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Leo – Blazing Expression of Joy


Hello Leos, and what an incredible opportunity to be born under this zodiac sign, the Suns’ natural placement. Confidence, self respect, dignity and intense loyalty to one’s children, loved ones, family, is the heart of the Leo.

At the center of this sign, is the power to delegate, order people around, give directions, organize events and family activities, perform well among one’s friends, colleagues, family and professional public environment. Your Power is strong by expressing your presence, beauty, expertise, holidays and parties, strategic analyzing, writing, performing, theater, TV, music, dance, and so many activities involving children and the welfare of others.

Management and administration, financial investment mortgage real estate professions are your area of expertise. Then we have the Leos that luuuuv Beauty, fashion, style, glamour, interior design, make-up, hair and costume design. Creating businesses with these activities is easy for Leos.

Business savvy, investment advisors, real estate property networking and sales, all these talents come under the sign of Leo.

Children touch a Leo’s heart since Leo is the sign of a childlike playful fun and creative expression. Many Leos have no children of their own, but take care of an adopted child, or their partners’ children.

The Key for Leo’s spiritual progress is to be true to one’s heart, give generously, give love, support, time, service, helpfulness, gifts and financial support.

Leo is the most powerful magnanimous and radiant sign. Their charisma is great. Gratitude and humility is important to always keep in the forefront of your mind..Being thoughtful, sensitive and reciprocate rather than expect everyone to bend to your own will.

Speaking of will versus Will, Leos’ major test is to actually discover their is a higher Will in a spirit dimension that has power over the Leo’s desires. Once Leos yield to this higher Will, asking it to guide them, show them a better higher way to walk their paths, a new spiritual heart sensitivity and childlike wonder begins to open up to them. The world takes on a more magical feeling, and truly the Leo enters that space of ” And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

The Leo has so much worldly savvy, abilities and confidence, this last test for Leo’s could very well be the most difficult. They just know so darn much, and master their lives and everyone around them so well, why do they need any help from on high?

Leo rules the Will of a person. The will deep inside motivates a person to reach goals, achieve and succeed in the smallest to the greatest. The will in a Leo is great.

Exercise this will for good purposes, not always your own self gratification and pleasures…for surely that will only end in your suffering and backfire at some point in your life.

Leo rules the Heart Chakra, Love, Giving…and is surely the sweetest of all signs, since it rules all things lovely. It’s color is Ruby/Pink and is on the 7th and Ruby Ray. It is polarized with Aquarius, which is Violet/Amethyst/Pink. It’s key word is Gratitude as it naturally gives out of feeling one has so much to be grateful for.

The body area is the physical Heart and middle back area. Your power is in expressing helpful advice, guidance, leadership and loving.


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