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Mars- Motivation and Energy


What Drives You Each Day?

Mars is your planet of energy and rules the triggers in our psychological reactions to situations and people in our life…it is our temper. It is an assertive, aggressive, agitated energy, even if it is found in a passive sign or house. It can energize our body, our thinking and decisiveness, in order to reach a goal. It is energy, motivates, compels ACTION. Mars instigates action in the Zodiac Sign you will find your Mars in. That sign will be the motivator of your world. Motivation, action, energy and desiring gratification will be the Mars, the sign it is in, and the house it is in.

Mars is a force, a power that is at the base chakra, intensifies a fountain of energy pouring love and light through all your body, heart, mind and thoughts. We need Mars or we might never get up off the couch!

Mars also rules anger, fights, altercations, physical exercise, combats and war. Mars intensely cares and wants to insert you into problem situations so you can make the difference.

It rules weapons, machinery, guns and steel.

Mars rules your brain and adrenals.

Where your Mars is, will be a place you tend to engage yourself completely there. It feels compelling, as if it was a part of your outer expression in the world. If Mars is in PIsces in the 3rd house of communication and self expression, it could create compelling drives to express oneself in art, music or psychology and compassion.

If Mars is in Virgo in the 11th house, it could compel one to either criticize one’s friends, or fix all their problems, especially mechanical or technical.

If your Mars is in the 4th house of home in the sign of Scorpio, you will have a gut instinct and angst to survive the family dysfunction, get out of it, and learn to invest in real estate or your home, and fight for your privacy and survival financially and quality of family and friends.

It is a place where there is a combination of hurt, frustration and drive to resolve that area of your life, take care of it, and make it work for you. Many times, leaving behind the old way or people that fit the antagonistic situation. Mars is required to motivate us to have a better life, fix our issues, and motivate us to release energy towards a situation that requires motion, change or improvement, to win, accomplish a goal, reach the finish line in life. Learn to overcome the negatives of your Mars. The sign Mars is in will tell you what you have to conquer and tame, resolve and heal. Problems will show up where your Mars is, the house it’s in and the sign. If you have good fortune with your Mars, it’s in trines and sextiles to other planets, then it shows in past lives, you’ve mastered your energies and have an ability to harness the power of Mars to do constructive things. If it is in oppositions and squares, or inconjuncts, your suffering with certain people and environments, are teaching you to not go there and expect that way to ever work. Is it the types of people you keep attracting or your own personality causing the problem or both? Learn to be objective and overcome.


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