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The Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius – December 21, 2020



Saturn and Jupiter

sextile Moon/Chiron in Pisces/Aries

square Black Moon at 3-4* Taurus and Uranus at 6*



December 20-21 2020 ( Peaks) – December 2021

PAuthor Image


The new planetary cycle of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will dynamically change the direction and the theme we have been living in from December 21, 2020 on.

This conjunction will elevate us out of the maze by moving upwards in our way of looking at our lives and how we respond habitually –

It marks a distinct change in the air as to the new narrative everyone will be discussing, the postures people will take and our social popular trends. It will penetrate every area of our lives. Balance and common sense is extremely important to handle this new cycle, as Aquarius governs over advanced technology, science, space and other forms of robotic/AI tech which attempts to interface with Humanity and change them even at the DNA Neurological level.

Aquarius naturally releases Hope and the Electrical Waters as waves ( Electrons) of light, creating the Alchemy much needed. These Electrons are poured out over every situation in order to transform from one state to a new state.

These two major planets which impact our fortunate times for expansion and breakthroughs, plus concrete systems and new structures we desire to bring into our lives are moving through Aquarius from December 21 up to May 13, 2021. Then Jupiter quickly enters Pisces for a brief time, returning back to Aquarius again on July 28, 2021 up to December 28, 2021.


The way we get out of this MAZE is what we have been talking about for a few years now. Claim your own sovereign individuality, feel that place within yourself that you truly believe in. Hold onto that feeling and knowing, this is really you! All your wonderfulness, hopes and dreams, your truth and right to TRY in life… and learn and realize how incredibly special you really are. Not just the you part of your personality, but your inner fire, the fact you have a soul, you have a hook up to some pretty magical connections from invisible powers. Intuition, insight. You have a life purpose! You have an ability to precipitate if you have to, to bring into your world what you need to realize and create! You have the power to create, and you’ve taken for granted. There are other beings that can not create, remember? They want to steal your creativity power. In ways we can’t always catch.

Electricity flows through you. You have a heart, you love. Your heart is a powerhouse of transformative energies. Think of the amazing abilities a human being possesses! We are amazing!

Don’t you think there are things that would desire this, because they don’t have it? What makes you think every thing that appears like us, has these abilities? Why don’t you have violent and insane desires for global power and billions of dollars? Because you can create and manifest what you desire and you have other priorities, so many more that bring richness to your life, and to those who are around you. For heaven’s sake- we are at a huge moment in history, please wake up and know we are facing some very strange realities here about the difference between you and some other force.

So how we get out of this MAZE of fakery and dangers.

Right connections, right association, higher food, music, love, higher forms of media, uplifting situations, environment, walking in nature, bowing out of harmful arguments and challenging disruptive situations…etc..etc..

Making your affirmations of intention daily believing this is possible for you. Whatever you desire to experience that is progress, beautiful and true to your inner soul. Believe this is possible. Timing is everything. This is how we get out of the Maze. Disconnect with believing too much that this or that challenging situation is never going to change for you. It will. Honoring your specialness.

Globally, this will mark a moment in humanity’s time when certain individuals will attempt to roll out some positive plan of action for the world, but also the huge probability unfortunately for some very limiting social conditioning in a much more sophisticated manner than seen in ages that has been just waiting for this moment in time to enforce a greater restriction and degeneration upon people.

Yes there are evil groups of people who truly want to control the world. People will immediately want to rush it into law. Enforce it, lie about this or that in order to push the Jupiter in Aquarius’ negative potential onto others. Jupiter is about expansion of opportunity, beliefs and opinions and cultural morals and ethics. In Aquarius it signifies truth, transparency and change – but conjoined to Saturn, and square to Uranus, I know there will be severe conflict and we’re in a war between conforming control among large communities of types of people versus freedom, independent rights and autonomy.

Because of the squares forming on January 17, 2021 for Jupiter, and on February 17 for Saturn, rebellion, resistance and uprising of any form of new world rules and regime will kick in badly.

