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The Real Tests of Saturn in Capricorn?


Saturn has moved into the sign of Capricorn.

A period of reality, living in an austere routine, more order, budgeting, extreme prioritizing and patience. Or is it?

The test of mastering limitations and  the restrictive 2 Dimensional world of Monochromatic Living.

Image result for father timeFacing the reality of “everything” in our world which needs to be handled, seems to be the new trend. And it is with a mysterious awareness, time is incredibly limited now in our 24 hour day, ( what is that about?). It could dominate our life too much for the next two years. This is Saturn in Capricorn. Or Is It?

During this cycle as we face truths and realities which require more responsibility, I am reminding all of us to put our attentions once a day, upon the beautiful aspirations of love, creative fires and what brings you joy in the heart.
The two worlds we can live in for the next two years would be:

A. Materially physically preoccupied with our daily tasks, lists, and ambitions. Rigid adherence to plans and agendas, we want for ourselves just because; and being unable to break the momentum of this limited 2D thinking ( as my kids would call it); panicky anxiety generating thoughts of limitations believing one can not possibly solve all of this. New family or career ambitions, requiring more from us, higher level of performance and attention.

Money goals, career education goals, order, project, organizing goals. New things thrust into your life you are now required to deal with. We are talking about an atmosphere of limited human abilities, time, space and responsibilities.

Image result for eeyore winnie the pooh gif

B. Realizing at some point, it all might be humanly impossible, and the alternative would not be to AI everything. Go up and put your attention upon the Higher Magnificence that transcends time and space. Realize your Soul is a Mini Nuclear Reactor. Yes, it is. Why do you think evil wants your SOUL? The Soul has Power. The soul is tied to an invisible Power Source Above that has NO limitations. Moving and weaving in and out of that world above with a higher mind that knows what really matters is the start. Valuing each other and getting over your chemtrail fatigue ( yes you can) and Pouring love into your tasks because you see it as a road to more love, more freedom and blessing given towards others’. It is about bringing the LIGHT and LOVING powerful INTELLIGENCE into your day.

A new insight for each puzzle, to draw down higher creative help and not allow oneself to become overcome with limitations, whether skills, know how, time, help or energy.( the perversion of Saturn in itself, but then add Saturn in Capricorn, it can be extreme during these next two years) is the way.

Get over the tricks of Saturn in Capricorn which is to get caught up in the RESTRICTIONS AND rules, protocol and duties themselves and see this new cycle of Saturn as a classroom to practice building a new skill or new matrix within your toolbox, of conquering limitations of ALL KINDS. Could one really overcome TIME and SPACE?



How can I bring down the love and magical assistance to master this thing, overcome this seemingly impossible impasse to cross, puzzle to solve, situation to handle? What do I need to do to bring a higher dimensional love and transformational reality down, replacing the mechanical and monotony with the Divine, into a new recipe of freedom from boredom, suffering and limitations?  if you think you’ve already asked and set your intention, ask for a new insight of what to ask for.  Don’t give up.

As we increase our ability to see more, realize more and hence feel more responsible, ( which by the way, is happening within all of us!) the natural impulse then, would be to pour this new awareness into our lives in every way. But the Divine magical world of our Higher Self living in a limitless dimension, is still the “real” aspiration and true goal of those who serve and love. How do we really know what this Higher Self of us, is really aware of, experiencing and realizing? And how much IT desires your FREEDOM.  What if this new Saturn in Capricorn cycle had a catch? A deception?

What if the mundane descriptions of Saturn in Capricorn which are a long list of austere self – financial restrictions, higher demand for functionality, expertise and efficiency in order to reach material goals, were a trick, a distraction? What if that were just a dimension, a world within itself that got us nowhere? 

