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My Friends, Goals and The Future


The eleventh house, Aquarius and Uranus all have one thing in common, I am everyone’s friend but no one owns me. This house carries the personality and energies of Aquarius. It is the place of futuristic advanced ideas, truth, revolutionary concepts and desire to make changes, improve on others lives or humanity’s situations. The desire to improve, accelerate, change is strong here. It is the place of planning for the future, changing and rearranging, alchemy and formulas in order to magically bring something into the physical. It is the place where we make friends, and join clubs, societies and get involved in community.

It is Ruled by Uranus, and is a spiritually advanced and intellectual house. It involves space, high technology, aeronautics, rockets and the advanced concepts in life which will propel us into a higher awareness of what is possible.

If a person’s Sun is found in the 11th house, this individual will usually be popular, advanced, care so much about their friends and the communuty’s welfare, they are well loved and have loyal followers. If ever in trouble, people will show up to help them, no matter what.

If your Venus is in the 11th, you are also well loved, but it will be more an affectionate expression towards you, bringing gifts, fun, pleasure, financial support. Your friends will be kind, refined and possibly musical or artistic.

If Saturn, the karmic planet is found in the 11th, many troubles with people in general happens here. Learning accountability, you reap what you sew is the lesson, and people might not want to trust you, or they lean too heavily upon you, or your friends are few and far between. This is because of untruthfulness, honesty and discipline lacking in past lives with people in general. You might have let them down in some way, and you’ll be able to figure out how, by the sign that is on the 11th house, and the ruler of that sign, where is it, what house is it in, and what sign is it in and its aspects to other planets in the chart. So the 11th house is where we find the weird, the unorthodox, revolutionary and avant garde stimulation. It is exciting movement and acceleration, desiring the best improvement and freedom, healthy future and success for people, honesty, truth and trust. But mainly it is the place where ideally people should experience freedom independence and self governing good karma, not needing someone over them to control them, dangle money in front of their faces to get them to work for a purpose or cause, or slave under someone’s ruthless orders. Therefore it is the 11th house of humanitarian work, non-profit organizations and communities, clubs and societies which provide inspiring improvement upon society. It is Truly the house of the master Saint Germain and advanced civilization. It is Violet and electrified with life and constant change.


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