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The Pluto Transits in the U.S. Astrology 2020-2022


Transiting Pluto at 24* Capricorn square Natal 1789 Mercury at 24* Aries in 8th

U.S. experienced this cycle once in 1933 – 1935

Begins March 2020 peaks April 2, 2020 – April 25, 2020

Return August 15- Sept 5, 2020

Returns Dec 20 – January 21, 2021 Exact on January 19 – 21, 2021

Returns one last time, August 17 – Nov 23, 2021, finished. Once in 245 Years.

A challenging compromised activity began to build up from December 2019 up to April 2 2020. This was the most painful period of watching some form of heavy situation coming out into the open to harm us. It can appear as a calculating agenda overtaken by darkness to destroy any innocence left.

It continues up through Nov 23, 2021, when the final reveal of the entire corruption and what had to be taken down, is brought to light. Start watching for it, October 1- Nov 23, 2021.

It is the first of 3 cycles. Once a person ( nation) reaches past the first peak date of a Pluto transit, the experience calms down a bit but does continue to be a problem until the very last peak date is over. As the months go by, the intensity of opposition increases incredibly up to the very last few weeks, which is the final last straw, and something blows.

This cycle has the ability to create serious complications with employment, financial security and the mental and emotional well being of a country.

The cycle lasts up to November 15 to 23, 2021.

If this were in a person’s chart, it can result in PTSD. It can create challenges with their every day way of life. It can be coming from a difficult unethical and compromised individual. The person will experience complications with being able to function focus, concentrate or carry on with a confident happy life because they are being heavily interfered with by another person’s behavior or abuse.

In our nation’s chart, our way of life can be compromised, our level of service, work, jobs are impacted… but mainly mental and emotional challenges with feeling we are living in a hostile environment.

It can reflect a negative global mood or atmosphere. It is in the 8th and 5th houses.

It is considered a dark cycle where difficult events have occurred in the past but not challenged or addressed so blatantly before as is happening in this period – then ot leads up to some form of break or shock with the public challenging one’s normal outlook, because of the breaking through from the heaviness wherever its source is coming from.

The corruption comes out, but at the same time, it’s as if the source of the abuse lashes out throughout the entire period of the square blaming and projecting on the positive focuses of light, that they are actually the source of the problem.

This cycle is extremely heavy energy. It is the time for our Light to penetrate into the root causes of this corruption, and begin the process of taking control back of our world.

Usually one person or a body of people acting as one negative entity is behind the hard cycle we’re having during a Pluto square Mercury.

( Used for example only – Link for News Article )

The Pluto can create ripples of far reaching effects. It begins years before it peaks, then the recipient of this transit feels knocked down by the heaviness of the impact of this event, abuse or whatever is the shock. It must be challenged with an equal or greater volume of spiritual mastery and light in order to defeat its attack.

For a country to receive this cycle, it would mean the entire nation is reeling from a possible external attack(s) of some kind.

A build up of treachery and retaliation. An internal breech of security can occur. Mercury rules data. It rules documents, networking, exchange of money in the 8th house for valuable information, technology, bio weapons, favors or positions of power. It makes for vulnerability through people who would be in positions of power or influence but have possible demon possession.

The negative energies of the 8th house deals with sex, occult and secret dark societies and the arrangement people make in order to gain from these activities. It also rules shared financial arrangements, agreements, shared joint benefits by maintaining certain economic systems in order to control

That which was hidden comes to the fore.

In 1933-35, Pluto was coming into the 11th house of the population of our country in general experiencing massive blocks, restrictions and denial of financial and resources support ( square Mercury in the 8th house of the support and abundance )

This time, Pluto is coming from the 5th house which is the opposite of the 30’s, where as in the past it impacted the public in general.

This time 2020-21 it impacts individual leaders, famous people, actors, Hollywood, stars, people who appear to have beautiful lives, some entrepreneurs, babies and children.

It can also challenge those who are the very wealthy, privileged, royalty ( 5th house, such as knighting people who have no redeeming qualities in their character.).

In one way, it might confront corruption in these areas, and in another way liberate the innocent who have been tied into these 5th/8th houses activities.

The positive Pluto square would be to turn it around and the higher quality people in the world and our country become the empowerment of Pluto rooting out and confronting the negativity of that situation or people. Pluto will end financial corruption in some way, and those who have made all the compromising decisions ( Mercury in the 8th ).

You need to realize that in both Pluto transits, it’s a death and ending of any future gain corrupt people will ever have again. It’s over. By the time Pluto enters the scene, destruction of corruption will happen.

CEO’s of companies with integrity can be liberated in some way as they patiently move through the hardest aspect of this square, witnessing strange changes within the economy, facing the root cause of excessive unfair paperwork, taxation, penalties, and many other highly restrictive financial or labor issues. These things should be exposed, revealed, discussed openly within reliable internet sources, promising revisions, more freedom and an end to some corruption.

Even though the damage and pressure will impact us, the very nature of a person or a country receiving this square ( and we’re all feeling it ) will be the revelations which come with it. To experience the harshness, the reality of what has been going on, exposing challenges in the environment and/or economy or activities that have been incredibly evil the entire time could be overwhelming to some.