What if a more powerful radiant love within ourselves knew these tasks must now be handled better in our physical world, in a higher way?  YET, what we are really expected to master, is in the Saturn in Capricorn adherence to a daily discipline problem solving and accomplishing goals by drawing down an invisible problem solver. We could be creating freedom, creating and moving towards joy, love, generosity, feeling abundance, plenty. What if the requirements of passing this new class of Saturn was to establish the new standard or way of life  ( Capricorn Blueprint) of love, helpfulness and willingness to replace the old order for the new, in any small or large way we could?  What if it were the task of overcoming living in some kind of sad limited matrix? 
What if the Saturn in Capricorn cycle wasn’t about a long list of things that we now must be tacked onto brains to manage, but recognizing these realities and accomplishing them with the power of the fire in the heart through confidence, openness, a vision and goal it will come to pass. Yes, there is the Karmic Factor. Ask for your karma to be burned up through prayer, a daily ritual of journaling or praying how you desire to live, how you will overcome this and that, and sincerely meditating upon changing. …and..there is the magical use of the Violet Fire.

The sense of severity of the two year cycle of Saturn in Capricorn is replaced with the new structure or formula you and I can adopt which is the practice of ritual of intentional love first, poured into every problem, disorder, dysfunction, undesirable task or physical demand. This will take practice as all Saturn initiations do! But instead of mechanically moving through this monotony of dry responsibilities, let’s practice infusing these duties with an end goal of mastering our physical world with the Vision of creating order for a higher reason.



  1. Divine Power,
  2. Divine LOVE- Feel the options open up 
  3. Divine Mastery over one’s lower self and bad habits,
  4. Divine Control versus feeling out of control, or grasping for control,
  5. Divine Obeying and constancy trusting the laws of higher order and use of our light and time throughout the day, Divine Wisdom, Divine Abundance and Finance,
  6. Divine Wisdom and Intelligence
  7. Divine Abundance and Peace
  8. Divine Pleasure- a Higher Power has brought you relief, gifts, blessings..
  9. Divine Fairness and Perfection-Justice and Discernment, bringing freedom from anxiety
  10. Divine Reality versus faking it, projecting illusionary dreams upon our lives or others in order to avoid the truth, ( we want what we want to believe or have, so I’ll make it up and deceive myself.)
  11. Divine Truth and Clear Seeing – knowing that even though we might not like what we see, if it’s the truth, we ask the Higher Light to open up a new insight, a new road to resolution and success; and lastly,
  12. Divine Completion of tasks, of cycles so we feel no matter how short or long term they were, we did it! Satisfaction.

A very subtle but more satisfying DIMENSION AND REALITY is actually the answer. It brings a centered feeling, A control of your day within your heart.  All is required is a shift out of the limitation, the limits of possibilities some invisible force attempts to constrain us into.

Look at all the puzzles around you nagging at you to be resolved, conquer them and put order in your life. Go up higher and say:

  • My problems are my assignments – I accept this as if I accepted a challenge to win a game, master a sport. I Am determined to put these things in order, re-prioritize what is truly important. Love is what matters and love takes many forms. Love and Will brings passion to overcome. The end is to increase the love. If I don’t know how, I will ASK. I will take one step today.
  • There must be a divine solution, I will call it down  into this physical world and ask for order, peace and increase the love. ” I AM calling into my world all around me, the divine answer, perfection, protection and solution to this situation of ________________ and I thank you and Am So Grateful!”
  • I Am gratitude and Love for having, being and becoming the best I can achieve and accomplish – this is my goal. It is natural to desire to transcend suffering, dis-order, neglect, avoidance, density and fears. I desire a higher life. I desire to become more love and more of who I really AM.
  • Fear is 2D and IS BEING CONSTANTLY GENERATED BY ANOTHER LOWER REALITY TO FEED OFF OF YOU. You don’t want to allow these creatures to interface with  your world, do you?

Let’s Do This! Saturn in Capricorn through 2018-2020 —- It will be fun!!

Well, these are some of my thoughts about the real DUTYand DISCIPLINES we have on our plate for 2 years.  The test of mastering limitations and  the restrictive 2 Dimensional world of Monochromatic Living. VONDIR!    Christine





   ( oh, can’t help myself….)   A Curious Video related to Time and Space (Saturn)  

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