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Solar Eclipse 2013-What do you really want?




Solar Eclipse at 11* Scorpio

Ask yourself this question  ” What is really important to me?” Then responsibly, re-arrange your life to make this a reality for you.  Don’t get discouraged if it seems daunting.  Keep believing it is possible.  Understand there has been a hijacking of your vehicle, and we have battle wounds to shake off. Bullies, pirates and saboteurs have been positioned to stop you.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the pirates sabotaging my journey on this ocean of life.  I want my life back. October 20 through April 2014     Eclipse moment November 3 2013 When I was small, my parents each summer, took us to the Seafair Parade. We went to Chinatown to eat, served by beautiful women dressed in kimonos, sitting cross legged on satin pillows before the parade.  The summer nights were perfectly warm, and everywhere strung Oriental lanterns. It was the 60’s and quite an ideal fantasy time.  Innocence prevailed.  After dinner, we made our way to the stadium, which had the best view. The parade had dragons, glorious floats, music, and my favorite! the marching Naval Band and then, the Bagpipes.  I could always always count on those two  ……to bring me to my knees in awe, a mysterious pride welling up inside of my body ……of some kind of ancient pride of my country, my team, my fellow band of brothers.   The music was so loud it went right through me.   It was a huge emotional mass of imagination whirling through my mind with themes of defending what is right with all the might of my spirit, and knowing there were millions of me all over the world, standing side by side facing down some enemy.   Silently, I went into another world, while my family looked on, totally unaware of the magical empowerment which was bursting inside of me.    Some enemy that I could not define yet as a child, was out there and needed to be defeated….but where did this vision come from?  

What was in this music, this colorful demonstration of men standing strong marching in rhythm with sounds loud, penetrating drums, so direct.  I remember those nights, and they marked an important moment for my soul …a reminder for me of why I came here.  I knew I came to protect and engage. But there was that moment sneaking down the street, winding its way around the corner following the screaming women and raucous belligerent sounds of a shadowy movement of chaos., red stripes, purple silks and lots of black……..the dreaded Pirates! Some of you love the pirates, and I have  had playful arguments with my friends, some who Loved! the pirates, or were they simply the worst thing of a child’s dreams.   …..( since then we have new history regarding the origin of these  jaded soldiers, but as a child, I dreaded them.)  I was sure I was going to be kidnapped so I hid behind my parents, sweating they would discover my hiding place. Earth is like a great clipper ship sailing through the Divine Sea.  Contained within this earth is everything we need to fulfill our purposes.  Our bodies, physical and spiritual, were to be in beautiful relationship with this earth. Again, physically and spiritually. the seen and unseen.  This world is made of particles of the most infinite beauty and potential. But, there has been a mutiny on our ship, and the amazing power inherent within Humanity has been tampered with.  The ship has been hijacked by pirates. These “pirates” do not behave human.  I would like to get rid of all the renegade pirates that have infiltrated our ship. 

This theme of the Scorpio Eclipse is to believe in your unwavering power against the oppression of bandits who appear human, and mostly wear suits. Yet,some of these bandits are scared, and they are not as smart as they present to the world. Some are at a loss as to what to do now. They are in over their heads regardless of how they appear in public.  Our ship is in trouble and they made a terrible mistake.  When you hear speeches and pronouncements, you are not hearing what they are really thinking.  We need to LOVE our humanness that is the vehicle for our souls and know there actually might be at least a few distinct types of consciousness here.   We are not the resource of some other presence to be used at their whim. Being a divine Human is the most amazing opportunity a living soul can have, and right now, you have jumped right into a war down upon this magnificent sailing vessel, because your brothers and sisters here are in trouble. You are a warrior. Value yourself and your neighbor. Wake up. What does this have to do with the Solar Eclipse?  Each solar eclipse catches us up in a tractor beam with an agenda.  The will of this energy released, expects us to perform some feat. What sign, degree and aspects to other bodes in space occurring with this eclipse gives us the clues as to what that agenda is, twice each year. This Eclipse in Scorpio, I think, wants us to wake up out of some kind of mutiny hallucination, that has occurred right under our nose while we were distracted.

This has been going on for a long time. The dream flows throughout the day and night, exposing us to random ups and downs, and at some point, a time like this eclipse, we rub our eyes and wake up a bit, and see who took over the helm. But the pirate ship is a holograph and how can that be?   How can that be if this world is so solid? And it was intended to be so beautiful and precious?  Something sacred. Something living and so responsive to being nurtured and tended to.  Scorpio has the quality of clear seeing. 

