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Pisces – Exceptional Architect


Pisces, your power lies in your magical nature to bring understanding and helpfulness to those who are in the dark. Your inner nature works towards restoring faith in people all around you, so they can believe in a reason for being, a higher light and believe in themselves again. Your ability to remain objectively profoundly observant, then step in and contribute to the project. Your helpfulness is given to others where it is most needed. Ever sacrificing for an ideal outcome, an ideal dream or vision, an uncompromising display of beauty, honesty, integrity or design, you are willing to take the hit in order to make it known what you believe in and how you feel something should be.

Sometimes you feel negative energies coming from those against you, as people can react to the position you take. This is where meditation, love, good food, sun and pure water to drink and heal in, are crucial for recuperation. Emotional intelligence, understanding and objectivity, taking up causes and living a mission, is what a Pisces world looks like.

Compassion and empathy are your core, but many times, your manner of expressing yourself can confusing, as it appears you are evasive, highly impossible to please and can quickly go dark, disappear from people left wondering if they offended you. Your moodiness is a challenge, as you can be triggered by people who simply don’t see things your way, or triggered by others holding an agenda put upon you, expecting you to show up and make their day. You are very aware of the world pulling on you to heal it, and know beforehand, what they desire you to do for them. People are hard to be around, as your nature is to be the savior, of service, truly. Biologists, Doctors, therapists are Pisces, or you take on some of these talents naturally. Your flow of love is directed towards children, animals, the damaged, sick and suffering. Typically you are a gentle person, but have an intolerance towards hypocrites.

The key to living up to your Sun/Presence expressing Itself through Pisces qualities is to gain Mastery over the illusions of people, their psychological temperaments. Overcoming lies, deceptions, projections and wrong advice, wrong paths, temptations and deep addictive patterns towards relief from pain and suffering at any price. Mastery over the pulls of the world, the astral, the human weakness.

Knowing you are human, but the interior is your Spirit and your soul, and these need constant food which is ideally beautiful, heavenly, sweet. The human will have limitations, so always trying to come up higher, outside the human games is crucial for your happiness.

The Pisces can get caught up in limiting or compromising projects, sacrificing personal time for service to others, difficult jobs, partnerships or relationships, which can tear you apart. These activities can leave you either unfulfilled and worn out,which turns to sabotaging them or leaving the others confused and hurt….or you try to weather it out which can be equally destructive.

The Key is to know your work is to live among mankind, anchor yourself in the faith that your help is necessary, love them, but keep your boundaries and the perspective that they are only your flock, not your source of soul satisfaction. This concept would be one Fish swimming in the sea of love, the boddhisattva.

The other Fish is swimming towards the heavenly nectar. A retreat of somekind, a place where the pulls of humanity are out of reach. It will be anywhere and any activity which brings your soul happiness, upliftmen and re-connects to the true lifeline of pure power from the Higher Source. This must be done once every 24 hours, or you fade. This is the other Fish…one swimming downwards, the other swimming up.

A love and study and an immersion that takes you into higher frequencies of meditation, music, mystical practices with your communion, yoga, physical self improvement, being absorbed into deep thought with stimulating books and ideas. Surrounding self with supportive like minded friends. Body healing, diet/food mindfulness, running, sports, nature, hiking, finding the perfect food for yourself, and taking the time for massage, energy work, accupuncture and naturopathic support are good for you to maintain the link a higher world. Accept the fact your spirit needs things every day that bring you back to the faith in your purpose here on earth, for all Pisces believe in a dream of Utopia as they walk through the harshness of the world.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, compassionate Higher Love. It is a water sign and is SeaGreen/Aqua in color, is on the Yellow Ray of Wisdom, The Master Jesus is the hierarch of Pisces and has a temple retreat in a higher dimension over Saudia Arabia. The Feet are your power. They denote Understanding. and Walking the Path.


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