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Love and Relating, Our Partners – The Seventh House


One of the most important houses is the 7th house. Here is where we discover love, partnerships, cooperation, support and togetherness. All forms of relationships are found in house #7. This can be the place where you see talents and abilities in another that you can not see in yourself, however, the saying goes, if you can see the quality in another, you  must have it somewhere inside or you would not recognize it in others. Same goes for the things that drive you crazy in someone else…in some way, you possess pieces of similar problems and are discovering these issues within the other significant person.

The best way to overcome the aggravations with another is to do a daily ritual to eliminate and literally “exorcise” from yourself, the negative traits that you do not like in others. Make a list of what hurts you, frustrates you, irritates or angers you in others or one particular person…make this list, and you will want to sit quietly and engage in a deep work of purging these elements from yourself, called “entities”, and these “entities” are having a hook, a tie to the same type of “entities” in the other person. So you are exorcising yourself from these things which magnify your own psychological weak spots, and after several weeks of this ritual, you are suddenly feeling stronger, more free, un-hooked from being affected by that person’s personalities. You might even notice, they disappear or are no longer in your life.


” Mighty Divine Higher Self, My I AM Presence, I call to you to cut me free from all entities of _________________________________…Remove the cause and core of these energies and consciousness within me as if they were uninvited guests in my household, and I am now giving them notice to leave. I call to the angels, Archangel Michael, to wield your Mighty Blue Flame Sword and swing it all around and within me, at every level, and consume the dark traits, energies, entities and other dimensional beings that were never intended to be living around me, or in me in any way. I thank you and accept this done this hour in full power, Amen.”

So, the seventh house, is a Libra house, is ruled by the planet Venus, and is magnetic by nature. It attracts people into our lives. We can also find how we love others, give ourselves to others, as we can find people who have strong planets in the 7th house are teachers, consultants and facilitators of projects.

The Kidneys, Pancreas and our Blood Sugar can be found here, along with how we are treated by others, supportive or negligence. It can also show us, if we easily love and give to others rationally, generously and intelligently. For instance, most people who are born with Saturn in their 7th house, have their assignment in this life, to learn how to do this, as they skipped this class many times in past lives, and need to seriously observe and watch their inner nature holds back and expects more from others they are willing to give out. With Jupiter and Venus in this house, much productivity, love or expertise is constantly shared with others, unless it is squared by Saturn or Pluto.

Balance, beauty, symmetry, music, style, partnering, collaborating, sharing, give and take are found here.

It is the house of Justice, our lawyer is found here, as they represent us and is a mediator between us and the courts.

It is the house of fairness, friendships, or open enemies. If you are born with Aries or Mars on the 7th house, you have lived a life where some form of aggression, accusations, abuse or attacks have stressed you, and therefore, you could then in return share with others in a controlling direct and dominating sort of way, even though you have good will behind it.

So this is the house #7, and is ruled by all Divine Beings which represent Divine Love, it is Pink/Rose, with a tad of Electric Blue. It’s counter part is Freedom and Humanitarian Love. Oh, almost forgot, the most important, it is the house of Marriage!


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