Revolution versus diplomatic and higher forms of confrontation, one or the other forms of resolution and action taken is what we are facing in January but could begin as soon as Jupiter Saturn hit that conjunction on December 21.

The Saturn part of this conjunction attempts to enforce limitations and conditions in a manner that is very Saturnianly restrictive, severe and organized corralling of peoples to conform to a new order and attempt to punish those who do not conform.

The Jupiter in Aquarius provides the incentive or belief as to why this or that narrative should be followed. ( I don’t mean to infer vaccination passports, mask mandates or lock downs – I realize this conjunction has the ability to galvanize all sorts of agencies, departments, businesses, huge tech and social organizations, people in very powerful positions say to themselves, now is the time to launch these programs. We’ve waited long enough.

The decisions and agencies or individuals mandating these rules could appear to be independent from each other, yet somehow are all coincidentally synchronized. I’m not saying this is purposely calculated, it’s just a coincidence as if plugged into the same timing from somewhere. Like someone pulled the trigger.

The other side to this conjunction is the incredibly heightened urgency for Aquarian Values to be implemented immediately:




  • Autonomy and Freedom

  • Friendships cemented – drawn to like minded associations

  • Truth

  • Transparency

  • Powerful improvements presented to teams, friends, groups in order to transform every system, organization, agency and community which has amassed power and control.

  • Millions of humans gravitating towards one, two or three major paths of thinking, as Aquarius rules community and one’s group.

  • Desire to remove all forms of bias and provide divine love for all as the highest path to value.

  • Love

  • Humanity’s Aspirations for Greatness and Advancement of the Soul.

  • Soul Evolution vs Technology Evolution and Borg Absorption

  • Objectivity and Honesty

  • Revolution or teamwork and peaceful objectivity with reaching outcomes.

  • Alchemy and Environmental Fields and Frequencies -being aware there are degrees or levels of consciousness that can either enhance, debilitate or stagnate ones’ endeavors, a nation or the Earth. Levels of Frequencies, behaviors, intentions and motives which either enhance protection for people and bring happiness and progress, or deter joy and quality of life.

  • The power of a Frequency and Form of concentrated essence called the Violet Fire which has magical properties to transmute and change situations for the better, bring true freedom and effortless movement, change something dark to light, erase karmic patterns, stuck situations, blocked activities and provide open doors where before they were closed shut. The beginning of this Fire to be used everywhere for good.

  • Recognizing Hatred, Witchcraft Spells and Cruelty, alienation and rejection, amputation and snubbing as forms of Darkness which only entraps the sender, and retards progress.

  • Advancement in Science, Medicine, Healing Technologies and Pharmaceuticals which are truly Transparent in their operation and Positive for humanity, with no hidden agendas or dangers. True Science with no bias, payoffs or financial gain behind them.

  • Independence and Helpfulness, support for all without crippling, controlling, weakening or enabling.

  • Progress in all crossing over and connectivity of education, mathematics, Languages, arts, music, geography, social awareness. The connectivity and analogies one can make within all studies in Schools, training people to become truly Renaissance individuals.

  • Longevity and Health – The Eternal Youth and the Elixir Of Youth

  • The crossing over into Higher Dimensions of Learning and Awareness from our Divine Teachers – without the muddying of energies from the Astral lower entities and impostors.

  • The Time of Thinning of the Veils

  • Music and Art displayed with Dynamic Brilliance

I could go on. Aquarius is crucial for evolving humanity. I love Aquarius! Remember, the more negative side would be expressed is irritability, hatred, complaining, stagnation, identification with groups and communities who alienate, reject, take up causes via hostile and violent ways, are prejudice and mean.

During this time, the world will experience an inner prompting to identify and take one or the other of these Aquarius paths.

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The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, is also about a choice. The highest good would be seeing the value and ethical truth of love and friendship among humanity, truly honoring each other.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful forms in which Aquarius expresses itself.

