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Scorpio – Resourcefully Skilled, the Detective


Scorpio, your mastery is shown in your ability to ferret out secrets and uncover the truth of everything. You are researching, investigating, shrewd and silent. You stand back and observe. Clear Seeing is suppose to be your highest gift, but you must check your personal feelings and preferences, desires and favoritism, ulterior motives, hidden agendas, deep desires and make sure always you are analyzing things for the most best and highest outcome for everyone involved. Since the Pineal Gland is your organ, ruling the 3rd eye, easily you see things, and possess the gift of zeroing in on a particular vision that is only yours to unfold. Check the personal agenda it at the door, and open up your vision to a higher Blueprint,. How do you know it’s a higher matrix rather than your own fabrication? Because there will be many times you absolutely won’t want to manifest this higher vision, your desire will want what it wants, it’s just not fitting with what you expected. That’s when you know what the Purer Desire really is. It demands a sacrifice of some of your own personal needs.

Scorpio is ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto. It is Ruby/Pink Ray, but also there is an Emerald element to it, as it is also a green ray sign, and it’s master is an Elohim, Cyclopea. The Green Ray rules Finance, Medicine and Healing Music and Research.

Mars is the planet of Desire, Action, Power and Aggression, and Pluto is a deep penetrating movement that drives one until a goal is achieved. It works on the will. Both these planets are the rules of your sign. You are relentless, calculating, strategic, and patient. The rough things in life come under Scorpio. We’re talking about extremely volatile and challenging personalities you’ve had to handle, within family or partnerships, bosses, managers or children. Alcoholism, abuse, complex financial puzzles and extreme personal conflicts which must be dissected into several categories, taking on each one at a time to solve..yet all so interconnected. There are no black and white simple solutions for Scorpio’s problems. It rules surgical processes, where you intricately take out or repair one tissue at a time, leaving the body finally healthy to regenerate. Handling others’ resources, money, businesses and systems, could be part of your job in life. Getting used to disappointments, frustrations, and things not working out like one thought they would, are hard Scorpio realities to bare. Choosing partners and friends who equally share your burdens, contribute and reciprocate are absolutely crucial! No selfish laziness or takers in your world, or you’ll become despondent and self sabotage in some indirect way.

Watch your desire to hurt someone, it might even be unconscious out of jealousy or spite, in your mind totally justified, but never the less, will give you a bad reputation of turning on people, who thought they could trust you. In another way, you might not be like this at all, but find yourself in relationships where they treat you this way, and you walk away wondering how you could have been so trusting!

Creative powers, music, artistic expression, theater, dance, are incredibly powerful Scorpio abilities as passion and emotional drama runs deep inside of you. This is the sign for the deepest penetrating feelings and comprehension of the reality and seriousness of a play, a theme, a poem or music. You get it and more. Sometimes you might wonder why so many people in life, are so dull in their surface living, and not appreciating the richness of what you comprehend and enjoy. Depth is yours, shallowness is not.


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