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Responsibility, Career and My Public Life – The Tenth House


“So much to do, people are counting on me, I can’t let them down. My children depend upon me, my parents are needing my guidance, I have deadlines at work, and was just voted in as President of my local club. How can I do all of this and uphold my commitments to everyone?”

Welcome to the Power of the Tenth House.
Without this amazing house which is located at the very top of the wheel, and holds the most crucial Midheaven position at the beginning of the 1oth house, there would be no structure, strict standards and rules, matrices and blueprints to walk into with our consciousness, and submit ourselves to an order of discipline in order to achieve something greater than our present reality.

The 10th, is ruled by Capricorn, and the planet Saturn, and is the place of public performance, your career, your professional goals or simply the area where one feels dutiful to comply with higher powers. We want to be responsible here, follow the rules and requirements in order to advance in life. Very similar to a Capricorn, right?  The 10th house, shows how we exert our power and obtain some form of status or influence over others and life situations. If you have Taurus up on the top of that 10th house cups, your 1oth house will be outpictured by being steady, methodical and very reliable towards others. I have seen medical drs, therapists, massage therapists, movie directors, and gardeners with Taurus on the 10th house. If Leo is on the 10th house, the person has a strong heart, leadership capacity, professional confidence and an air of authority, great humor and an entertaining personality. They will feel it is their right and their duty to uphold this sort of personality qualities out in the world.  If they have Aries on the 10th, the primary mastery the public will see, including friends, co-workers and family, would be controlling. They control their own destiny, and if they are ethical in nature, no one will mess with them, pull the wool over their eyes, ruin a project or interfere with reaching certain goals. They are strong in their careers, and want to achieve the best. They are competitive.

The 10th house will show us what this or that person will most likely be like in their worldly affairs. It is also the place of a strong parental role, either their own parental job towards their children, and/or what kind of parent, usually their mother, is to them. By the sign on that 10th house, and the planets in the 10th house, you can see Bosses, Parent, Mother, Authority Figures and Superiors in that person’s life. This is the house of power, ambition, drive and authority. It is the position of status, recognition and responsibility. It is a stoic house, filled with discipline and structure. Here is where we plan, strategize and create blueprints for our lives.

This 10th house is truly the beginning or start of an inspiration. We receive the vision of the blueprint with this house, and methodically plan out how to materialize it. ( Even though Aries and the 1st house, are strong initiating action houses and signs, they receive these impulses mostly in order to be in motion of some sort, without much farsightedness as to if it is going to reach an ultimate goal or not) Capricorn is the architect, the director, continually tapping into complex goals, and staying the course, no matter how long it takes, they can reach the goal, and so it goes also with the energies emanating from house number Ten.


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