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Natal Analysis Chart


Natal Analysis ~$130.00 – $195.00 ~  1 to 1 1/2 Hrs

This is your fundamental birth chart describing YOU. In this reading, we will analyze your life, your purpose, money, friendships, the Higher Self guiding you. We’ll talk about your Sun Sign and the house we find it in, which describes how you are meant to express yourself naturally and giving you a very unique mastery in this life. We’ll talk about your soul’s basic ancient personality, your Moon Sign, and how it’s habits from the past can keep you from progressing.

stars_trees_256x180Your Saturn which shows us where your karma is, will be thoroughly analyzed….don’t be nervous! It just tells us where there has been some neglect and how we can get it right this time! Your Rising Sign- the Higher Self’s Conscience making sure you stay on track. Then there are Career points, secret inner self points, the Nodes- what you need to develop but would rather hang out in the pattern of the most comforting familiar behavior from past lives.

This reading can take 1 Hr to 1 Hr 1/2, depending on how much we want to explore and dive into all these subjects!

If you request a comprehensive natal analysis with prep before hand, I will do that for you. The notes could take me from 1 – 2 hours before we speak. I will give it to you for $225.00. You’ll have to request it, and I’ll make sure time is blocked before hand in order to prepare every detail. It is a very deep reading. It covers so much important information, people walk away satisfied and saturated with their story. With this session, we are speaking about a very deep reading with the prep notes!

crescent_moon_clouds_256x180This complete detailed Natal reading of your personal birth chart is absolutely fantastic to have. It would be a one time treasure to keep. This reading covers all your planets, all the aspects, your 12 houses and their meanings in your life from health, body, money, love, home, family, psychology, tendencies, beautiful masterful traits, challenges, what might the lessons and karma be, what is the way out, etc..etc…etc…..!!

Call (406) 222-1763 to make an appointment or to make one online, click here!
All sessions are recorded for your convenience and available after the session in multiple downloadable formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc). If you would like a hard-copy CD or DVD of your session, those are available upon request. Long distance consulting is available either via Zoom, Phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

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