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Taurus – My Worth


Taurus is Ruled by the planet Venus, and is connected to the 2nd house. The master overshadowing this strong sign is the Lord Buddha. Meditation, Mindfulness and Concentration and loving to be connected and obedient to the real higher self, versus the flitting and ego self, Maya. Taurus, your power of the Sun lies within your natural desire to accumulate the necessary tools, skills, knowledge, resources, things, food, money, property, businesses, talents, intelligence, physical abilities and building engineering programming capabilities in order to master this earth plane.
Taurus’ Highest Qualities:
The Builder
The Mason
Weight LIfter
Banker and Investment Professional
Loyal and Devoted
Slow to anger
Methodical and straightforward
Secure, Reliable
Acquiring Assets
Nature Lover
Gentle and Loving Nature
With all this accumulations of POWERS, you would think you would be incredibly happy in this life. But without the spiritual reason for the need for these powers, is life a bit meaningless? Taurus is deeply real and simple, yet builds things that last. Taurus posseses a creative business ability, can build a birdhouse, an empire, or a simple oriental garden. Taurus loves the basics, quality food, solid homes, loyalty in friends. Taurus is the engineer, the builder, the Doctor or musician.
Taurus can have a beautiful voice, since it rules the throat chakra and thyroid gland. Taurus takes their time making decisions, and holds on to the plan when others have lost interest. An understanding of the body and how to care for it seems to be part of a Taurus’ talents. Artistic expression and love of music also enrich a Taurus’ life. Gardening, creating, working with wood and architectural abilities turn into profitable businesses. So does banking and finance. Typically, any banker has some Taurus in their astrology charts, usually the Sun or Moon. It is a materialistic sign, and ideally with spiritually high moral ideals and principles. The lower Taurus simply needs the acquire money, assets, and finds its power in absorbing and bringing into itself more. The more evolved Taurus has pure simple aspirations, simple belongings, but of good quality, nothing fancy. They are loyal and direct, slow to make big decisions. These people are good friends to have. Yet they can be incredibly slow when making romantic decisions. They possess themselves quite completely and are not inclined to share themselves too freely with others. They take in, not give out, but it is not to say they can’t be generous!
Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is a Deep Pink by nature. Love is their core, and methodical and conscientious is their nature. The real core of a Taurus purpose is to acquire a true sense of value and worth, but many times it is shown in the value and worth of their assets. All they really need is to learn to love themselves and realize, they, are the real treasure.


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