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I Place My Intention Upon… – The Ninth House


Here is where we expand our minds. We learn psychology, visualize, project our ideas into the future and place intention to manifest things. It is where we meditate and expand consciousness. It is where we learn right from wrong, learn values of morality, ethics.

It is the place of colleges, universities and Religion. It holds others’ beliefs projected upon us, or influencing us through a teacher.

It governs all that is foreign. Foreign food, culture, language and foreign thinking, so we are forced tour minds to grow if we want to have anything to do with that person or place. We stretch our thinking and expand understanding to i those who are in a foreign state of mind, psychological state, or another country speaking a different language.  You see? This is about learning something foreign, unusual?

Beautiful mastery occurs here, in the areas of concentration, intention, vision and your belief it can be achieved. The power of concentrating upon an idea, a thing, a project, and being epically optimistic, increasing the your fire poured into realizing this project, and Voila, it comes into the physical  landing right into your own hands.

The ninth house is ruled by the sign Sagittarius, and the planet ruler is Jupiter. The power of the ninth house, is the power of conviction. If we have strong belief and conviction in something, all our forces galvanize through the mind and will,  providing purpose in life. We call need something to believe in. Without this, everyday is a wandering flat purposeless existence. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what your philosophical code you follow is, but once you begin to examine the energies behind the ninth house, you can discover it.

What sign is on the 9th house, determines the belief and attitude you possess, and what you feel about higher spirituality, consciousness, religion or philosophical beliefs in life. In other words, the philosophy of doing good to others, because something inside of you believes, it’s the right way to live, for many reasons, one it returns to you 10 fold. This is a ninth house belief.


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