It’s only now, we’re having to deal with the escalation and remedy of the problems. This cycle, a reminder, is a period of time when we are under some form of serious attack or black magic event and counteracting with a force they have never seen before.

It can definitely impact our resources causing disruption of every day routines.

Regardless of how dysfunctional it has been in the past, people don’t like this kind of change or the revelations which come with the purge.

Pluto can be like a laser or bulldozer going right into the heart of this corruption. House # 5 and 8 are involved with this square, once in 243 some years. It’s intense and incredibly challenging with it’s capacity to shut down a country as it reveals at the same time, what has to go. We shut the door of our hearts towards certain people and situations when this transit hits, never to trust that person/activity ever again. Game over.

Transiting Pluto oppose Conceptional 1776 Mercury

February 15 2020 peaks February 27, 2020

Return June 20 -30, peaking exact June 25 2020

3rd and last peak – November 28, 2020 – January 1, 2021….Returns September – October 6, 2021 – Over.

Similar to the previous Pluto transit above yet involving confrontations with an enemy who has remained hidden until now.

An opposition from Pluto to Mercury won’t shut down someone’s job, or block them too badly from getting employed, as described from the earlier Pluto transit above, but it will set up an unbelievable heavy negativity targeting all the good agendas and people within the U.S. and all people who identify with the U.S. higher values.

It is an energy, like a bombardment of repeated troubles coming from certain individuals ( or a consciousness that works through individuals). It can occur randomly as if something seems to have it out for us ( the nation or people who represent that country’s beliefs ). Being at the receiving end of this opposition has been one of the hardest challenges of my spiritual life. I felt as if many black magicians of some sort, were closing in to ruin me, defeat my confidence and stress me in my most vulnerable areas. Now I look back on it, and it seems silly. However, at the time, it felt very real, and would not ease until powers of great light were called upon throughout this period, and an amazing thing happens. A boomerang effect occurs and literally annihilates the enemy.

Beloved Divine Beings of infinite power and love, blaze forth your invincible truth and shielding action now upon America and the entire world, and dissolve forever all Black Magic and all forces of darkness, death and hell working through particular groups, societies, organizations and leaders of darkness. Roll it back into the nothingness and seal it forever. Liberate all innocence, and shield us now by Archangel Michaels’ mighty protection, sword and armor. We thank you and accept it done this hour in full power, Amen.”

This country and all who identify with the beautiful ideals of America which mirror every nations’ higher potential in the whole world, could be feeling the seriousness of this battle right now. Just because it is in the U.S. Chart, doesn’t mean the whole community of innocent are not going through it too.

It wants to destroy us. I’ve lived through this before, and it requires your spiritual armor and weapons. And to wake up and finally face where the source is and who has it worked through in the physical realm.

In a nation’s chart, the whole country could be compromised in some capacity with this one year long transit. It must be turned around at the onset which is the first three months since its start.

The innocent are between being under attack under this Pluto transit and discovering freedom from it FOREVER.

As soon as this cycle starts, the ones under the opposition will implement a plan to counter-attack and begin dismantling the root of the problem.

Pluto goes to the root. So the entire dark strategy can be reversed back upon who has been building up a momentum of darkness in order to keep moving in and dominating the scene

The reversal can be seen as an energetic battle, a media/corporate clash, economic confrontation or even physical strategic operations at this time. The virus epidemic is only one layer of what could be occurring during these Pluto energies.

Because Pluto’s influence is so large, a global effort is required now to get down to the root cause, the source of issues and eliminate it once and for all. Ironically, Pluto rules underground.

This cycle could awaken people to the need for disentangling from financial, corporate, tech deals and arrangements any enabling entity that has had a grip on the population for too long. It includes the death and end of child sex trafficking. The link below is a lawsuit from a person who has written extensively on this subject. I posted this simply to get an idea of what exactly what we are up against and this Pluto not only comes in to our world to attempt to implement fully these programs, but also, on the flip side, attempt to motivate others to regulate or stop much of it.


The Epic Transiting Pluto return February 20, 2022

Nov 2021 – Feb 20, 2022 Peaking on Feb 20, 2022

July 1-20, 2022 Peaking on January 10, 2022

November 20 – January 1, 2023, peaking on Dec 20, 2022 over.

How do I explain this epic transit properly? This cycle is what I would call the return of that time which launched the American Revolution, only this time it is Global.

This transit was the very first clue I saw back in the early 2000’s that a global revolution was going to happen requiring people to stand up to ALL forms of corruption in power.

People were going to question, wake up, challenge and throw out those elites from way way back 12,000 years or so, all those elites who have been taking advantage of what they would consider as the common people who just live their lives while a massive undermining has been happening. A Great Video to explain that one.

It impacted our economy, financial personal securities, health, food, medical, education, cultural, health and well being.

The dates above are the maximized moments of the awakening of the people realizing what darkness has been happening right underneath their noses, and basically decide to throw the tea over the side of the boat.

