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My Mind – the Third House


My Mind ~ The Third House

Here is where we find out how our mind works. What are you curious about?  Could you concentrate in school? Can you articulate ideas to others?  Can you share information and keep it factual, to the point, pertinent to the present issues, or are you all over the map with your concepts? How do you function throughout the day? How do you make decisions? What do you like to read and what kind of shows do you watch?

Do you struggle making decisions?  Are you the kind of person that must express yourself or would you rather not share?  Do you find it easier to use art, music , photography, video or artistic mediums to convey a message or are you articulate with language, being the true 3rd house Messenger of the Gods to convey one idea to another perfectly and straight, so information can be passed along responsibly?

This house is ruled by the Sign of Gemini and the Planet Mercury. It’s nature and activity is communication, logic, talking, networking. It involves all forms of writing and expressing yourself. It’s your books, paperwork, notepads and computers. It governs phones, phone calls, text msgs and all social media ( along with the 11th and 7th houses).

The Third House:

Journalism and Media
Neurological Activities
Quick close by transporation
Cars, Trains, Bikes, Skooters and some planes
Sharing information
Mental agility, brightness, IQ
Passing exams, grading, tests and papers
Information random

It is also the place where we find our relatives, siblings, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces. ( The 5th house can also be a sibling who behaves younger than we do.) It rules our neighbors and the neighborhood.

Mail and email come under this house. The repository of all our mental activities that must be handled daily or weekly. It is the place where we LIVE IN THE NOW. ( The 9th house is where we project ideals into the future and place intention to realize them someday.) The main thing to remember with your third house, is memory, assimilation of information (   not necessarily wisdom ), and repeating it or finding use of it. It’s the house of your mind. The Sign on this house cusp will determine how our mind is predisposed to be.


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