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Karma Chart


Karma Chart Approx 1/2 hour $55.00

Did you know your Karma Chart will show where the blocks and hardships, disappointments and confusion are concentrated? And why would anyone want to know this? If you can visualize a person’s Karma Chart’s Sun Sign lets say, in the 6th house of employment health and mental/emotional well being. this person, I would say, is a bit nervous, tense, perfectionist, must have some part of their life completely perfect, suffers from inadequacy and could be preoccupied with diet, clothing, fashion, health,and work.


karma_quan_yin_256x180So this person, when they see themselves displaying this tendency could catch himself and say, “Oh, there I go again.” He could remember his pure Natal Sun’s Essence, or their Higher Self’s Chart’s Purpose, and go back to that Real Self and Self Image. What this process can do is eliminate MUCH suffering. So, wherever your Karmic Chart’s Sun is, there we find addictions, co-dependencies, unhealthy attachments, blown out of proportion exaggerated expectations or sense of great importance there.

By describing what it could be, the sign the Sun is in, the House it falls in, the aspects of the other planets to that Karmic Sun, and the Planet which rules that Karmic Sun Sign and what house it is in, etc…..It can define in detail, how you keep hitting your head against a brick wall. The most challenging Karmic Sun placement is if it is in the 1st house, especially in the sign of Aries. The person would periodically be so convinced that in some way they need to come first…so intricately we look at the Higher Chart to see if there is a more proper divine way to get their need met to be first, rather than coming off as self centered, you see?


paradise_valley_256x180Because the self centeredness, only because it’s in the Karmic Chart, will continually sabotage that person’s happiness and true goals, without them knowing what they are doing wrong, because it feels so natural for them to be doing this or living this way. It’s very deep, and each person’s Karma Chart is unique of course. I have never met a person who had an energy pattern in any of their charts exactly like another. Not even twins. There is a technique to distinguish the difference in twins’ charts even if they are born only minutes apart.

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