The world of humans will powerfully gravitate towards a life valuing Freedom, and that awareness honors individuality and the right to create and self improve from where you originally landed at birth, rising up from the conditions you landed in,


an amalgamation of mind mechanized Unity, yielding to a mindless group think, either promoting it, implementing it or submitting to it, like cloned cattle. You’re going to see an extreme from both sides.

This is not the launching of the Age of Aquarius – that already happened.

We began moving into the Age of Aquarius many years ago. Can’t you see it with all the advanced technology, individuality expressed in every possible human form? Space Travel, metaphysical and scientific research, and on and on.

With Saturn conjoining the Jupiter in Aquarius, this is a moment in time, where we’re all pressed into a decision to accelerate and face the music as to how human-kind will live on earth.

Our decision to want soul freedom and realize what it’s going to take – every single thing it will demand from us to fight for it or oblivion of our individuality, submit to an energy that’s sole agenda is to absorb all the resources right out of humankind’s ‘ rare and exquisite power it possesses and make the body of humanity one mind under one control.

Take this concept and dumb it down to our everyday decisions, our daily tasks, things you use and need or how you are to live your life in order to just “ get along and get by.” We were used to a fair amount of freedom, to experience choice – in this darker Aquarian matrix it won’t be so easy. We want to manifest and demand that multi-faceted independence of choice and freewill to be the standard.

You can take this idea all the way to the worst case scenario of restrictions and global herding i a year ago, might have seemed unthinkable.

I have some Movie suggestions – The Crossing The Empire Strikes Back.

These are examples of the times we’re entering in now with this conjunction.

So, what does this conjunction mean for you?


Some ideas of Saturn Jupiter in Aquarius:


#1. Making a more powerful personal decision to not only give affirmations, calls and set intentions for your top several things on your list of what you desire to come into your world, but, also to take action on this list.

An idea would be to set a reminder, what one action are you going to take that week to move you closer to realize these intentions?

A conjunction from Saturn would be as if an invisible Mentor were holding you to it…. and you literally could not get out of it. What would these be? This mentor is like your invisible guide pressing an awareness of Aquarian Truth and Saturnian Reality mixed with Jupiter Optimism to commit to this course of action. It would be like a realistic sobering form of facing reality as to how to advance your life.

#2. Desiring Freedom and get clear what that means for you.

#3. Friendships and Love. Work towards expressing more love, helpfulness and generosity towards your group, community, tribe, family or friends.

Reaching out and re-committing to who you identify with as your soul group or your true people. Realize Saturn in Aquarius could first reveal, they are few and far between. Where as Jupiter in Aquarius, promises they are there, and there are many – just desire this and be ready to recognize them and embrace it when they show up.

#4. Commit to Alchemy- transforming yourself, body, home, business or whatever it is you want to change. Aquarius is the sign of Dynamic Change and Transformation upon what the Universe has placed in your care. Take what you have and make it better.

#5. Teamwork. A sharpening of clarity as to whom you desire to be involved with, what you desire to do with these people/friendships and what has inspired you to make this decision? Conjunctions intensify decisions, choices and taking powerful action. What’s the game plan?

#6. Technology. A clarity of how crucial certain technology could mean for you and your life or business. Globally, an example would be an incredible truth that is decided upon, bringing awareness and strategies to move quickly on separate independent Technological Internet platforms which support free and independent communications, assist everyone to remain autonomous and have freedom from interference, with new forms common sense intelligent rules in place rather than leaning to the right or left platforms censoring beyond logic. Also, the need for Energy, Utilities, communications independence, just in case things go dark. No one all powerful group should control our communications or energy.

#7. The start of a new cycle of becoming more than you were yesterday. More clear, more depth, higher awareness, increased truth, objectivity, intelligence. How is this showing up in your every day life?

#8. Appreciation for Theater, Plays, Musical Performances, The Arts, Literature and the Beauty of that Renaissance Revolution, revisited.


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Do you know what house Aquarius sits in your own birth chart? Erect your free chart, HERE.


