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Mysteriously Merging – The Eighth House


Merging one’s life, business, money, assets, or simply desires and ambitions together with another, is an 8th house action. We find togetherness in the 8th house. We find mutual benefits, interests and win-win outcomes in the 8th house. Here is where we receive inheritances, financial benefits, support and help from others that have an invested interest in our lives. We create a report for someone, and they pay us or give us the keys to their vacation house. We take care of our home, kids and all the extraneous business issues, and our partner provides money and security, or vice versus.

The 8th house is a Scorpio house, and is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. It is powerful, passionate, deep and mystical. The 8th house holds mysteries. It involves some detective work, and uncovering layers of complex situations with other people’s business, their affairs, their desires and agendas. Their money and how they’ve handled their lives. The 8th house holds others’ lives. If you have planets in the 8th house, it can tell you what kind of complex entanglements you have been intertwined in, and are they truly still worth your time remaining? Or is it time to untangle and resolve these things. Always, your own agenda to gain from these people’s resources, their lives and their talents or what seems to be successes are involved. In other words, you wouldn’t have been involved with these people if you didn’t have some expectation of reciprocity. If you invest your heart into a relationship, and there is the expectation of some gain, such as inheritance, business partnership, creating a home/family/children together, putting someone through school in order to reap the rewards at some point of not only their success because you care, but also, a return on your reputation or pride that one has succeeded…sometimes it’s subtle, but the give and take will always be shown in the 8th house.

Mysteriously Merging energies is the 8th house. That is also why it is the house of sex, passion, deep love and entwining. Suffering occurs in the 8th house, emotional pain and surgery. Surgery because it is a Scorpio house, requiring frequently, to give up a piece of our body that is time to surrender, or regenerate and repair. Surgery because it requires opening up secrets within the body. It requires probing, investigation, detective work to uncover the hidden problems. These are 8th house activities. Others’ money, or our money going out to pay off something we owe to another. Or someone owing us money from a past life, coming as a gift, inheritance. We gave, they give back.

They give us one thing, we pay for it. I give you love and support, you give me a house and food.

Death and rebirth of all kinds are in the 8th house.  If you have planets in the 8th house, there is also sometimes a passiveness, a sort of yielding or acceptance to receiving energy, light, support or care from others, rather than doing things yourself. It is as if you’ve been conditioned to relinquish your own power  to the other person’s power and decisions, in return of having it easy, or taken care of. Sometimes out of necessity. So if you Moon for instance is in the 8th house, a portion of your souls’ nature is subjected deeply and emotionally like a program, to the partners’ power and decisions, their karma, their agendas and opinions or behavior. There appears to be absolutely nothing you can do about it, until, one day you wake up and decide to take back your soul’s destiny completely.  This tends to be true if you have your Sun in the 8th, and so on. Every planet will determine what part of you, has been conditioned to yield to the power of another person, in return of something they give to you. Clearing the 8th house is important if we want to pay back our debts, become untangled from worldly obligations, and understand the deeper complexities of the mysteries, metaphysical sciences and the power of Rituals.

Rituals come under the 8th house, because as one engages in ritual meditation, prayer, invocations and devotions, it regenerates, transforms and liberates one from these entanglements on earth from now and past lives. This house is truly the Phoenix rising from the fire. This is also why it is called the house of the Mystic, the Occult, which means that which is hidden. It is the place of metaphysical experiences and phenomenon.  It is a deep, colorful, vibrant and richly feeling house. Planets in this house are intensely activated.

Deep tragedies, hardships and suffering at the hands of others close to you are problems in the 8th house. Using Violet Flame invocations, surrounding yourself with protection and practicing discernment as to whom you associate with is crucial if you have strong planets in the 8th house.

On a positive note, planets in the 8th can indicate you are excellent and brilliant at assisting others with making smart decisions, handling their affairs, running their finances or supporting them in reaching their positive goals. You love doing that, accommodating others, so everyone wins.


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