It has the quality of a stealth warrior, with the tenacity and resourcefulness of a warrior. It is sacrificing and powerful, but secretive.  It can go invisible and focus on such penetrating strategic ingenuity, like no other sign. It has secret powers. The Planet that rules Scorpio is Pluto, and Mars.  Mars in Virgo at this time of the eclipse,clears the vision, wipes away the trash, torches the debris of mind control.  The Mars right now is in the discriminating service empowered sign. The willingness to serve efficiently, by an exacting intelligence organizing your life. Mars will move into the sign of Libra on the week of December 7 2013, and will turn retrograde exactly March 1 2014. It will be therefore in the sign of the challenging of all unreality, illusion December through June 2014. Mars issues always escalate a month at least before it turns retrograde, so expect much drama in clashes of power, beginning the first of the year. Its energy could intensify with the pressing upon us, of the need for Reality in every area. It could press upon mankind some kind of declaration of war upon the lies….all the lies.   (One of the perversions of Libra is deception). This Scorpio Eclipse with Moon, Saturn, the Node, and Mercury all conjoining that Eclipse compels you to get very very brave, take in the pride and honor within your soul and spirit, and  engage in a fight against a world simulating some version of life. 

  Why would something put you, put us in a cartoony life, contaminate our food, our air, our economy, or drugs and vaccinations, our air waves, if this elusive group of posturing people were not terrified of us awakening and taking back our beloved Earth?  It is time to stop allowing these energetic Pirates mutiny your money, your household, your kids and home, your precious bodies, and begin making a plan, bond together and move forward strong to kick out these renegade individuals, energies and delusional boundaries we have degree by degree allowed to degrade our culture, our Divine Humanity.   This Solar Eclipse isn’t a happy skipping through the daisy field of our self improvement cycle. This Solar Eclipse is about fortifying yourself for a spiritual/physical nuclear personal empowerment…the strengthening of your mind and your environment, your will, tenacious and unyielding in your conviction of right and wrong. Knowing how you want to work and live, protect your life, your family, your mind!  It does start with conviction and expecting excellence out of life.  It starts with empowering yourself with the belief you are amazing.  You need to trust yourself, no matter what situation you are in, there is intuition to tap into, guiding you to clean up your life and put it right. Then one step at a time, you are expanding outwards without even knowing how it is happening.  That is part of the magic of living on this multi creative world!

The Theme of the Solar Eclipse is to be as resourceful as possible, now. Its time to turn your head away from the hypnagogic trance parading in front of your mind projecting upon you, how it wants you to live, so you never never never wake up and you keep giving all your precious blood, light, money for their own personal preparations underground.

