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The Moon – Programmed Patterns, Emotional Nature


Your Moon sign is where you have been emotionally programmed from this and past life’s circumstances. It seems to be linked to the habitual nature of the person, their natural fall back triggers or reactions to life’s events. It is suppose to be the place in our charts, where we find our home, family, nurturing needs and “Goddess” energy. However, the actual Moon astronomically, is a pretty suspiciously strange place, barren and curiously odd in its orbit, size and more for it to be the ruler of the sign, Cancer. That’s a pretty strange sentence to start out with describing your moon, and not the normal definition you’ll find in astrology websites or books! But it’s true. The Moon is not the lunar goddess of femininity. Along with describing our nurturing and emotional nature, our feelings and sensitivity area, it is equally important to keep an eye on it, as it can be a force in our life that pulls us into emotional habits that are compulsively consistently sabotaging. If our Sun us the source of Light and our Goal to absorb its full power, the Moon is the lesser light, releasing no light of its own.

There are thousands of statues and paintings, carvings, images of a Divine Virgin Priestess standing on top of the Moon and a Serpent? It is a warning the moon and the lower serpent nature are tied together, to control something within our nature, keeping us bound to the rounds of karmic oppressive patterns…We are to put these tendencies under her feet ( and our feet) in order to take dominion over the lower nature of this habitual emotional imposter of the Divine Light of the Sun.

The Moon is where your soul’s most predominant predictable habitual personality is shown from numerous lifetimes of impulsively behaving a particular way. This is whee you feel good behaving in that activity, attitude or environment. If you Moon is in Capricorn in the 4th house, a stoic cool calm and authoritative sort of lack of nurturing occurs within our family, or one parent, so we can find a part of that stoicism inside of us. Our natural emotional domestic nature would be also, to draw people to us, who are habitually concerned with the same internal needs of status, wealth and superiority as we are.

Look at it as not good nor bad, but a place where a part of your souls’ personality predictably gets triggered, or reacts, or makes worldly choices, or caves in when tempted or pressured, or under stress. The Moon shows where we yield, as if we have no will of our own to decide a better way. Withholding love, generosity, and expressions of passion would be a Moon in Capricorn nature. It isn’t to say these people are not passionate, it’s more to say, their consistent nature is to be withholding and appear presentable, cautious and dignified.

It feels natural. But is it always the highest way? Who is really in control when our Moon is acting out? Do we even know where the Moon came from? Why is the Moon so weird? Why would we want a possible barren rock that could be hollow, floating in space and always facing the earth, used as some sort station to govern the divine feminine within us, be revered and worshiped every time the Moon is full, eclipsed or in some sort of phase? My farfetched opinion is its because it was originally set up to control the behavior of the human race for some reason, not to our advantage at all. It is somehow manipulating the soul, or trying to. The soul has a nature to respond to nurturing and love. To create a home, desire family and love where needed. Where our Moon is in our birth chart, what house it is in, and what sign it is in, should be examined very closely, because it could lead us into some important information regarding how some darker force attempted to entrap the soul here in this dimension, chained to habitual patterns of circumstances and behaviors which further enslave it needs to be broken and overcome. The goal is to put the Moon under your feet, overcome its emotional habits and personalityand study the qualities of our Sun and Rising Sign. These are worth striving to emulate in place of the Moon. Do not gaze at the Moon.

Do not worship the Moon, create celebrations over lunar eclipses. Void of Course positions are watched in order to avoid making important decisions during these times, because they further entrap us along with Lunar Eclipses.

Where your Moon is, the sign it is in, the house it is in, will describe situations that are your old nature, how your past lives’ most predominant personality behaved liked, and that you consistently act out, lifetime after lifetime. Usually we are frustrated with some parts of our behavior, and iresistible behavior. The moon is where you will find it.

The way to handle our Moon, is to observe it acting out in our lives, become very familiar with the sign it is in, and how that sign behaves when triggered, and learn to overcome those urges. You can call out loud for the divine Mother to put your Moon in your chart, and its behavior, under her feet.

Take it on as an assignment you give yourself to grow out of the triggers and compulsive behaviors within this emotional part of us.

It can also draw things and people or situations to us which are exactly behaving like the Sign our Moon is in, and the house it is in. So the goal of our charts, is to try to the best of our ability, to learn how to overcome the habit of our Moon and try to emulate our Sun Sign, by acquiring the higher qualities of your Rising Sign.


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