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Quality in the World Surrounding You-Mercury Retrograde in Taurus


The World of Forgotten Ideals

MERCURY RETROGRADE -APRIL 28, 2016- May 22 at 23° TAURUS Starfires Newsletter Sign Up ~ Stay On Top of the Cycles Now is the time to engage in a 30-day challenge to accomplish an amazing thing. What a perfect time to cut through the confusion in our lives or within ourselves. With this new Mercury retrograde, we have the usual need for mindfulness with our electronics, transportation, papers and mail, communication and data; however, it is an incredible time for total functionality! Zero in on one, two, or if you are like me, 10 projects that are screaming for completion. There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury: This Mercury is a powerful inspiration to get physical. There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury:

1. Your Physical Environment.  Major focus on home improvement, landscaping or yard work, renovation, painting, repairs or purging your home should have already caught your full attention by April 10th or so. I could feel this pull to take care of these things a few weeks ago and it has become stronger each day. As I write this article, April 14-20 is the power week in which motivation is the strongest and arrangements seem to be finally falling into place with all the help, materials, plans and vision. Whatever your physical project is, your material world should be top focus now. Open yourself up to all the details and steps required to get to your goal. Not only could they be truly important things you desire to achieve, but with the trines (good aspects) to this Mercury in the physical, material sign of Taurus, it is totally possible to accomplish them!

2. MONEY. The Mercury retro trine to Jupiter in Virgo is truly bringing much order and perfection in order to get an amazing handle on your money now.  Also, combined with transiting North Node in Virgo, the sign of details, perfection and hard work, prioritizing, organizing and filtering, is intensifying your heart’s desire to bring about the desired outcome for 2016. If you have been having a bit of a setback so far in 2016 getting your financial goals started, April/May 2016 is the time to start. Write down or visualize what you want to accomplish by the end of the year and back track month by month how you could get there and then your job is to verbalize it out loud. “I Am so happy now that I have $_______________ or earn $______________ or am totally free of ______________________. or I Am so happy now that I own, I have, I accomplished…..________!” Do say this out loud. You can start with your money. Add another sentence for your happiness, your family, your career, your environment, etc.. Keep it simple, and always write it with “I Am so satisfied, I Am so relieved now that, I Am so happy now that, “ etc.. You get it. Yes, this Mercury is asking you to allow yourself to believe you can acquire, achieve or bring something wonderful into the physical world – and I want to add, it is something you might have left behind a long while ago. That is the particular theme for this Mercury. What have you decided in the past 10- 20 years or so, to put aside – something you let go of that was an unthinkable option before? We will come back to that in a moment. Taurus relates to money. Create a money goal for the rest of the year and implement it now. With the Moon in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn trine Mercury, the day it turns retro is incredibly practical and excellent for looking at the total, realistic analysis of a thing you might have had in the back of your mind for some time. The Pluto infuses this cycle with will, power, determination and focus. The Capricorn colors the event with utilizing the expertise advice and helpful minds and hands of others who are qualified to assist in making your dream realized. The Moon in Capricorn brings a practical, organized and competent thoroughness to your projects. It is a status, credibility and integrity sign. Are you beginning to see why this Mercury opens the door to a quality standard and application of steps that can truly deliver the beauty? The reasonable plan? The practical do-able steps to reach your epic outcome in 2016? (two more Mercury retros are occurring in Earth Signs, one in late August and the last one in December- so the next Mercury retrogrades, continue your projects that you have put in motion to complete your desires by December.) Mercury is prompting you. Mercury is more than a thought or just a good idea popping into your mind all April and May. With all this earth helping us in a Grand Trine, you are being given a second chance with Very Particular Qualities of Details within your Soul you have always cared so much about, certain things that always created a strong sense of identity anchored in this world- some things that are just incredibly YOU, but part of that YOU was lost and forgotten a long time ago, as if too many thieves snuck in the back door in the night and stole them away while you were sound asleep.

