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Service, Perfection and Routines – My Sixth House


The sixth house is where we role up our sleeves, and get into the nitty gritty of the skill, effort, service and humility required in order to be useful to others and realize long term goals. Usually goals we established in the previous house of Creation.

This is the place of routine, schedules, clocking in at 8 and leaving at 5. It is the house of mastering a skill so well, we become employable. Perfection, work and filtering are the key words for this house. It is the place where we serve others, go to our jobs, work out at the gym, diet, fuss over our hair, nails, wardrobe or the color of our eyes, and clean our car and house. It’s a place where we are allowed to be neurotic. Self perfection, increasing skills for the sake of being excellent at what we do. Organizing, compartmentalizing, catagorizing, separating, prioritizing, sorting and ordering, cleaning and sterilizing, these are all activities which we find happening inside house #6.

If you possess the skill of powerful deductive reasoning, coming to smart logical conclusions, pinpointing the top priority of focus, these are 6th house talents. If there are problem planets in the 6th house, every project or problem presented to you throughout your day or week, could appear overwhelming because of your inability to prioritize and recognize a degree of heirarchy of progression; ” Do this first then this will follow, and so on, until I get to the final piece, which needs to be left for the end, because…..”  If you suffer from this kind of paralysis, the harder issues of the 6th house can take over, such as neurosis, paralysis, physical stress, health issues, sickness, problems with I’m not good enough, I’m flawed, I don’t cut it, I can’t measure up, make too many mistakes, not perfect, or simply depression and mental health trauma. Sorting out your responsibilities, allowing others to help you, set your tasks and assignments straight, and make peace with yourself, it’s not that you are any more less than others in your abilities, you just need to focus, and perfect the things that matter, and stop fussing over the inconsequential minutiae.

Pets, animals, small creatures live in the 8th house. So does agriculture, plants, grains, food, nutrition and anything tiny, like micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and health care’s intricate attention to a wound or a cancer. Sterilization, cleaning, hyper focused on order and cleanliness, washing clothes, mending things, fixing things are all under the 6th house.

Medicine comes under the 6th house because it is tied to healing the body, and fixing flaws malfunctining.

I knew a mechanic with planets in the 6th house, Mars and Saturn. Meticulous methodical attention to the machines’ problems, fixing machines, equipment, devices, all come under the 6th house. Perfection in style, fashion, clothing design, the line, fabric and feel something offers is part of the 6th. It all has to do with Perfection and Efficiency, not so much beauty, unless it’s tied to de-stressing a person by having the beauty surrounding them as a mental health rescue. Our nerves, intestines and filtering out toxic things is the 6th house, and so are all injustices, unfairness, chips on your shoulder are 6th house petty problems. Negative fixating upon someone’s actions or words, their neglect or unfair behavior all relates to focusing too much on what is wrong with this picture, rather than the gratitude of all the parts that were good and beautiful, helpful and kind.  The sixth house is the place of our daily routine and job. It’s our routine in life, and the place where we feel we make a difference through our skills and expertise in something. Scorpio on the 6th house, which much planets in Scorpio could be a pianist, an energy healer, an artist working on graphics or website development.  Capricorn in the 6th house, could work in business development, project management, or anything which makes a serious employee concentrating upon formulas, rules, regulations, order, or a government employee…usually however they run something so efficiently in a corporate executive manner, especially if Mars is in Capricorn in that house, no one can match them. They overwork and think big.

If Neptune is in Libra or Scorpio in the 6th house, the person is imaginative in their daily routine, they are magical, artistic. Their health is delicate. They need more nutrition and mental health safety. Depression can happen with Neptune in the 6th house. It can be overcome through powerful vitamins and special diets.

Our body’s overall health and especially immune system is found here, along with the intestines.It is the place where we assimilate nutrition and filter toxins.

6th house is a Virgo house, ruled by Mercury ( mental) and is the filtering system of Astrology. It’s job is to Edit Everything, even the smallest dot on a window pane that should not be there, because I just cleaned it. How annoying is that!


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