friends are saying about your delivery, your mind, your ideas or what you mentally and verbally concentrate on, is so important, because frankly, many times you have no idea how inaffective your sharing is. Try to use words and ideas that serve some helpful purpose to others, rather than proving points, revealing others’ ignorance or resolving your psychology through confrontational discussions, revealing to everyone how smart you are.

Being scattered, unfocused, too many distractions and interests interfere with the Gemini’s progress. There can be multiple agendas for your day, week or year…even for your life, that you could be aware of, however, unless you repeatedly self check your activities throughout the day you might find yourself not getting your goals met. Gemini’s need concentration, meditation, first thing in the morning setting intentions in order to receive the day’s assignment. It comes into the heart and mind like a fire, which ignites the will of the Gemini to hyperfocus upon the agenda(s) of the day.

Without this mental discipline, so much time in this life will be wasted. The world is filled with too much information, so much to know, learn and absorb, but without the morning assignment download, the day could lack filters to prioritize what is truly important this day to accomplish?

Trickyness, deception, changing the subject and bypassing obvious facts in order to maintain the narrative one wishes to project. Be fair, objective, honest and come clean with your mind, and words. Mentally revolving. Engaging in loops. Over and over’re in the Gemini Mercury Trap. By going over and over events, subjects, annoying issues, conversations, emails trying to re-frame them, reconstruct how it could have been said differently, etc..etc…ad nauseam, this is considered mental sickness. Practice always these 2 things:

Catch yourself doing this and say outloud, ” Mighty God Presence, take command of all my issues, and pour resolution, wisdom and understanding as to the true intent, reason, motive or cause of these stressful situations, and bring the solutions quickly with the speed of light”. Then, trust and stop thinking about it. Everytime the mind goes back to this subject, stop and say it again.

Resign yourself to the possibility, some things and some people are simply not logical, might not want resolution, or are broken, your what you are expecting to come out of someone or something , could actually not be possible, because they do not possess the ability to do it! So, let it go, and stay away from the awful experience. In fact, stay away if at all possible, from all stressful experiences that appear to be revolving and repeating, because, Gemini’s nervous systems will eventually cave under such stress.

On the other hand, not taking nurturing and domestic things seriously enough. No clue as to how deep and loving one could actually be on an every day basis, because Gemini is too busy, thinking all the the time about, everything. Family and loved ones become neglected.

Valuing Wisdom
Golden Yellow Ray
Mental World
Rules the 5th house
Planet Mercury ruler
El Morya Chohan governs Gemini, retreat; Darjeeling, India
Mastery of conveying ideas
Intellectual and Academic
Transportation, vehicles, driving
Phone activities
Internet, world wide information access
Mail, networking
Musical, Lyrical Talent
The Media
The Nervous System, The Lungs, The Wiring in the Body, Arms, Shoulders, Hands.
Absorbs Information, connects the dots and relays it to others
Accesses both right and left brain analysis at the same time
Mind Power
Messenger, relaying pertinent information for specific purposes
Mobile, on the go
Searches for his/her other half
News, Journalism, Writer, Commentator, books, literary activities
Childlike, Youthful, Humorous, Comical, Playful
Unconventional, noncomformist


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