If you have Saturn/Jupiter in your 1st house: A greater sense of self awareness, Self image is sharper, circulatory or body issues pop up to fix, personal initiative, self motivation, new beginning new adventures in life, re-born – commitment to a new person, job, way of life. Body work, body care and identity changes because of job, relationship, location/moving or love and friendships which have recently come into one’s life. Becoming stronger in one’s personal care.

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in your 2nd house: Embracing the truth about how much you have learned and built for yourself so far in your life. What you have invested in because you valued it. What have you earned, saved, or valued and sees as treasure? What you have understood about your strong values.

Coming to a truth about how much money you have or are earning and what are the steps you can take to take care of your money and/or business and what value you are to your people/employer or company? Do you need to upgrade your worth? How and for whom? Yourself or for others to appreciate you more?

Taking these strong values you are recognizing inside of you, that you are just now realizing are important, noticing if your outer decisions you have made in life are matching your inner beliefs and values. Are they harmonious or in somewhat of a conflict. How could one harmonize them? Is Aquarius asking you to change something in these next two years?

What do you want to do about any conflicts between the inner values you have that feel so right for you to live by, and the outer situations or people in your life that do not match those inner truths and values? How to maturely handle these compromises.

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in your 3rd house: The mind will be stimulated. Research, study, courses, information connections, choosing the right people online to follow, learning and studying, communications and creating content.

Researching the news, becoming adept at communication.

Getting certified, achieving your degree. Exercising your mind to become even more informed, objective, factual.

Expressing yourself in a new business or among friends and family.

Writing music, a book, poetry or painting or suddenly convinced to launch an artistic / graphic / art – medium form of creative expression.

Getting all your ducks in a row – your supplies, software, tech or classes – a company you want to launch, or what courses you want to take – what equipment do you need?

This cycle helps you send letters, information, reports, write content – and mostly be incredibly decisive based upon deep and intelligent conclusions.

Receiving inner guidance and experiencing clairvoyant insights

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in your 4th house: Your home and family need help and some changes need to happen. Are they with family members, children or parents or is it in the house itself? Where or how you are living? Security issues pop up as now the main theme. Your new ideas which have the promptings from an inner knowing, like droplets of ideas inspiring you to embrace a new way, new professional ideas, goals and plans, you can hardly wait to get going on.

A move, relocation, renovation, upgrade of home.

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in your 5th house: Your personal self instruction and self improvement are now inspired. You can see a bigger picture of how you want to create a life that suits you. What you want and what you no longer want. Your desire for travel, vacations, or leisure. Your desire for a hobby, recreational activities, parties, events, fun and love. The inspiration to structure a new daily plan to bring a greater sense of confidence and courage into your every day world.

Helpfulness towards children, their issues, education or life direction. Babies and small children, their care and love they need.

If you have Saturn and Jupiter moving through your 6th house: Work becomes structured but also expands. You are excited to get organized, prioritize, systematize your days. Your need for purity, perfection, order and having all things in order is so strong now, at the end of the day you feel satisfied everything was done to the best of your ability. Exercise and diet are examined, and adhered to. Employees are instructed, guided. One’s emotional and Mental health are taken more seriously. Our daily routine is successfully improved upon.

If you have Saturn and Jupiter in the 7th house: One’s partners and service to others becomes so evident now, it’s all about them. They need help – they are having trouble – they lean on you, and you can’t lean on them so much. This cycle does three things: One- increases the awareness of what partnerships you have in your life and do you feel it is still correct and appropriate to hang in there and invest in them for another 5 -15 years knowing this is how they really are? Two- a huge step up of professional and every day responsibilities. More people expect more from you – depend upon you, and are willing to pay you or compensate for your help and excellent expertise now. And Three- Health might need attention, especially in the beginning of Saturn and Jupiter crossing into that 7th house, which could be a month or last an entire year. So take care of any signs of body trouble, get on it right away and fix it.

If you have Saturn and Jupiter transiting through your 8th house of your natal chart: Intense issues with how you are going to be true to yourself, not compromise away your own needs while making others happy. “ Do I have to give up myself to please you?

