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Venus-Where We Go, They Do Not


Where We Go, They Do Not


Painting by Ruth Pasquine
Oct 1 through November 18 2010, exact on October 8, Venus at 13* Scorpio brings us into a deep change of heart.

The Light is so Holy. Here, this fall, we will be facing decisions to change our errors in the way we see others and their intentions.  Not only can we reach a profound transformation within our habits at this time, and change and receive more love, but the world politically, economically and globally will go into a powerful shift, strange at first, but higher and more clear, but we are the trigger, then the world follows.
A split could occur in our nations as a growing number of souls awaken to an inner religion and feel drawn to practice love and devotion more and more. The split is especially occurring because of the U.S. Sun being opposed by the stationary transit of this Venus in the number 13.
The shift is going to be a mystical experience within the soul.  Even though we are watching the world more carefully and educating ourselves as to what is of value and what is archaic, we are also maturing or evolving beyond the material world, yet astounded there are still those in power who think we are somehow willing to follow their narrow way into mechanization. Watch and listen to the inner guidance during this time.
As we all focus upon our normal daily projects and responsibilities, Venus enters the degree 13 Scorpio and will turn retrograde on October 8 2010, and increase its power to deeply enter into the cave of the subconscious and bring to the outer mind insights of wrong action, wrong thinking, and just as quickly as it surfaces, it goes into the fire and is gone.  From the beginning of October until the end of November, we will be in this shift.

The number 13 is a mystic number, and symbolizes the time when all the elect synchronize, resonating as one powerful force of love, as if communicating on some level all together, and at a critical moment, the many become the one. This critical moment is November 18, as Venus moves Direct.   It’s as if all hearts merge into one and release the spectacular love ray accelerating the world into a higher love and acceptance.
The cause of the force, known as the 5th element, is from the power of Venus in Scorpio slowing down in its motion and releasing the solution to our inner turmoil, after repeated introspection from October 1 until November 18.  We are suddenly courageous and strong to look at the people in our life and see what is in them that seems harsh, is also in ourselves, only maybe in a different way, or in a different circumstance so it isn’t easily remembered or recognized.  Yet, it is in there, and as we forgive ourselves of the things we’ve done to others, and then suddenly soften in our opinion of another, barriers drop.  Mary, Archangels, Powers of Great Love gather and raise us up. Forgiveness and compassion release streams of Power and Peace all over the world.   Then the culmination point comes and it as if a great Crack is heard in the atmosphere, and in a blink, the rest of the world hears it and responds.
Here is the conundrum from this October 2010 throughout the next few years.
We have been graced with the Universe responding to our own growth and increasing honesty  year after year by adjusting the amount of darkness on this planet with the love and attainment we have become.  It is an equation between love and and everything else.   This equation leaning towards the light has been with all of us to stop psychic predictions of oncoming earth changes, wars, etc…
We are about to go into  a winter, where we can turn around much darkness that is still heavy and without our attention could result in multiple undesirable events of conflict.  It is imperative we stay focused upon this new awakening, this new process of looking within and seeing the other as a blessing to see what is within that we also have done to life.  It isn’t to condemn and be hard on ourselves, but to forgive the behavior, love the soul, see it’s intent behind the ignorance, and forgive again.  As this happens, a magical healing occurs with life all around you, and the world, the nations, the atmosphere will respond.
Watch and Pray, Watch for signs and honor each others’ truth and work, now more than ever.

(Mark 13)


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