 That is what they are terrified will happen to you.  That you wake up and take back the wheel to the ship.  if you are not in control of your mind bonded with your Presence,  your mind is absorbing fear, mediocre pretending cartoony life, that has its own desire to fuzz out your inner memory of your warrior power to claim the Earth  and demand it rise again as sane and logical, fair and beautiful.  No more lies.  No more compromising. No more apathetic acceptance of a lesser quality leadership, rules, etc….People need to make sense.  Rules need to make sense.  Your intention needs to be powerful.  There is a physics behind this power and you can use it  to be as a weapon to secure your base and take back your joy, your strength, country, the earth.  And what is fueling this inner power to claim the earth?  Love. A love of what is right and true.  A love to move tyranny out of our world forever. Uranus in Aries at 9* inconjunct the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, and inconjunct Mars at 11* Virgo forming a finger of God to Uranus.  Uranus is the tip of this  “Y”  or finger of God.  Look below. solareclipse nov 2013 The intensified vision and tenacity of Scorpio, the Desire to Serve and to prioritize your life with Mars in Virgo, are all funneling through the Y down to the power of Uranus, which is  Electric Change.  It promises change. It is the planet ruling Aquarius, and what does Aquarius represent?  Alchemy! Change! Transforming one old state of mind and your life conditions, to a new state of mind and new conditions! What does it mean to be a Divine Human?  versus…..something else?  The theme of the Solar Eclipse is to throw off the cartoon world, and mature into the reality of the powerful real life and our orignal makeup that wanted to partake in personally co-creating the world into a paradise. When we enter a period of time as this one, an awakening comes from within and those who have soul, who have heart are to wake up and take action. We all  want more awareness and really get it, that we have an internal power. Not only do we have a will and Fire within our own heart activating a courage unmatched, but there is an unbelievable cornicopea of technology, science, ability to become Scorpio self sufficient and resourceful.  Saturn is conjoining this solar eclipse now, sending the message of hard work, stick with the plan, diligence, sacrificing something indulgent for a higher personal and community cause. It’s time to get very focused.  Education, studying, material resources…we have every tool we could need in order to make this happen within your own personal domain, and your community.   If you don’t know how to do something? Google it! I’m serious!  YouTube it.  step by step. Scorpio rules Desire.   The desire is to know reality now.  The desire to create. What does it mean to be human?  It means you have inherent within your desires the ability to change your outer environment if certain steps are always followed. The first step is to see what is dull, outworn, useless or wrong, and say to yourself ”  This is not what I wanted…how did this happen?  It needs to go.  What will I replace it with?” That is step #1. A divine human is original.  There are those who seem to hold an amazing amount of power, but they replicate.  They can not create anything original, nor do they manifest anything loving, through love, through the fire. Their creation is one of oppression and mechanization. Human kind has real power.  We are warriors of creation!  “Get out of our way, we are going to re-create our Earth. We’re going to re-create our country.  This is our world. “ Scorpio is here for the investigating.  Scorpio uncovers and surgically probes into the depth of the lies, the hidden infection within the body of earth, and within yourself.  October 20 this cycle began, and maximizes its theme all November 2013, and then continuing with this new theme all the way through April 2014. It is a probing of the Mind of God and it goes deep to purify our own stuff that isn’t doing enough, trying hard enough, loving enough, or resourceful enough, and remembering the power you have inside of your spirit to fight for what you believe in. The power of the Solar Eclipse is to heal the abuse which has befallen you and your loved ones  from  these fallen ones who fake power.  They infiltrate, divide us unnaturally against each other. Fortify yourselves to never allow that to happen again. In addition to re-claiming your power, now project this out all around your own environment a new mastery, resourcefulness, excellence of living, continual self improvement. It is a physical preparation.  Preparation in case anything shocking happens to this one civilization as has occurred every single time humanity finally wake up and become unified…. we  need to be physically resourceful so we can remain strong.

1. The belief you are powerful is our first step.

2. The second, is giving out loud some kind of declaration of independence from darkness and oppression, insanity and lies, daily.  Do not worry about its immediate impact.  It will make a difference.

” I, (your name)__________, Am declaring this day my full freedom from all that has been contrived to enslave my spirit. All activities, situations and circumstances which diminish my integrity, worth and potential to be a Son of God, a Daughter of God. I Am realizing this day, my full potential to be a living standard of love, courage, strength and moral leadership. I denounce all forms of moral insanity, within my circle of influence, in my country, and the world. I Am re-claiming my Divine Inheritance within my own soul, to fulfill my original purpose. I have invisible assistance that are by my side throughout the day and night. I Am blessed by the light, empowered by the light, my body, my Spirit has a wisdom that surpasses all corruption in the physical and astral worlds. It defies and conquers a mediocrity and mechanization which has attempted to oppress me, my family, my friends, my loved ones, and my brothers and sisters on this Earth. We are carrying the Light and the Wisdom, the penetration of the eye of God that sees right through this matrix that was created to entrap us in a fallen agenda. I say no more to this insane movement of the raping of my light, my money, my hope and will. I Am demanding the truth! I Am expecting to know the truth of the conditions of my country, my Earth and for the revealing of the roots of the signs of disintegration of society and our culture. I Am empowered and trust whatever we must face, we would rather be awake and know than be treated as sheep, as dumb slaves herded into a life that is no longer to my standard of excellence. I feel the truth welling up within me to fight off this slavery! We say stop! to this madness and we take our lives back. I declare this day I Am taking my life back. I accept this declaration of independence this day and forever, for myself, my family and loved ones, and for the planet Earth, so help me God.”

3.  The third,  is the action of doing one thing a week or a month that brings you a sense of accomplishment towards your freedom and strength. Take action in things that help you, not hurt you.  Every time you complete one action, reward yourself, because just as Scorpionic focus is necessary, so is celebration! Celebration breaks up a brittle will.  By this eagle eye concentration, we will be just in time for the movement of the Mars Retrograde beginning by the middle of February through June 2014.   We will be ready to challenge all unreality like never before, and replace it with sanity and finally, a unified purpose. 

Remember, there are those in the earth that can not challenge evil. They may not have what it takes, for it takes a special soul, ( and there are millions of these souls waiting for their cue)  that possesses an inner warrior that knows the power of light inherent within, can conquer every evil thing.  Believe in your inner fighting instinct.  We can do this.  I believe it.  Bagpipes    


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