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Sagittarius – Intention Manifests Victory


Sagittarius’ Power – the ability to set one’s site on an end goal. Through repetition, expanding one’s belief ” I can do this!”, a vision can be realized. The athlete, the teacher, the life coach, sportsman, wilderness adventure and believing in a higher power, Sagittarius’ faith is what creates a winner.

Jupiter is your planet, the expansive planet of morality, faith and belief in a thing. Your sign holds the mastery of ethical judgment, good will, morality and keeping social order, faith, positive attitude and belief in good. You are the teacher, the moralist, the one who looks out for others’ welfare against a backdrop of corruption within society, political uncertainties and chaos. Your concern is for the prosperity of people. You want to ensure others make it, and will defend them against failure.

Many Sagittarius fight darkness with an invincible faith and power resulting in overcoming of obstacles in life others can not comprehend.

The difficulty within the Sagittarian nature however, is a cocky cavelier attitude of self righteousness and they don’t need to follow the rules other mortals follow, and even though there is some truth to their invincible attitude and eternal protection, the price one pays for this inability to respect boundaries, isn’t really worth it. Sagittarian’s say what they feel like whenever they like, and behave as if their the holier than thou moralist of everyone in the room, but, this will bring hurt and unhappiness, damaging friends and partners who can give up on them. No one can keep up with this kind of standard and hypocrisy, and shall we say double standard, for the place they hold up for others to reach, they don’t consistently reach themselves.

If the Sag could adopt humility and surrender to a higher code, while bringing wisdom and common sense to those they love and serve, with more tolerance and good will for all, surely this would be the sweetest role. Stop assuming things, find out by asking, communicate, make clearer plans, get details and match it against the more functional and scrutinzing signs, such as the Capricorn or Virgo.

Also, overcome your own self-judgment. You are magnificent. Curious, wise and courageous.

Your sign is fire, planet Jupiter, Master Lord Maitreya is the heirarch of your Sun Sign, and your ray is Yellow, the 2nd Ray of wisdom. Maitreya’s retreat is in the Himalayas and Beijing China. You can call to this divine being to be instructed on your path, as you leave your body at night when you go to sleep.

This sign is the power of expansive optimism. However, there are tendencies towards not addressing things that are obvious to everyone else around you, some procrastination and laziness about certain things in life, but once you figure it out, they can be conquered, simply by writing them down, and creating a vision board, with images of the qualities you want instead. By being mindful and practicing your vision and concentrating upon the qualities you want, you’ll quickly realize them. You are generous and giving, spiritually minded. Philosophical ideals, literature, seminars, lectures, teachings which expand your concepts are powerful motivators for you. You have the gift of premonition of the future, and realizing many truths that leave other’s in the dark. Many Sagittarians are athletic and strong.

You are a natural teacher, coach, inspirational leader. Travel and long distance journeys, foreign countries, international connections, seminars, education and expanding your wisdom, is all part of your path. You are the one that holds the fire, enthusiasm, has captured the vision, and teaches others to set their sights on their mark, and never stop moving forward.


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