Also, tighter more unequal tensions with finances, partners or family members’ money – employers money – trusts, inheritances or business finances where we need to support others under tight restrictions or other expenses pulling on us.

Relationship intimacy, trust and sexual issues can emerge to be fixed, cleared up and overcome through this period.

Time for surgery? Medical treatments for self or others close to you, or are there people in your life that are at end of life situations who you need to care for and all the details which follow?

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius moving through your 9th house: There will be much more expansion, freedom and liberation you will experience from the past 6 years, however, the new tests are in the area of being put in situations where slowly but surely you’re having to become very very experienced and savvy at recognizing other people’s reality they live in, and how weird, alien and foreign they are to you. Sometimes, mental illnesses might be considered, and how to handle these psychological worlds you are discovering in others.

Travel, exploration, education and expanding your awareness of what is possible in your life.

Making your spiritual life more real and practical.

Increasing your cultural and musical or artistic talents. Beginning to truly value any ability to teach, lead and expand your platform through marketing, writing, publishing. Get your work out there!

If you have Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius in your 10th house: A monotonous and dutiful 2 ½ hear period to work hard at holding the balance for your family, business, station in life. You are protecting it, guarding it and holding the fort down. You’re not going anywhere. This is a strong time where you’ve worked hard for the past 15 years to build a life, raise kids, or love someone, create a business, reach a plateau in your work, and now you need to hold on to what you have achieved. Others may try to threaten it, take it away. A difficult judgmental boss or manager could suddenly give you trouble, yet you must handle either your position objectively and not concede, or strategically move yourself out of the way or get a new job with more mature people around you. This is usually however, a time when we are to stay put, yet depend solely upon ourselves. The responsibilities out weigh the pleasures and creativity.

If you have Saturn Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius transiting in your 11th house, which is the House of Aquarius by the way: Finally some excitement and change of energy is here. Friendships, people coming here and there, in and out of your life – community and activities are going on and you are put in a position of becoming incredibly aware of the brokenness and the state of true sweetness of all of humanity right before you. You will see and realize things about the world, you never thought were there before, no matter how informed you have been.

Loving your world of people, your friendships, your group is the key here. You might be sought out, looked up to and befriended by all types. In a way, this period can also cause you to become more aware of your own position among the group – is it good, or are you being challenged somehow? Are there tests and initiations you are going through which are hard, coming from your professional business or personal life that are potentially putting strain on your relationships? Are the things you are having to go through with a few people creating undesirable impressions upon your friends? Maybe they are being more gossipy or misunderstanding – possibly clickish? Sail right through this period and send out patience and love -it will soon pass.

If Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are moving through your 12th house: Deep emotions, heartfelt pain and love can flood through you for your missions, life work, self expression and sacrifice for a cause. You take up a service to others with full heart and commitment. You could feel overwhelmed, tired, drained and drowning in worries. So much to deal with, no one to assist – or so it seems. Past life karmic people and circumstances pop into your life and you could connect the dots, put the pieces together as to how this or that person reminds you of a dream, a pursuit of something, or a character in a story or movie. Why do they have so much power of you or feelings or connection? Why do I get triggered so easily by this or that situation. Truly we walk through our untransmuted and unresolved self throughout this cycle while at the same time, we serve and love at a very real level.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this work on Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius. I’m sure there will be much more to speak about on this subject in coming months.

Enjoy your December 21 decision/commitment moment of truth you are all most likely about to have. Accelerate in a new reality that you are the Alchemist of your very own life. You do have it all inside of you. Commune and put your intentions upon that dream, write it down, and feel how much it means to you.

See you next week, Christine


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2 thoughts on “The Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius – December 21, 2020”

  1. Peg gabriel says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  2. Linda Czaplinski says:

    Christine, not sure if this conjunction precipitated some odd feelings this week. I and others, just have felt a heaviness Tues/Wed and a sad teariness which is unusual, wanting to escape, just escape. And then, Wednesday into Thursday the snowstorm can with cold temps and gale force winds and miraculously it cleansed and left a fresh, new feeling.

    thank you for all you do!


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