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Pluto – Your Hidden Power


Pluto is the most mysterious planet. It has the ability to release a continuous power directed through a particular zodiac sign in our charts or in the solar system for the year you are in. The continuous power of Pluto is like a limitless energy source flowing towards you, to either intensify the drive, determination, opportunity and will to achieve a goal. When in a challenging aspect in our charts, or a transit to our birth planets, called Transits, it can create a series of challenging situations we walk through in order to end and conclude something deep within ourselves. These cycles with Pluto can occur in “transiting” Cycles or discovering what your Pluto does in your birth chart.

Is Pluto tied to our ego? Is it entangled in what we call the dwellar on the threshold inside of our psyche? Does this Pluto cause us to be driven, obsessive and a bit out of control with desire? On the one had, locating your Pluto in order to find your egos’ nuclear energy being released into your world teaches you what you can depend upon in this life as an inner mastery and strength of identity. It shows us what we relied upon humanly in order to survive. You can tell what the negative destructive power of this Pluto is like, when certain ” transits” effect it, such as the transit of Neptune oppose your birth Pluto. You will discover during that astro-cycle, what it is you never thought you would have to let go of, as it has always been there, and you assumed this was an integral part of your world, forever, we are to be like, to do, or value in a big way. When Saturn opposes our Pluto, we can find during that cycle, how obsessed we are with something we are so attached to happening a certain way. When Uranus or Neptune trines our Pluto, during that year, the whole year, in so many ways, we’re experiencing breakthroughs to realize things in our world, we wished would happen for us for so long, and it cuts us free from oppressive things.

To learn more about your Pluto in your chart, and how transiting Pluto effects you with your personal yearly cycles, erect your chart for free, find where Pluto is in one of your 12 houses on your wheel. What sign is it in, and that will be where your deepest attachment, expectations and inner power resonates and controls much of your drive each day.


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