It is a revolution of FREQUENCY, SPIRITUAL AND INFORMATION WAR, to take back the control over our personal liberties, AGAIN.

Only this time it’s global. It is triggering the U.S.1776 Pluto, and starts in the U.S.

As each year has gone by, I’ve watched it building and building, this awakening, confrontations, mini-discussion groups, whistle blowers and confrontations with those who are getting away with murder.

We are now in the last year, 2020 before the Pluto return in the U.S. 1776 chart kicks in.

I don’t know what forms this revolution will take but I am sure it will be epic.

There will be such a surge of confrontational actions against corruption, escalating with no backing down.

And we need to be prepared, because with each confrontation, each huge bold step forward, triggers a counter punch out of left field as this sabotaging and extremely threatened counterproductive ( I don’t know what to call them anymore) type of people are challenged, the parleying becomes increasingly dangerous as each month and year passes by. It will require a spiritual power to transform our world from this oppression.

What we had to do to stay afloat 20 -100 years ago, is not enough anymore.

In order to maintain our spiritual human rights just to thrive in this world, an incredible resilient spiritual strength and awakening are now required.

As the sabotaging comes in so many more forms such as electromagnetic, tech, bio weapons, political government restrictions, economic control, health compromises, mind control and cultural molding and so many other activities which torture and enslave our humans to name just a few, a stronger psyche and wake up mode is needed, to be on guard daily.

This Pluto return is found in the 1776 financial house of banking, national resources, what we own, produce, sell and have as our own possessions as assets

The 2nd house Pluto increases our nation’s capacity to create successful businesses, entrepreneurship.

It puts an emphasis upon opportunity to establish ones’ own financial resources and acquire the know how to do it, without any restriction to class. This is the model of the Pluto.

However, there is a split as we’ll see below.

The Pluto brings mastery, power, resources and wealth.

It rules gold and all metals in the 2nd house. It also rules mining.

( the 5th house and Leo/Sun also rules gold, whereas the Moon, Cancer and the 4th can rule silver.)

It is our pile of stuff that helps us feel we have the tools in order to survive well, on this planet.

Yet the most important meaning of the 2nd house where Pluto sits, is the worth and value of our souls. It is the point where spirit enters the man or woman and we have the potential to truly become As Gods.

The corruption tension throughout our country’s history over ownership, our worth and value, our rights and economy, is because this Pluto is in a polarizing aspect all the time called an opposition with Mercury at 24* Cancer in the 8th house in the birth chart 1776 of this country. It means our country has brought over from many lifetimes’ memory, the original battle with fallen ones who see us as slaves. And what’s crazy, is the 2nd house is the house of ownership. It is possible in some genetic fashion, they really believe they own us!

The challenge is to disentangle ourselves from them and our dependency upon them for physical survival to create our own resources.

This opposition is loaded, but creates a constant struggle between our rights to keep and have what we own, including the value of each human life against another consciousness that desires full control and indulge in our existence any way it desires.

The opposition in itself, could symbolize our attempt to break free from the control ( Mercury in Aries in the 8th ) and take back our own stuff ( our souls).

( The temptation to write pages about the meaning of this opposition has been tempered, in order to get to the point of this one Transit…maybe I’ll go into the natal meaning of this one aspect at a later time )

So, transiting Pluto has swung around the chart in one full circle, from 1776 to now, and is back again where it began meaning all these ancient problems are back again on our lap to confront and overcome.

We have evolved so much and done amazing things with our physical lives, our spiritual development and nations resources, but all along, that nagging opposition ( and a square to Chiron in Aries in the 4th ) has burdened us, forcing us to fight hard to maintain who we are, our value, worth as a people, and fight for acquiring what we need. Just as we set up the America liberation these manipulative creatures begin forming banking systems and financing hiding the agenda of its construction in order to once again, feed off the people and keep us under their control. This is only one form ( 2nd/8th houses)

This cycle simply tells us, we’re back in the fight again, at a deeper and harder level that before, because now we are facing more advanced technology, weapons and monsters of financial threats, blackmail and nukes. We are in a world of thousands possibly practicing satanism and coordinating these rituals with some pretty catastrophic physical events, so they all are timed to go down synchronized with their rituals in order to get the biggest bang.

We are in a war with Black Magicians in inner dimensions working through their tools, networked all over the world, with their fingers in so many different organizations, agencies, foundations and societies, government departments and areas which create unfair laws.

There are hundreds of good people in power and government, military and special agencies who know so much of the truth of what these creatures are really doing. They face it all the time, but have not been able to reveal it.

And, my intuition over the years is that we are in a time where this is the big theatrical moment in our solar system and possible universes, where all lines converge on this jewel of a planet called Earth.

Everyone wants to have the resources here. This time in our Earth’s history is huge because what we do now to defeat these entities will be the full and final overcoming. This is why these astrology cycles are so magnified, and why your own forecast transits during these times are also magnified more than normal. It’s like the Epic Grand Finale of an old old story.


This Pluto return can be experienced from 2020 to 2028, the most intense cycle from 2020-2023.

The exact dates are above.





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