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Libra ~ Melody, Beauty, The Karmic Fairness


Libra, your best moments are when others ask your advice. Libra is suppose to be the sign of relationships, peaceful mediation, negotiations, helpful support towards others and a win win attitude. However, they seem to be better at giving advice, telling others what they should do, what they could be, how to solve problems and what to aspire to. When a Libra cares about someone their attention is focused upon that person..not the relationship, but the other person. “What and why are they doing what their doing? ” It’s either a sweet and generous devotion towards the partner, child, boss or friend, or a fixation, over idealizing or projecting upon the other, as if that were the Libra’s dream come true.

Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus, so love is truly the key. But this love is focused upon cooperation and mediation, peace making, keeping things nice and pleasant. Libra also loves Music, Beauty, Grace, Symmetry, Mathematical Balance and Order. Justice and Fairness, business legal affairs. Libra rules Luxury and Wealth. Jewelry, Beautiful clothes, music and melody, these are Libras’ gifts, talents or at least appreciation of these things. Can you see all things which keep life pleasant and lovely are Libra. Fairness and Balance, Karmic accountability are also Libras, as it rules the Scales of Justice. It’s the negotiating and coaching process that helps advice and educate people on the justice of a thing. It’s the psychological savvy Libra’s have to help explain what’s going on in the world of the other person. Virgos’ deal with the injustices, pointing out errors and expecting perfection within the system, where Libras can be on the business end, the attorney or the mediator attempting to maintain the balance of the law.

Money is so important to Libra unless there are other planets in the chart in conflict with this sign. Like the Taurus, which is also ruled by Venus, acquiring physical material comfort is important, but for Taurus it’s an accumulation of necessary financial or material goods, assets, possessions, where with Libra it’s about people, social connections, family relations, love and acquiring beauty, musical instruments, artistic materials, jewelry, wardrobe, hair styles, and even tatoos. The body can be their artistic design in that case.

Jewels, gems, crystals and vibrant colors are so important to Libras, as is anything involving fairness, sane intelligent logical justice, cooperation, sanity and the Golden Rule. Libras’ planet is Venus, their color is shades of Blue, they are pro-active, rather than passive, their Master is Mighty Victory, and their key phrase is Reality versus Illusion and Fantasy. That means that they have a knack for seeing the reality of people, the truth about their pscyhology, and attract liars, deceivers and thieves. They must be so perceptive in their relationships and partnerships, their business dealings, as others can change the rules on them in a heartbeat.

Libra, your primary goal is to focus upon your position in all your relationships, whether they are steady and real or based on imbalanced karmic ties.

The ultimate relationship for any Libra is the bridge they make from their heart to the Higher Worlds. Divine beings, angels, and profoundly masterful Masters who have perfected themselves and achieved their Ascension, are the worthy goal for Libras to reach. Build your relationship with the heaven world, and work with these magnificent beings, angels and Masters, as they will truly bring Justice, truth and protection into your life always.

Lastly, Libra’s Power in the Blue Ray is a warrior, confronting the Mirror World of deception and sociopathic danger. Libra will easily declare war upon the corruption harming others, and powerfully take action to stop this behavior. The intensity of a Libra when they’ve had enough, is incredible. Don’t underestimate their mastery on the line of Justice and Seeing Clearly the Truth from the Lies.


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