3. Your Personal Worth.  Mercury in Taurus is about recovering your sense of personal value and importance again. Bring it back. Stop thinking you are nothing! Stop thinking thoughts where you believe people don’t care about you, or you don’t matter, or you were not valued, included, loved and thought lovingly upon. I spend every day cherishing every chart my eyes rest upon, realizing 100,000 times over the value and priceless purpose of every soul on this world. 5-Beata-Beatrix-Pre-Raphaelite-Brotherhood-Dante-Gabriel-Rossetti I also realize the soup pot of crisscross electromagnetic, psycho-mind control we are living in. So many factors have played a degrading role in the deterioration of some parts of our society and our own standard and quality of life. Each one of these activities, which emit specific thought forms, are unconsciously soaked up within your delicate nervous system sending a subliminal message of some damaging belief to your self. You must shake this off every morning- hence the Vision Statement declared out loud each morning and the Prayer at night before you shut your eyes. And if you are a communing person, command the power of the mind of God to infuse your entire consciousness, being and world with impenetrable shields of electronic love and light, sealing your mind, brain, soul, feelings and nervous system from all that is not of the light. Before bed: “ I Am calling forth the most exquisite light and shielding powers of divine angelic assistance to escort my soul this night to the highest octaves of light, leading me to the magnificent schoolrooms of the Divine Teachers, protecting my body completely as I sleep. Bring to my outer awareness each morning the revelations and insights that are important to retain from my experiences throughout my journeys.” Self worth, value and possessing your IDENTITY, cherishing your life, yourself and your world. Mercury in Taurus. Money, material, soul and worth; what’s left? Taurus. Down-to-earth core values, quality standards, longevity, loyalty, rooted and solid- AND

4. GOLD, SILVER, METALS.  Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto and Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter, Node in Virgo motivates the powerful few to take command of the financial crisis. Governments, private groups and conglomerates, influencing the currencies and the worth of money. With this Grand Trine governments and private groups dictating the movement and value of money, are engaged at this time in global decisions which can make major new standards internationally. Jupiter in Virgo and Node in Virgo prioritizes the discussion of the new financial projects several groups are desiring to move forward with, but not one single concept will win. These universal standards of metals, and root values of money will be part of one influential group. This is a period of major new beginnings within the economies of nations. Just as we are inspired now to take our lives to a higher level, the world, country by country, is also in the process of demanding and expecting individualization again, and a new start with bringing back the quality of their own culture, heritage, financial security and standard of living. A universal agreement of the metals as the eternal indestructible object of exchange is influenced by Mercury. Everyone of light realizes their world, their nation, cannot continue in the current manner; it has been allowed to degenerate. (Where the degeneration is coming from is another story for a later article.) Expand your consciousness to comprehend the new requirements for not only individual national currencies, but Solar System means of exchange. What is it going to be? What is this currency going to be called? This is coming soon. How will it be used and in what form? Capricorn and Pluto hints at a much much larger picture than what most are used to dealing with on the global financial perception. So, do you want to know what the most important message this cycle can bring to you is? Mercury is a missive of magic repeatedly pressing upon you to go ahead and recover those stolen goods. Maybe it could be likened to a time machine you walk into and it takes you back to recover a dream you once held. This Mercury retro is a time machine and it’s within the heart. What do I mean by that? It’s a dimension within the area or the force field of the heart and it has a portal, a door. By concentrating upon the love of your ideal standards…your ideal expectations… focusing upon these neglected treasures, you bring them here into the present and give them life again. Concentrate upon these things for a moment. Go deep within your heart’s desires. The heart’s world has had cuts and wounds, but more so, disappointments and circumstances of neglect, forgotten ideals and discarded standards. Go now and enter into your forgotten love, pulling out wishes, longings and hidden truths you have stuffed in there for so long. Has it been from disappointing situations? From lack of help? Misunderstandings never resolved? Neglect or absence of those who could have cared? It is as if the planet has been under a Spell from the wicked witch hiding in the forest turning the children of light one by one into little gingerbread people. People are forgetting their standards of a higher, more beautiful way of living and treating each other and valuing themselves. Some of them have never even experienced that refined beauty and service that has been present in times past, nor would they recognize the necessity of these small activities of refined treatment. Whatever the reason your standards have been shoved down in the basement, Mercury in Taurus is flinging open the doors and we’re bringing them back up into the light. It is the prompting to allow the door to your secret garden to open in your heart and access a quality of life again. door It begins with the idea that it can be revived! You want it to come back. You are going to create a new environment of quality moments and atmosphere, a quality of work, a quality of loving, a richness of experience you may not have allowed yourself to indulge in for a very long time. It is time to take it to the next level with anything and everything you love. Taurus is equal to quality. This is the path to take. Right now we need to let the memory of the losses go, leave the excuses and tragedies, hurt and chaos behind. REMEMBER YOUR BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL IDENTITY…Your likes and dislikes, your preferences, your taste, style, expectations and priorities.

