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My Worth – The Second House


The Second House is where we discover how we get our paycheck, earn our money, acquire our worth and value. This value of ourselves could be a spiritual or philosophical value. It could be derived from our marriage or family, or our partner or a company. People with strong Libra or Scorpio planets in the 2nd house, derive much of their net worth from their partners. They can feel happier when married or partnering with another in some way.

It also tells us what we place the highest value upon. If you have Leo on your 2nd house cusp, you could place much value in real -estate, financial management, banking, or some form of creative arts and performing. Comedy, music.

It is a Financial House, our personal money and assets are here, but I’ve found more than anything, it governs how we see our worth and value through our performance in business, our service or work, or the way we relate to others and help them, and what we receive for that service. Praise? Kindness and gratitude? Gifts and income?

The second house’ Zodiac Sign on the outer cusp will tell you much about your money. It will describe how you care about money and material things in this world.

It is also the place where we have some density, stubbornness and some handicaps. If there is a planet(s) in this house, whatever these planets represent, could show us a more slower, methodical and mindful attention placed upon those activities. It could show us where we’re about behind, or slow to figure things out, or we suffer from some karmic lessons. If Gemini is on the 2nd, learning, communication and truly taking in what others are trying to tell you, could be challenging and you would need to pay extra attention to that area. which leads me to believe this is the place where our lesson is extremely deep and repetitive.

This is the place where we descend into the most dense energy activities of planet earth, and carve out our little heaven here.  We forge and mine, construct, build and carve with much sweat here, so we finally build something beautiful and permanent.

This 2nd House is the place of the Builder, the engineer. Again, it all depends upon the planets that are here, and the zodiac sign which sits on the outer rim.  I knew someone who’s Sun in Leo conjoin Neptune in Leo was in the 2nd house, with Leo on the 2nd house cusp. This person had a magical highest idealic perspective and code they followed on Managing and Running Banks. ( 2nd house money, Leo authority, confidence, expertise performance, Neptune, Idealist and magical, never relenting to anything but the highest goals and standards he valued for himself and expected it from everyone around him) He also ended up building an incredible Victorian Replica Home on the cliffs of Juan de Fuca Straights.

Ultimately our 2nd house building activities could be ideals, projects, dreams, poems, businesses, musical pieces, a dance choreographic genius production or simply building wealth. But more than any of these, it is showing us a place to increase the spiritual open hearted gratitude we require to be awake and present to pour our energy and love into this area to build a life based upon spiritual principles and values first. Then, no one or no thing can ever truly take anything away. This is the only way to build permanence in this world. Because it was built by and through, Love.


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