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Relocation Maps


Relocation Maps  $65.00-$100.00   ( 1/2 Hr ~  50 Min )

Did you know you can examine your location energies, the ups and downs, positive and negative feelings or activities by relocating your birth chart to that particular city?
This Chart gives us a guideline of our best and most challenging places to live in the world.
It is great for those who have certain cities in mind they are looking to move to.
It is also fun to check out best places to have a vacation.


If you are feeling your cycle is over for living in a particular city or state, or even country, let’s look at your world or country map and zoom in on the planets best places to get clarity for you in which city would be helpful for you to live in.
In a relocation chart, as you move East or West, North or South from your birth place, your planets in your chart will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise around your wheel of your natal chart.
This planets positions will show up on your Relocation Map as power lines.

You can see from the lines, once we zero in on a nice place to visit or live, we can become quite specific with the different energies. positive or negative to help us define if this would work for you or not.
Career, work, finance and professional success could be emphasized in one area. Personal, love, partnership and fulfillment could be emphasized in another area.
Family, safety, security and domestic prosperity would be emphasized in another area.

relocation_map2_256x180Sometimes they criss-cross.  That area would empowered. We  circle that spot on the map and keep it in mind for your future decisions.
It is important to know, we can live or be relocated to a city which has difficult energies. There are many factors as to why that would occur. Karma, lessons, character development, or simply wrong choices can be some of the reason we are born or live in an area that is harsh. It might feel you are on an “assignment” when living there. When that cycle is over, you are free to move on to a better and happier location.

It is common to have partners and families who want all their maps drawn up to see the places in the world where all family members are coordinated harmoniously.

We can figure this reading in to your update Forecast for the next year or two ahead, your natal reading, relationship reading, or only focus upon this one reading.

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All sessions are recorded for your convenience and available after the session in multiple downloadable formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc). If you request a hard-copy CD or DVD of your session, those are available upon request. Long distance consulting is available either via Phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

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