These things are not just instilled from your youth, or some exposure to random environment, but are carry-overs from many, many lifetimes of valuing these things. It is all part of your IDENTITY. Bring back the qualities of your most lovely highest nature of your eternal IDENTITY during this Mercury Retrograde. An atmosphere of getting by has got to be replaced with the STANDARD OF BEAUTY, CARE, SERVICE AND QUALITY again. Everyone has had awful things happen to them. But for the precious souls of light, many of whom are remnants of ancient glorified civilizations, such as Atlantis or Lemuria, or those places mirroring these great places, it has been happening to us over and over in little, small and sometimes large situations year after year, especially from 1998 on. This year it changes and I have been excited for this April/May for powerful energies of love to crisscross through your mind and feelings, replacing the intrusive mechanisms of those soulless rays with love again. Each day, upon arising, embrace each day as a mini lifetime.

In Season 5 of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, he explores Budapest and meets up with Peter, a poet and artist. He revels in the history of the NEW YORK CAFE where artists and writers were once valued. “This cafe was the biggest and nicest cafe in the world at the time. It never closed. A few dollars would buy

you a seat all day to sip coffee and write with no one bothering you. Mercur ret photo1 NewYorkCafe Waiters spoke several languages, they were reading literature, and invited writers occasionally even if they didn’t have money, to come in anyway because they appreciated the literature. Where are we now today compared to then?” “If you looked like a writer they would immediately bring you paper and ink, bring out the dictionary, whatever you would need….most people didn’t have telephones at home, you could be called here….it was a different time, it wasn’t simply about the was about identity. Their attitude was “WE WANTED TO ATTRACT THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY MONEY.”  

  I know of this world. I was raised in Europe, but the culture in the life I grew up in had these values, it was everywhere until the 70’s came. By the time the end of the 90’s engulfed us, that world disappeared.

This new cycle is about gathering the lost parts of yourself- -lost through frustrations. Bring these pieces back together again and project yourself into a future of quality love, excellent care and exceptionally mindful treatment of others. The treatment of yourself, the little physical things that matter every day that your eyes gaze upon. The food you put in your mouth and body. The way you make your bed, or how you desire your home to be built, or your car vacuumed. The water you drink and the clothes you put on. How you treat yourself is all a physical act. This is all Earth-Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn. It is superior care and value of your money, what you spend it on, how you even place it into your wallet. You know what the new habit will be? Turning your back to the disappointments and locking onto the magnificence of this day and your environment around you. Each day create something amazingly satisfying.

Mercury comes out of retrograde and moves direct, trine Jupiter and North node May 22, 2016

May 22 will be the date Mercury retrograde is over, until the next one occurs, and you should, by then, have a wonderful new commitment to take your life to the next level in some way. (Approximately 1 week before and 1 week after May 22, is the proper period for experiencing the Direct motion.) Now you might see some accomplishments are visible all around you. Keep it up all year….come back to your Vision Statement and capture images, stories, movies and videos to inspire you throughout the year to reinforce your new standards. Atom in hand As you can see, this period of time has come to galvanize us back on track, like a cultural rescue mission of quality of the material and heart world together. I appreciate the time you spent to read my article. These articles, as some writers could understand, are moments of taking my day to the next level, as I make the effort to CARE about the world and you. To my amazement, I hear about the casual comments of former clients or friends who could not imagine I would even think of them or care for them.

These comments come up in conversations when someone might mention to them that I thought of them the other day and wondered if they were good, happy and safe. Since I was small, I cared about every person and took in their situations, and what they were struggling with. To me, this might be how I have naturally used my Taurus in my own chart. The process of a private taking in of the value of the people I’ve known for more than just a few moments has been natural for me. Now that Mercury in Taurus is trine some nice things in my own chart, I feel absolutely compelled to bring the contemplation and value I naturally give to these people, into myself, and treat myself in the same manner. It is a sort of bittersweet assignment I think, as it is not my nature to do this, but sort of resigned to it in a way by the God Mercury, I suppose. Hermes Ingenui Pio-Clementino Inv544.jpg He is telling me it is time to start valuing myself a bit and hold myself in the same reverence as I have held all these people within my light and also very wide circle of people over the years, who will probably never realize how much I have cared. As I throw myself into these very physical projects, I infuse each task with a memory of what kind of quality of work, materials and expertise I used to expect to have all around me in my younger years that I abandoned, for so many reasons. This task will be a reflection of my own worth. Each Mercury retrograde surprises me with its own unique message. I never know what it will turn out to be, exactly, but am so amazed and inspired by them and hope you also enjoy taking them in!

Happy Mercury Retro!





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